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  1. Becky Becky says:

    You just can't go wrong with a book laced in history love romance supernatural elements Irish mythology and scenes of the Irish countryside The mystic cove series is a series of books about family and true love with supernatural abilities about coming home and finding yourself about strong women and the trials they overcome for love and happinessMargaret was not one of my favorite characters in this set but after reading her story I at least understand her better even if I still don't really care for her earlier actions and attitude It was good to catch up with other characters and see Fiona Keelin and Margaret all reconnect and become a strong family unit again

  2. diann bryan diann bryan says:

    Margaret Sean’s story This story brings everything full circle I Love how you got to see where things started and how things progressed and where the future brings their Love Wonderful series

  3. Kyjuliano Kyjuliano says:

    This is the story of Margaret and Sean Keelin’s parents It contains the Wild Irish Roots Preuel as well Again the story is beautifully written and it was interesting to see how Keelin and Margaret ended up in Boston I must admit however that they are my least favorite couple Their immaturity is frustrating and in this case I wanted to shake some sense into both Margaret and Sean My heart just broke for Fiona as she was forced to accept the decisions Margaret made and let her fly free Preuel Review

After reading the Preuel I picked up the rest of Margaret and Sean’s story I found myself by the end understanding and liking Margaret and was happy to see her and Sean reunite He however I’m still not pleased with he’s the most weak of the male hero’s in this series although it’s obvious he has a kind heart and love’s his family his Irish temper and stubborness left me kind of feeling like he deserved to be miserable all those years just to teach him a lesson

  4. Carole Rae Carole Rae says:

    I’ve been curious about getting my hands on this one I’ve wanted to learn about Keelin’s mom and what happened there to make her so bitter The story follows Margaret and Sean They came together when they were really young She was 19 and he was in his early 20s I can’t remember precisely They had insta love and insta lust They dated for a few weeks and then they did the deed Things happened and they fell apart It was really sad Margaret ran away to Boston after she found out she was preggo She started her own business and vowed never to return to Ireland and never see Sean again Things happened Keelin the daughter found the love of her life in Maggie’s old town and to come face to face with Sean It was so sad to see what happened to these lovebirds Both are to blame and both are victims They are both stubborn and knuckle heads I was annoyed with Sean for not at least try to be in his daughter’s life even though Maggie said to stay away He is still the dad and he should’ve at least try there BUT people are young and dumb They all grow up and are brought together again because of Keelin and her new family I did not like Maggie much at first She was snotty and bratty She was SO selfish I’m glad a certain character really put her in her place WellI feel like everyone gave her a good verbal lashing Sean deserved it too The story was good but I had a hard time in the middle there because I was annoyed at both of them Once things started to mend I felt better and after a certain event I was hooked again Can’t say what but it kept me going THAT ENDING UGH SO GOOD The next book is about Fiona so we are going back in time I am excited about thatBUT I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT EEE Don’t leave me hanging authorThe narratorlike normalwas flawless I loved her voices for characters and she does not stray You can tell who is talking LOVE IT In the end I did like this Not my favorite because I had a hard time liking Maggie and Sean However it was important to read this and learn what started the whole series I am sad there is one book left Hopefully the author will write Who knows? I can hope can’t I? But yes still pretty good even though there was a brief time I was not feeling it I’ll give this 3 stars

  5. Sandy Wallace Sandy Wallace says:

    You Are My Destiny Margaret O’Brien and Sean Burke fall in love in the Irish sea coast village of Grace’s Cove where legends and rumors of magic abound After making love for the first time a mystical event scares Sean into fleeing the scene and avoiding Margaret After finding out she is pregnant and with no word from Sean Margaret is heartbroken and flees to Boston to begin a new life with her baby to be She never wants to see Ireland againTwenty years later Margaret’s daughter Keelin has gone to Ireland to learn about her family roots While there she finds she has a special “gift” half siblings she never knew about and a father she never met She also finds true love Reluctantly Margaret goes to Ireland for her daughter’s wedding When she sees Sean again the sparks are reignited But can they get past the feelings of hurt anger and betrayal that have kept them apart for so long? This a tale of adult lovers each with pasts that much be reconciled if they decide to have a future together A mature romance with just a touch of magic and a ghostly visit to top things off A good read for a uiet day

  6. Pam Pam says:

    Wild Irish Roots is both a preuel and book 5 in the Mystic Cove series by Tricia O’Malley This delightful series takes place in Ireland where magic is possible It is a great series about the descendants of Grace O’Malley pirate and mystic being It brings the tales of Ireland to life Margaret O’Brien was a talented realtor in New York City She had built her business from scratch into one of the best in New York City There was nothing but the best for Margaret and yet she was still unhappy Her unhappiness grew when her daughter Keelin went to Ireland and fell in love When Keelin wanted to marry Margaret finally went home She didn’t want to face her past nor deal with Keelin’s father She made her peace with Keelin and with her mother Fiona; but not with Keelin’s Father However sparks still flew when they were together However Margaret still had to face her powers Could she do that and find happiness?

  7. Heather Heather says:

    This is the 5th book in a 6 book series Through the first 4 books you've learned a little about Margaret and Sean but this book tells their whole story It starts with when they were young and fell in love After a horrible misunderstanding and broken hearts on both sides Margaret leaves pregnant without telling Sean The book then fast forwards 28 years Margaret's baby Keelin is all grown up and getting married and for the first time Margaret has to go back to Ireland and start facing her past It's uite sad how Margaret's dislike of her power distorts her view of her mother and the world around her But you understand from her side why she acts the way she does I felt the saddest for Fiona as for 28 years she loses her daughter and the chance to know her granddaughter The story was interesting how both Margaret and Sean had to put away their pride to find their happy ending together and in the end Margaret got her greatest wish to become normal

  8. Hulda Hulda says:

    This book continues the story of the descendants of Grace this time following Margaret from her teen years until her fourties It's a sweet tale that uses the same format as the other books As such it was a little predictable I still enjoyed it particularly because I really connected with Margaret One point in the story even brought me to tears The only character I couldn't connect to was Fiona I felt her reactions were a little too perfect and wise I also felt that Margaret's relationship with her daughter was much different from what had been described from Keelan's viewpoint in the first book of the series There was friction and a lack of connection between them which was completely absent in this book For these reasons I can only give it three stars However I think I will continue with the series The first three books were much better and I hope the last two will be as well

  9. Jane Shibilski Jane Shibilski says:

    An entertaining but predictable read I was not as enad of this book in the series as I was with the previous novels This felt routine almost like the author was just filling in the blanks However it’s still a good summer read perfect for distraction from the hot humid weather It also filled in a lot of background on one of the main characters who appears in every book Fiona I am looking forward to reading the continuation of the series at some point this summer when the timing is right

  10. Nancy Nancy says:

    I read the whole thing in record timeBecause I couldn't put it down It is now 0145 my time and i just binge read Margaret and Sean's story after having stayed up this late or later to finish the other 4 books I am so glad to have discovered this author and these stories which I promise I will be rereading soonIf you love sweet romance with that little something extra do try these out

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Wild Irish Roots Mystic Cove #5 ❮Reading❯ ➾ Wild Irish Roots Mystic Cove #5 Author Tricia OMalley – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk “The longest road out is the shortest road home” Irish Proverb Admitting mistakes isn’t easy And for hardheaded Margret O’Brien it’s virtually unheard of When Margaret comes back to Ireland Roots Mystic PDF ´ “The longest road out is the shortest road home” Irish Proverb Admitting mistakes isn’t easy And for hardheaded Margret O’Brien it’s virtually Wild Irish ePUB í unheard of When Margaret comes back to Ireland for her daughter’s wedding she is forced to face her past She just didn’t expect Irish Roots Mystic PDF ☆ to be doing it thrown upside down over a devastatingly handsome and exceptionally angry Irishman’s shoulder Yet Sean Burke can still make her toes curl with lust Twenty eight years two countries and years of hurt stand between Sean and Margaret’s chance at love Wild Irish Roots Margaret Sean is the dramatic conclusion to the Wild Irish Roots Preuel The preuel is included as a bonus in this book The new story begins at Chapter The Mystic Cove Series Wild Irish Roots Preuel Novella Wild Irish Heart Wild Irish Eyes Wild Irish Soul Wild Irish Rebel Wild Irish Roots Margaret Sean Wild Irish Witch.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 316 pages
  • Wild Irish Roots Mystic Cove #5
  • Tricia OMalley
  • English
  • 12 February 2016

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Roots Mystic PDF ´ New York Times Bestselling author Tricia O'Malley lives in the Caribbean with her much doted upon dogs Briggs and Blue On a Wild Irish ePUB í typical day you will find her lost in the worlds of her making or gearing up to go scuba diving Tricia loves fun Irish Roots Mystic PDF ☆ vacation reads hates wimpy characters and hosts a serious addiction to traveling the world She finds inspiration on the go – and you’ll often find her book.