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Duck Duck Porcupine ❴KINDLE❵ ❅ Duck Duck Porcupine Author Salina Yoon – Big Duck likes to boss around her younger brother Little Duck and she fancies herself the leader of their trio when joined by their gentle friend Porcupine Little Duck doesn't speak yet but through hi Big Duck likes to boss around her younger brother Little Duck and she fancies herself the leader of their trio when joined by their gentle friend Porcupine Little Duck doesn't speak yet but through his expressions and his actions he shows that he has a better grasp on any situation than his older sister Told entirely through dialogue and visual storytelling with subtle humor throughout Little Duck ends up getting the trio out of whatever jam they are inMoving into an exciting new paper over board reader format Salina Yoon's Duck Duck PDF/EPUB or early readers are perfect for fans of bestselling series like Elephant Piggie and Ballet Cat giving all her picture book fans a fantastic next step for reading fun.

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  1. Matt Matt says:

    Neo and I tackled three stories about this interesting trio 1 A Perfect Day for a Picnic With the sun shining Big Duck and Porcupine are ready for a lovely picnic However Little Duck sees something ominous in the sky When the skies open and the rain falls Big Duck and Porcupine run for cover Little Duck sees the silver lining and can use the rain to make this picnic day fun no matter what 2 I Think I Forgot Something Big Duck is on a mission to remember something she's forgotten While Little Duck tries to offer hints and clues Big Duck is determined to remember Finally it hits her just in time for the celebration and Porcupine's BIG entrance 3 The Campout Big Duck is planning a camping trip for the group though the list soon gets out of hand While Porcupine is happy to defer Little Duck is off on his own dodging all 99 items to be gathered As night falls Porcupine loses interest in the entire adventure until Little Duck brings out list item 100Neo and I loved this piece as it offered some great chances to 'tag team' read and guess what would happen next New readers will surely love the easy to follow words and plots perfect for those times to hone skills

  2. Kate Buechler Kate Buechler says:

    Loved how each story ended with Little Duck staring into the camera

  3. Franki Sibberson Franki Sibberson says:

    Love this new series Perfect for readers of Elephant and Piggie and Ballet Cat

  4. Jason Jason says:

    Oh man every time little duck stares at the reader at the end of each story I crack up He never says a word but he knows what's up

  5. Lee Ann Lee Ann says:

    A friend's daughter read this book to me so I'm counting it towards my 2017 reading challenge p It has three adorable stories following the lovable characters Big Duck Little Duck and Porcupine and is complete with bright distinctive artwork Would recommend

  6. Josiah Josiah says:

    I received my copy of Duck Duck Porcupine free through the Goodreads First Reads program It feels obvious to me that this is a book in the grand tradition of Arnold Lobel's Frog and Toad but I suppose it's not so obvious to people who haven't read those books I suggest that the uninitiated read Arnold Lobel's classic series the platinum standard to which all easy readers about friendship are held to get a full appreciation of the way Salina Yoon evokes the same feeling of close unconditional friendship in the three episodes that comprise Duck Duck Porcupine Readers are in for a treat as they meet this new group of pals in search of adventure Big Duck and Porcupine want to have an outdoor lunch at the start of A Perfect Day for a Picnic but only Little Duck sees that the picturesue weather might not hold up A storm is on its way to spoil the ideal afternoon and only Little Duck is ready with an umbrella to keep the rain off his head as he enjoys the picnic spread Big Duck and Porcupine are upset that their outing is ruined but Little Duck isn't as uick as his companions to call it a day A duckling can find lots of avenues to fun in a rainstorm and his friends might learn there are activities that can only be done on a rainy afternoon Our gloomy days can usually be rescued if we spend them with the right kind of friends Now that we've observed Little Duck to be the silent but sensible member of the trio I Think I Forgot Something starts with Big Duck trying to remember why today was supposed to be important Little Duck serves up reminders with decreasing subtlety but Big Duck isn't receptive to the clues even as readers piece them together and figure out what Little Duck is trying to tell him Big Duck remembers at last and forgets he ever forgot the momentous occasion leaving Little Duck staring at us in deadpan fashion in the foreground the comic punctation common to all three stories in the collection The Campout sees Big Duck preparing to lead his friends on an overnight expedition in the woods but he refuses to depart before preparing for every possible contingency Every Last One As night falls and the three have yet to finish packing Little Duck takes it on himself to get the camping fun going and soon they're having a good time together under the stars You don't need everything but the kitchen sink or including it to enjoy yourself among friends Salina Yoon's illustrations are splendid reminiscent of Caldecott Medalist Eric Rohmann's work and Duck Duck Porcupine's low word count doesn't prevent her from creating interesting well defined characters an indispensable attribute of the best easy reader books Little Duck's actions give even him a distinct voice though he speaks not a word I might well give Duck Duck Porcupine two and a half stars and I urge fans of Arnold Lobel's Frog and Toad Mary Blount Christian's Penrod and Griswold Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee's Bink Gollie Mo Willems's Elephant Piggie or James Howe's Houndsley and Catina to make room in their hearts for another set of easy reader friends Duck Duck Porcupine is a guaranteed good time

  7. Juliana Lee Juliana Lee says:

    Two ducks and a porcupine three best friends Big Duck has big ideas Porcupine is fretful But Little Duck who doesn't have much to say actually he never speaks has the common sense to play in the rain go to the party and roast the marshmallows Little Duck doesn't overthink things love his expressions though

  8. Kathy Kathy says:

    Cute early reader Works as a read aloud or for a young child to read to you Simple illustrations and humorous text made this a book I enjoyed

  9. Becky Becky says:

    First sentence This is the perfect day for a picnic Porcupine Premiseplot Duck Duck Porcupine is the first book in a new early reader series starring Big Duck Little Duck and Porcupine There are three short adventures in this one The first is A Perfect Day for a Picnic Little Duck is the first to notice that it will soon be RAINING But will a little rain or a lot of rain spoil the day completely? It may not be a perfect day to EAT outside but it may be a perfect day to PLAY outside The second is I Think I Forgot Something Big Duck is CLUELESS Little Duck tries to help Big Duck remember what she forgot Holding up a present holding up a birthday invite bringing out a calendar etc Will she remember in time that it is Porcupine's birthday? The third is The Campout Little Duck may not be ready to WRITE out a list of what is needed on a camping trip But make no mistake Little Duck KNOWS that marshmallows are essential I have the idea that they'd not be item #100 on his list My thoughts Loved this one I definitely liked the characters Characterization is brought about by little details And this one has plenty both in the text and in the illustrations Definitely worth reading than once

  10. Lynn Lynn says:

    An absolutely adorable entry in the early reader field Yoon gets it just right with this one A careful use of simple words right out of the kindergarten sight word list makes it one some readers will uickly decipher on their own The bright bold illustrations with dark margins make it a good choice to read with preschoolers too Yoon provides so many visual clues to help Lots of humor here that children will appreciateThe book has three short stories featuring the three friends Everyone will especially love Little Duck who doesn't speak but but whose thoughts are very clear just the same

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