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Someones Dead Already ❰Read❯ ➬ Someones Dead Already Author Tongo Eisen-Martin – Amazing PDF Epub, Someones Dead Already by Tongo Eisen Martin This is the best favorite book isbn 9780988610835 > format Paperback and others > 79 pages and has a text language like English Amazing PDF Epub, Someones Dead Already by Tongo EisenMartin This is the best favorite book isbn > format Paperback and others > pages and has a text language like English.

4 thoughts on “Someones Dead Already

  1. Sigrid M Sigrid M says:

    Memory history and geography tear at the seams of these striking complex and polyphonic poems The resulting labyrinth of doubt and becoming insight and obfuscation threat and survival is like a portrait of the world after the flood demonstrating that this country has always been underwater Reading here is like slipping in and out of conversation overhearing bits and pieces in passing suddenly nodding off and waking up in a different time zone— in a for me humbling and thought provoking wayHearing Eisen Martin readreciteinvoke some of these poems at a zoom based fundraiser earlier this year definitely deepened my perception of the work He has many if not all of them memorized and the experience is gripping Thankful that a friend recommended this book

  2. Leilani Diaz Leilani Diaz says:

    This book is amazing I think my favorite poem so far is Won't be working class by tomorrow I got the chance to See Tongo at a poetry reading and I am so happy that I went He is very kind and is open to give advice if you need it

  3. Zack Zack says:

    Damn good book The longer poems are particularly striking

  4. Emily Emily says:

    Holy shit this is good The kind of book everyone needs to read Tongo is a genius and if you ever have the opportunity to hear him read you must go

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