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  1. Flo Flo says:

    35 STARS ”To the end of the earth sweet girl” I reply inhaling her intoxicating scent “I'd follow you anywhere I love you than life itself” Well hello there I forgot all about Blake and Madden and here comes the seuel Nice surprise and as it turns out it was a great conclusion for their storyI read the first book Translucent last year and I was almost afraid I would need to go back and re read book one but fear not the author has us covered There actually is a summary in the beginning that tells you the plot of the whole first book Much needed refresher So book 1 ended on a huge cliffhanger and book 2 picks up right where we've been hanging so patiently for the last yearLong story short Blake's past catches up with her There are a lot of nefarious people involved The russian mob The italian mob And Blake 'the american princess' is right in the middle part pawn part damsel in distress And Madden tries to find her and if possible save her Not an easy task but he has some unexpected helpFunny thing For the longest time I was convinced this wasn't the way I wanted their story to end And then the last 20% happened and honestly I'm completely sold Don't get me wrong this is an excellent book right from the start There is action angst a lot of suspense and of course good writing by MS Noelle But when you look at it as the seuel to Translucent and as the last book in a duet it felt rushed and for me personally it was missing somethingthat is until right up at the end when everything came together uite beautifullyMy biggest issue was that the hero and the heroine had very little interaction for the better part of this instalment In fact Blake spends most of her time with Raze Who is he you might ask and you wouldn't be wrong He came out of nowhere and stole the show Russian mobster with a conscience Really the most interesting character aroundYes Raze was probably the best part about this book for me but his presence turned the series into a something of an unexpected love triangle without really going there and then it all takes a turn anyway I'm sorry this is probably confusing but without giving too much away I just have to vent a little ; And yes I was confused myself and a bit worried there for a minuteAgain up until the end I had no idea how to rate this book Ultimately I think 35 stars is a good rating for a short read Overall an enjoyable conclusion And the ending had me a bit weepy not going to lieThat's all I have to say right now

  2. Michelle Michelle says:

    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewErin Noelle continually spellbinds her readers with her newest release Transparent the final conclusion of the Luminous Series Ms Noelle truly has outdone herself with this emotional consuming romantic suspense that had me intrigued right off the opening pages I went into reading Transparent without really knowing that I had to read Translucent first but luckily for me I was able to get a gist of where Erin left off in the last book but I do highly recommend that you read the first book because after I finished reading Transparent I knew I had to read Translucent next in order to find out how steamy and sexy Madden is of course Transparent was such an enticing gripping suspenseful read Erin Noelle had me glued to my kindle as I await the fate of Blake and Madden's story I was so absorbed with the many layers of suspense and intrigue that Ms Noelle incorporated into the storyline Each fiber of raw emotions and vulnerabilities were seeping through the pages allowing readers to be consumed with such strong passion devotion and sacrifices one must go through in order to fight for one's love Transparent really captures your attention as you await the plot of revenge and chicanery in order to fulfill one's mission I loved that Erin not only incorporated such craftiness into her storyline but she was able to pull in her readers to see a love that is not blurred or obscured But a love that spoke volumes on sacrifices A love that you are willing to fight and die for I know readers will fall in love with Blake and Madden's story but Erin Noelle stole my heart with her secondary character Raze Raze's character instantly caught and held my attention throughout the book The raw and tangible emotions that Raze evoked really made Transparent to stand out for me personallyI have not read many books from Erin Noelle but I can attest that Transparent is a book that was beautifully well written Ms Noelle did a phenomenal job integrating so many layers and elements into this story that there was never a dull moment This book was an exceptional romantic suspense that was raw passionate deadly and full of surprises So if you are looking for a book that reminds us all that love enables you to see the one you loved in a way that nobody else can see It sees everything; the good the bad the flaws the in between the strength the weakness and yet you still choose to love that person then I highly recommend you to read Transparent because this is a love story that was able to find light in the shadows of the past PSErin If you are reading this review PLEASE PLEASE see I had to put please in all CAPS write that certain character we were chatting about a book You know how much I loved that character and if I must BEG then I will beg Hahaha ; Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages Noelle

  3. Sarah Robinson Sarah Robinson says:

    Transparent is an up all night 5 star read as each page keeps you riveted than the last Sarah RobinsonAnother five star read in the conclusion of this fabulous duet This series is addicting and these stories bring you every emotion possible You'll love people you should hate and all because of Erin Noelle's insanely gifted writing Seriously she is probably one the best writers that I know and I adore how sweet she is Do yourself a favor and get this book and it's preuel You need to read this duet You need to Go

  4. Cranky - The Book Curmudgeon Cranky - The Book Curmudgeon says:

    5 Cranky Stars Transparent is Book Two in the Luminous Series and follows Translucent It's recommended you read the first book in the series before this one I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy for an honest review I've read everything that Erin Noelle has published She can pull at your heartstrings like no other Madden Decker is successful sexy and sinful When he realizes that the woman he loves is in danger he will stop at nothing to get her back When he is forced to view her tragic past it doesn't sway his feelings one bit Madden throws himself right into danger to save his girl but is he strong enough?This book and series grips you from the first page and doesn't let you go until the last page Even then I was screaming for Erin has a way of writing strong relatable characters that you can't help but fall in love with This series is without a doubt one of my favorites

  5. 1-Click Addict Support Group 1-Click Addict Support Group says:

    Who knew anything involving the mafia could be so dang sexy? This book hits all the sexy pressure points A captivating rich man trying to get his girlfriend back from a gorgeous mafia man? Uh yes where do I sign up for that treatment? They say the coals are the hottest part of a fire and good lord did this book smoulder Erin Noelle has a way of making things that aren't usually a turn on sound like they're dripping with sex appeal Her writing is hypnotic and takes you on a journey you aren't willing to end The pure enjoyment of the author's words had me wanting to slow down but the suspense had me on the edge of my seat willing me to read faster It was the best kind of carnival ride Kelly 5 stars My goodness what a freaking ride was my heart put through in this continuation of Blake and Madden's story To be honest I wasn't sure how it was going to end; I felt like I literally held my breath through out the entire bookThis book was just ARGHH Amazing And it played with my emotions like a violin plays music Hold on tight to your heart because once you're done it will feel like it's been put through a blender Once again freaking amazing job Erin Noelle I cannot wait for what else you have in store for us Kara 5 Freaking Amazing stars

  6. Courtney Courtney says:

    Another smashing hit by Erin NoelleTransparent is the follow up to Translucent You must read Translucent in order to understand Transparent Even though alot of this is book is about Madden it’s a continuation of his story with BlakeErin doesn’t hold anything back with the suspense action and drama in this book This is probably the first book with the least amount of sex scenes but the intensity is just awesomeI won’t go into any of the plot except to say it’s one hell of a ride I mean we’re talking mafia here However Raze will make you want to become a part of the mafia – he’s one alpha I won’t have a problem withErin definitely showed off her writing skills and proves why she’s just not a romance writer This book flowed beautifully – not just in the pace but also with the structure She blended the romantic parts perfectly with all the suspense Nothing felt out of place and everything just fell into placeIf you’re looking for a romance that digs deeper and gives you substance – this is one series you must readBravo Erin

  7. Angie Angie says:

    Wow First of all I have to say this seuel didn't go at all how I thought it would Definitely a plus It made the story unpredictable Another surprise was Raze Where did he come from? He stole the show in my opinion I don't know how Blake would have gotten out of her predicament without him and his story tugged on my heart strings But otherwise I thought this follow up was just okay Blake and Madden had very little interaction view spoilerThey were apart until the end hide spoiler

  8. Donna ~ The Romance Cover Donna ~ The Romance Cover says:

    Transparent Luminous #2 by Erin Noelle45 stars “Get ready girl You’re about to become the most important pawn in the biggest mafia war this country has ever seen” To say that I was excited when I saw that Erin Noelle had penned a seuel to Translucent would be a severe understatement This was one of those books that I had always wanted to read as I was desperate for I wanted to know what happened after and most of all I wanted to know that BlakeBryleigh was okay This girl just could not cut a break just when you thought that she had it all it seemed that her past was coming back to haunt her in the worst wayThis book put me through the emotional wringer for so many different reasons just when you think you know who the bad guys are Erin Noelle turns everything on its head and the person you least expect becomes a hero For me this hero really made this book for me while this is definitely Blake and Madden’s story Erin Noelle also brings another man to the forefront Raze and Raze really left an impact Blake really needed friends and in the most unlikely of circumstances Raze becomes her best one if only the circumstances were differentAt the end of Translucent we were left with the mother of all cliff hangers and this book begins where Translucent ended Blake had been kidnapped Just when Blake had found happiness that happiness is ripped out from under her Finally Blake had found someone she loved even if she had not been brave enough to utter those three little words She was still extremely guarded she had to be but with Madden Decker she could finally be herselfMadden was head over heels in love even though they had not been together that long there was nothing he wouldn’t do for Blake and little did he know those limits would be tested so soon Once Madden shockingly realises what has actually happened he becomes Blake’s knight in shining armour even if that meant putting his own life on the line “That’s who I am as a lover A guardian A protectorknowing she trusts me with all of her is the highest of highs” This book centres around Blake’s captivity and Madden and the FBI’s attempts at finding her before she meets a grisly end Once it becomes apparent that she has been abducted by the mafia many uestions are raised How did they find her and most importantly why did they want her?Erin Noelle really captured Madden’s desperation my heart broke for him so many times and his sometimes rash actions had my heart bleeding for him It takes something like this to make a person realise just how much someone means to them and it is here that Madden really appreciates just how strong his feelings and love is for Blake He will do anythinggive up everything if he could only get Blake back and it is also here that Madden finds out who he could really trust “touching him holding him kissing him – I now know without a shadow of a doubt where my place is in his life By his side” I have to mention Raze this man gah this man really got to me A victim of the blood that ran through his veins this man had lost so much and felt he had no purpose in life but he was so much than he thought This man had a huge heart and no matter the ramifications he finally wanted redemption He got it in the end This man had me in tears so many times such a beautiful character and one that I wished I knew about He was deep and troubled but he was just a lost soul that had lost his soul mate and had never recovered I desperately wanted to cuddle him hug him just give him some loveIn summary I loved this book I loved the conclusion I LOVED the fact that the author did NOT make this a love triangle but something much deeper much believable and so much tangible This was a story of righting a lot of wrongs “To the ends of the earth sweet girl” I would love a book about Madden’s brother Easton Another complex character who I am sure has an incredibly interesting and eventful story to tell Plus we may get Razewwwtheromancecovercom

  9. K3 K3 says:

    Leaving us with a cliffy in Translucent we were left wondering if Blake’s past finally caught up with her and boy did it everFEAR verbbe afraid of someone or something as likely to be dangerous painful or threateningMadden is out of him MIND worried about Blake When he learns about her past and the truth about her disappearance he carries the burden on his shoulders that he is the one who failed to protect her He is also PISSED scared and will stop at NOTHING to find her no matter the serious threats he will have to faceREGRET verbto feel sad or sorry about something that you did or did not do to have regrets about somethingBlake is scared and is also pissed when she learns the truth behind her abduction and the person responsible Again she finds herself in survival mode knowing that this time she may not be lucky enough to walk away to the man she loves and the happily ever after she deserves The one thing she is feeling is regret After the nightmare of her ex she has lived a cautious life but who wouldn’t? Wanting so much to be free from all the nightmares but be trapped at the same time Madden is her safe place and being away from him makes her realize how deep her feelings for him really are I loved the conclusion to Blake and Madden’s story It was an emotional rollercoaster of a rideENTHRALL transitive verbto hold the attention of someone by being very exciting interesting or beautifulBlake has been through hell and back and she still believes in the good of people and love She is one of the strongest female characters I have read Strong to deal with the nightmare of a marriage she is also a survivor Madden is strong cocky and confident knows what he wants Women were a dime a dozen for him until he met Blake She changed him and opened his heart in a way he never imagined He is so blinded by his feeling for her that he doesn’t care who he has to deal with to get her back I loved his determinationI also fell in love with Easton in this one I loved the fire that was set under him It was an amazing wakeup call for him and I adored his dedication and need to prove to his brother and himself that he is worthyENTHRALLING the perfect word for this series The ups the downs the unknown the heartache the loss Erin Noelle has an amazing ability to capture her readers from that first word she prints She is an amazing story teller and I love escaping into the world of her characters Her stories and characters are all consuming in the best ways possible

  10. Alison Maxwell Alison Maxwell says:

    Transparent is book 2 in the Luminous series and is the conclusion to Madden and Blake's story If you haven't read Translucent then this book won't make much sense and if you haven't read it you need to get on that prontoBook 2 starts where book one left off Blake has been kidnapped and her fate is unknown I definitely don't want to post any major spoilers but I have one word for you Razethat's all you need to knowBlake is a fighter and will do what it takes to get back to Madden even if it means making a deal with the devil This amazing conclusion is a must read Erin Noelle never disappoints

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Transparent Luminous #2 ❮Reading❯ ➶ Transparent Luminous #2 ➮ Author Erin Noelle – Her elusive past didn’t worry meHer heartbreaking scars never made me cringeAnd her haunting demons only made me a stronger manBut the day Blake Martin was stolen from meI was scared to deathPrepare Her elusive past didn’t worry meHer heartbreaking scars never made me cringeAnd her haunting demons only made me a stronger manBut the day Blake Martin was stolen from meI was scared to deathPrepared to do anything necessary to get her backLittle did I know it just might cost me my lifeMy name is Madden Decker and this is my story.

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