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Understanding The Lords Supper ➽ [Reading] ➿ Understanding The Lords Supper By Bobby Jamieson ➲ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Why did Jesus give the church a meal to eat together The Lord's Supper isn't just something churches do together it's something that binds us together making many into one This accessible work biblic Why did Jesus give the church a meal to eat together The Lord's Supper isn't just something churches do together it's something that binds us together making many into one This accessible work biblically explains what the Lord's Supper is how it relates to a local church's life together who should celebrate the Lord's Supper and how we should approach it .

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  1. Jeremy Mueller Jeremy Mueller says:

    Deeply connected to the notion of baptism’s necessity for church membership is the ongoing practice of the Lord’s Supper In this brief practical book Bobby explores that connection and underscores a theology of the Lord's Supper In Luke 2220 Jesus institutes a monumental new covenant which would mimic the Passover meal celebrated by the Israelite nation in remembrance of God’s deliverance of them from slavery Only this time Jesus himself has become the Passover lamb 1 Cor 57 through his death He institutes a new covenant through which we can attain salvation through faith and then remember his deliverance from slavery to sin to slavery to righteousness by regularly partaking in the Lord’s Supper So if Baptism is the inaugural ceremony of someone’s coming to Christ the Lord’s Supper is the anniversary of that ceremony whereby a believer pledges to remember Christ follow Christ look toward Christ’s return and be united to other Christ followers

  2. John Dube John Dube says:

    Helpful and well written Nearly everything you need to know about the LS is here I recommend taking church leaders through the book I also commend for the congregation as a whole but you made need to plow the ground first One uestion that should have been addressed “If shut ins have committed to your local church why can’t they participate?”

  3. Dave Betts Dave Betts says:

    A helpful little book I don’t agree with a few of the theologically tenuous conclusions the author arrives at in the latter chapters but the writer’s considerably less dogmatic tone was a clear improvement on the other “Understanding” books I’ve read in the series Overall very good

  4. Samuel Parkison Samuel Parkison says:

    This little book is a dynamite resource A great little book to give to members who want to look into communion

  5. Mark D. Mark D. says:

    I enjoyed this book Many are only concerned with the how to of the Lord's Supper They want to make sure the right elements are used and the right people observe They are concerned with making sure the Supper is done correctly than why the Supper should be observed In this book Jameison describes the why of the Supper He expresses why it should be observed by the church how the many are made one; and much Also Jameison discusses with the individual how they should take the supper what their thoughts should be as they observe This is a great little book for church members to aid them in understanding the basics of church life

  6. Drew Cox Drew Cox says:

    The point of the Lord's Supper is the gospel The gospel frees us from sin The gospel reconciles us to God The gospel gives us God for our Father Jesus for our elder brother and all the saints as brothers and sisters The gospel unites us to Christ and to each other Bobby Jamieson This is just a taste of the rich encouragement this book offers Biblically sound wonderfully practical and helpful and immensely encouraging Get this book read it and pass it on to fellow church members and friends

  7. Melody Melody says:

    I strongly dislike this book The author filled it with his own opinions freuently using phrases like I think and It seems to me that instead of just teaching what the Bible actually says about the Lord's Supper And one of his main arguments is that the Lord's Supper should only be celebrated within the context of a corporate gathering of the local church However I believe that it would be a accurate interpretation of the Bible to say that the Lord's Supper should be celebrated by Christians belonging to the church universal

  8. Samuel Kassing Samuel Kassing says:

    This is a good introductory text from a Calvinistic Baptist perspective I wasn’t convinced of Jamieson’s memorial view of the supper or his ecclesiology but his tone is charitable and he is striving to be consistent and I admire that

  9. Jeff Short Jeff Short says:

    This is a helpful book Jamieson blends theological and practical considerations in a brief book I differed in a few points and noticed it was where Jamieson's points were farthest from any scriptural text Overall good treatment

  10. Justin Likens Justin Likens says:

    A terrific concise guide to remind us of the importance of the Lord's Supper

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