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The Beast of Clan Kincaid [EPUB] ✻ The Beast of Clan Kincaid By Lily Blackwood – A Highland warrior battles to reclaim his birthright in the first of a new series filled with seduction revenge and soul stirring passionThey call him the Beast—a hardened mercenary whose heart seem A Highland warrior battles to reclaim his birthright of Clan eBook ↠ in the first of a new series filled with seduction revenge and soul stirring passionThey call him the Beast—a hardened mercenary whose heart seems as cold as his icy blue gaze They do not know his true name Niall Braewick son of the Laird of Kincaid It has been The Beast PDF/EPUB or years since he escaped into the forest the night his father was murdered Now he has returned ablaze with a vengeful hunger He will gain the MacClaren chief’s trust gather his clan and take back his lands And take the MacClaren’s daughter as wellThough he pulled her from the river saving her life Elspeth has been warned to Beast of Clan Kindle Ø keep her distance from her father’s hired warrior He is a barbarian—a shame as he is far compelling than the lechers and fools competing for her dowry Little does she know that like the castle itself she is a prize Niall intends to claimbut will he extract blood for blood and possess what is his or will his enemy’s beautiful innocent daughter tempt him to forsake his dream of conuest.

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  1. Tina Haigler Tina Haigler says:

    This book was amazing In all honesty I didn't think I was going to enjoy this type of book at all but as soon as I started reading I was riveted until the end It was the right amount of action badassery scheming vengeance sadness turmoil romance and sexiness I was honestly blown away I actually read the ending 3 times and each time it made me emotional but in a good way I can't wait to read the next two books Well donePS This book was hot and steamy Whew wipes brow Cold shower alert fans herself

  2. Stacey is Sassy Stacey is Sassy says:

    Will The Beast choose love or revenge?I love historical romances and Scottish Highland ones are definitely some of my favourites Strong men who are loyal protective and passionate who go along their merry way until the one wee lass throws their world off kilter In The Beast of Clan Kincaid that is exactly what happens the minute Niall lays eyes on Elspeth Oh there’s drama damsels in distress and fighting to get through before this couple can come together and there’s also the slight problem that Niall has plans to kill Elspeth’s father She might not be so keen on that But love is love and family is family so what’s a guy and gal to do?Niall’s family died seventeen years ago when they were murdered by a rival clan In that time he has been plotting revenge on the family who murdered them and stole his home In those years Niall has amassed fortune and favour with the King as his mercenary Niall’s true identity is not known past the name that was given to him because of his skills He is widely known as The Beast Determined to have his clan come back together and his home returned to him he unwittingly manages to get invited into that home The MacLaren wants to hire him on to protect his property What better way for his plans to come together than to be able to overthrow from the inside? There’s only one slight problemhe’s got the hots for the daughter of his enemyElspeth is living in her version of hell Her stepmother Bridget doesn’t like her and those feelings are well and truly returned Elspeth busts Bridget making out with one of her men at arms Elspeth knows her father is ill but that shouldn’t mean that Bridget should take it on herself to find pleasure elsewhere Bridget decides to make Elspeth’s life hell by finding her the most despicable marriage prospects Elspeth knows it's her duty to marry but the two men chosen as prospects are gross despicable and definitely unsuitable She may also have a wee bit of a crush on the big sexy Beast that has come to protect her home That same Beast saves her life than once which makes him even appealing Plus he kisses really really well The Beast of Clan Kincaid was a great story that kept my interest from start to finish We start with the very sad story that set Niall on his path for revenge You cannot help but sympathise with him and want him to find his happiness When he starts to uestion his path and whether his feelings for Elspeth are important than revenge you know that his feelings are real Elspeth tries so hard to be the dutiful daughter but she is also so tempted by a man who is not a suitable candidate to be her husband The two of them fight so hard against their attraction Each time they push away from each other you know that they are hurting themselves as much as the otherThis was a perfect example of why I love highlander romance Niall’s devotion to Elspeth was strong What is sexier than a fierce and strong man who can’t breathe if his loved one is not safeand he admits it openly? AaahI love it There was a sexual tension that jumped off the pages and when the couple finally come together it was very intense The banter between the couple was lively and entertaining and Niall’s way of dealing with Elspeth’s sister was very sweetMy only negatives would be that I found at times it felt like the story jumped a bit One minute we’re in Niall’s mind and the next it is Elspeth’s and it's hours or days later It was at times a little frustrating the use of Scottish terms that were not explained I admit some were explained but other weren't I don’t mind foreign words used in the books I read as long as a definition is available without me having to go searching for answersThis was the first story I have read by this author and definitely will not be the last I can’t wait for the next one especially after reading the little snippet at the end of The Beast of Clan KincaidTo pre order The Beast of Clan Kincaid from ’m an Aussie chick who loves to read and review romance drink coffee be a Style Setter and stalk David Gandy To see of my reviews fashion food and pervathons

  3. ~**Anna**~ A Romance Reader ~**Anna**~ A Romance Reader says:

    45 stars Loved it One of the best HR I’ve read this year I loved Niall and Elspeth She’s so fierce and I admired her so much He’s a warrior with vengeance on his mind but he’s so loving and gentle with Elspeth Their chemistry is off the charts too So much passion and love I can’t wait to read Magnus’s book next

  4. WhiskeyintheJar WhiskeyintheJar says:

    I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewAfter his father was betrayed Niall and his two younger brothers were spirited away and split up to preserve the Kincaid Laird bloodline Seventeen years later Niall seems to be the only surviving one and has come home to take back what is rightfully his Elspeth's been saved by the mysterious mercenary three times and each encounter only adds fuel to her attraction However her clan is relying on her to make an advantageous marriage to protect them against another clan and a lonely mercenary won't do Niall and Elspeth both try to deny their growing feelings but neither can give the other one up They each want to do right by their clan but following their hearts will be dangerous  The first in a new series by a debut author the prologue grips you right away as a delicious blend of danger and vengeance is relayed The set up of Niall coming back home to avenge his family and then falling in love with his enemy's daughter who doesn't know his true identity creates an enthralling tale Unfortunately I felt the attraction was rushed between our leads and it left me with a feeling of insta lust  Our beginning introduction of Elspeth has many scenarios that combine together to give a very shiny heart of gold persona; she's the woman you want to say something bad about because her goodness is slightly annoying but she's just too darn sweet to do it Her inner battle over feeling like she was betraying her clan with her attraction to Niall had depth and felt real Niall captured my attention right away with his inner turmoil and secrecy to take his lands back but when he meets Elspeth he slowly becomes all about his lust and attraction for her His feelings were excessive that he would suddenly become so wrapped up in this woman who he barely knows when for seventeen years he has been preparing for his vengeance I understand and like romance but wanted a natural progression of feelings with time and interactions for the torment of it all too really shine through  I tried to forget you she whispered against his lips her hands touching the bare skin of his torsoI tried to let you forget me but I cannot  A lot of the story was devoted to Elspeth and Niall wanting each other and then saying they felt guilty because of their commitments over half of the story is their back and forth I don't consider this a slow read per say but this did make the story feel like it had some repetitiveness Elspeth doesn't learn of Niall's true identity until the last 20% of the book and then it is glossed over pretty uickly she forgives him in a day Some of the lust guilt rinse and repeat should have been cut for the juicy betrayalhow do they live together now drama this scenario could have produced  Secondary characters did a pretty good job of filling out the story with Deargh Niall's clansman who spirited him away Elspeth's half sisters popping in and out and Magnus a childhood friend of Elspeth Bridget was Elspeth's step mother and started off a Cruella de Vil and then contrary to a few hints or what I perceived as hints she does a 180 Now if I'm right about the hints it's misdirection by the author for future shock but since it wasn't cleared up in this story it left the character feeling very confusing and forced This does take place in Scotland in the 1300s but other than a couple mentions of a kilt swords and castle I can't say I felt completely transported to the time As I mentioned this is a debut book and as such it is pretty strong The author's writing style is highly readable and her story and character ideas are engaging I just personally felt the relationship was rushed and some inta lust was at play The overall tone also was pretty gentle there are a couple sex scenes but they did have a tendency to feel dropped in If you're looking for an amiable read and wanting to give a new author a try then this would be a good choice

  5. Jenny Jenny says:

    Wow i cant believe this is a debut novel Amazing book amazing hero Niall has sworn that he will seek vengeance against the people who killed his mother father and two brothers and many members of his clan But when he meets Elspeth the daughter of his enemy he must fight the feelings she arouses in him He loves her deeply but he’s decided to avenge his family and so he suffers because how can he destroy the father of the woman he adores? Elspeth is a perfect heroine Sweet innocent loyal to her clan and to her family Her heart breaks when she finds out her father is a murderer and her husband married her for revenge I couldn't put this book down One of the best Scottish historicals I've read My only problem is that I needed a cute epilogue Pregnant heroine or baby in epilogue is a must for me

  6. Melanie A. Melanie A. says:

    5 STARS There was nothing attractive than a competent man LOVED LOVED LOVEDYay The Beast of Clan Kincaid had it all Strong writing a fast moving plot full of adventure and intrigue and characters that I fell in love withSeventeen years after he was forced to flee his home Niall son of the Laird of Kincaid is back to reclaim his birthright and to get vengeance on the man who murdered his parents the Maclaren chief Keeping his identity a secret Niall puts his plan into action but doesn't count on falling for the chief's daughter ElspethAs you can imagine there were a lot of half truths and deception going on in this story but one of my favorite things about it was how the relationship between Niall and Elspeth was genuine The words were a compliment and how wonderful they made her feel She flushed and everything inside her her heart and soul felt feather light and aglow It was both sweet and explosive between them Remembering the fire in her eyes and the color high on her cheeks his heart beat harder and desire twisted tight and insistent in the pit of his stomach Elspeth made for a great heroine; kind and loyal yet underneath she had a spine of steel I could really get behind and identify with her Sometimes she said uietly turning to face him her back to the stone wall I feel like running away and doing as you did getting on a ship and sailing off to take my chances with the world She took her duty seriously but she still managed to stay true to herself There were a few scenes where she was forced to stand up to those in authority that had my heart absolutely thumping with nerves for her I loved thatAnd Niall? Amazing Somehow the author was able to balance his uest for revenge with his feelings for Elspeth all while juggling her character's integrity and honor Such good stuffI completely believed in his portrayal as a man who others would look to for leadership Honestly he was a total turn on LOL We're talking serious book boyfriend material here especially if the first uote at the top of this review is appealing to you DSo if you're looking for an in depth historical novel keep browsing But if you're into a fabulously entertaining love story full of betrayal and divided loyalties CHOOSE THIS ONE D

  7. Julie Julie says:

    The Beast of Clan Kincaid by Lily Blackwood is a 2016 St Martin's Press publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Any historical romance set in Scotland and featuring Highlanders is going to tempt me But then I started seeing a few reviews trickle in for this book and I had a feeling this one was going to be better than I could hope for All I can say is I was not disappointed and understand why this book generated so much commentary When I say this story grabbed my attention from the very beginning I’m not just repeating an overused phrase I’m serious A bloody battle that leaves a little boy alone in the world sets the stage for a taut suspenseful tale of vengeance and justice and a fine emotional love story as well After seventeen years Niall has returned home to reclaim what is rightfully his He infiltrates his enemy’s domain under the guise of being a mercenary While his plan works beautifully he never anticipated what might be a truly tragic twist of irony as he falls hard for the enemy’s beautiful daughter Elspeth and she falls in love with him Elspeth has no idea who Niall really is which only adds suspense to an already difficult situation Naturally I knew this could not end well It’s that feeling you get when you have no choice but to sit by and watch as events hurl toward an outcome you are helpless to prevent Elspeth’s role is to marry advantageously doing her duty to her clan She knows the time has come to make a decision especially since her father’s health is failing and there is an uneasiness among the clans that her marriage would soothe However since her choices are far from pleasant she doesn’t wish to marry any of them duty or not Of course it greatly complicates matters for her when she falls hard for Niall which leaves her torn over her love for him and her duty The difficulty for me as a reader is that I liked Niall and Elspeth respectively I understood Niall had to do what was right in his eyes and sadly this meant Elspeth could become collateral damage Elspeth is a strong willed woman who stands up to the old traditions and dares to defy them all while attempting to do what is right for everyone despite the very painful personal sacrifice of her happiness So it’s hard to pick a side as I am sympathetic to both characters The author does a fabulous job of devising such a scenario while adding intense intrigue into the mix as various men plotted to win Elspeth’s hand in marriage It is utterly fascinating but infuriating as well since women were often used as a bargaining chip The set up a dire as it appears sets the stage for an epic kind of love story which is right up my alley While the attraction between Niall and Elspeth is evident in their first encounter their love builds over time as they continue to meet in the most unusual of circumstances Yes all of this occurs in a short span of time but that was not uncommon in this era of time and I thought it added an element of urgency to the story since Elspeth is running out of time and her time with Niall is growing short But a stunning plot twist will change things drastically adding even emotion to the story and perhaps a little controversy but will also open the door just a little for the whole sad truth to come out which gave me a tiny sliver of hope for this couple Niall is certainly a noble fair and honorable man and Elspeth saw that in him despite finding herself once torn between Niall and her family This story is a uick read but is constructed well for the most part I wondered at times about the sudden change in personality with some characters without explanation other than perhaps the growth of a grudging respect but other than that puzzling change of heart the characters were all well drawn with even pacing that kept me engaged and emotionally invested in the story which came with a very surprising twist at the end that is very special setting up the next installment in the series uite nicely Overall this is a rousing sensual and emotional Scottish romance that kept me entertained from start to finish and was uite enjoyable

  8. Mei Mei says:

    I must say that for a debut novel it is really goodI enjoyed the easy way the story is told it flows really wellThe MCs are nice but their falling in love was like a literal falling from high cliff too uick and feeling at least on Niall's part like insta lustStill it didn't detract from my enjoyment because the story is interesting and believable revenge hidden identity falling in love with the enemy all that is very well relayedI'm looking forward to the next book

  9. Becca Becca says:

    EDIT I originally gave this four stars but it's been almost a week and I'm still talking about it thinking about it and recommending it to everyone Thus despite my one uibble I'm still giving this 5 stars because it's an excellent debut worth reading SECOND EDITUPDATE I have since discussed this with one of my friends and confirmed via an author page on that Lily Blackwood ALSO writes as Lily Dalton Woo hoo I am so excited that she wrote another winner especially after I loved Never Surrender to a Scoundrel See my original review belowThe Beast of Clan Kincaid is an excellent debut for new author Lily Blackwood Except for one area which I will discuss shortly this was a full five star read and I will definitely be picking up the other books in this seriesFrom the very first page this story grabbed my attention and for the entire book I was hopelessly hooked I loved the intrigue the forbidden love the clan dynamics and the Gaelic phrasing that Blackwood had sprinkled throughout the storyThis plot is not a new one but Blackwood made it a fresh and enjoyable read This series is about three brothers who have been exiled after the death of their parents due to a betrayal from two neighboring clans After 17 years the brothers are back each seeking revenge and a path to reclaim what is rightfully theirs The Beast of Clan Kincaid is about the eldest brother Niall who became a mercenary known as the Beast during his time away from his land Now he has returned to seek revenge on the Maclaren clan who is currently residing in Niall's family home He plans to infiltrate their ranks gain their trust and then turn the tables and reclaim his birthright with bloodshed if need be All of this goes swimmingly except for one thing Niall has a hopeless attraction to the Maclaren's eldest daughter ElspethNiall is a mysterious character who struggles to remain aloof but shows cracks in his armor where Elspeth and her five year old tomboyish sister Mary are concerned Niall is alluring to everyone in the Maclaren clan for his strength as a warrior his good looks and his sound strategic advice and uickly infiltrates their ranks Elspeth is being forced to wed in order to bring a strong alliance for her clan against another clan the Alwyn who are increasingly becoming belligerent Elspeth recognizes her duty but has trouble focusing on her choices due to her attraction to Niall Blackwood expertly builds the tension between Elspeth and Niall creates the mood of intrigue regarding what decision Niall will make and what actually happened to his clan and develops a host of realistic secondary charactersWhat I liked Niall despite the deceit regarding his true heritage he is still a forthright character who doesn't take advantage of others and while he does burn for revenge he doesn't seek unnecessary bloodshed Plus he is attractive and Blackwood does a great job early on establishing an air of sexiness and mystery about him Elspeth she is a character with spine who tries to retain her identity and not be a doormat but realistically recognizes her duty to her clan and seeks to balance her own desires with the welfare of her clan She protects her honor cares for her sisters and overall is a nice character of strength The story mostly focuses on Niall but I liked that Elspeth had a uiet dignity to her that was clear in every scene Gaelic phrases these were common at the beginning and I wish there had been throughout Blackwood would drop in these beautiful phrases with a translation and I really liked the flavor they added to the story; hopefully there will be in future books There was occasional use of dialogue with the Scottish bur but I found it realistic and thought the addition was nice Overall it was refreshing to not just see nae ye and lassie everywhere That gets old and makes the dialogue seem simplistic Blackwood did a nice job setting a scene but not bashing you over the head with the dialect Plot I liked the mystery of the age old betrayal and the lack of knowledge of what really happened I did not know how everything would play out and I felt that Blackwood had paced everything perfectly Secondary characters there were many characters that populated the story and kept things fresh There were many characters with hidden agendas surprising changes of heart and flashes of wisdom Blackwood created a deep story where each character added to the plot and didn't feel thrown in for a pitch for the next book What I didn't likeThere isn't a list here There was just one problem I had but considering the genre we are in it's a biggie the sex scenes This was the only area where Blackwood struggled It was like she couldn't decide what level of heat to write about and also threw in some extra scenes that were not only unnecessary but I thought made no sense within the fabric of the plot It was such a letdown to get to this point after Blackwood built such exuisite sexual tension to get to a sex scene that is just a hodgepodge of graphic phrases followed by purple prose followed by God forbid italics all written in choppy sentences It made me sad To be honest it almost felt like Blackwood was forced to add in the scenes for the publisher when the story didn't really need them at all In fact the book would have been better off with no sex scenes instead of the 3 4 really bad onesMy advice to Ms Blackwood is this You are a great storyteller and there is definitely a future here for you in the genre For the first 60% of the novel you OWNED IT Your writing was original and the story was gripping I was hooked from the very first paragraph If you don't want to include a graphic sex scene don't; your stories are good enough without them Lynn Kurland doesn't write them either and her stories are gorgeous If you want to include hot sex scenes there are plenty of examples out there If you decide on this own it; don't shy away from describing things in detail and drawing out the scene and for all of our sakes don't use italics all over the place If you feel the need to use multiple words in italics then you need to rewrite somewhere Finally if you don't want to be graphic but you want to have a little something in there then keep it brief and focus on emotion and other sensual images rather than using graphic words and actions to set the scene Whatever you decide will work but stick to it It was painful and very unromantic to read scene after scene that is graphic but with no foreplay or focus on emotion Elspeth is a virgin in this story and would not be enjoying the feeling of sex with limited foreplay or having sex against a door or being with Niall after he betrayed her entire family It just didn't work for me You can do this just stick to what you want to write and blends best with the rest of your story End adviceAside from the sex scenes I described above I thought this book was excellent I am already looking forward to the next book in this series and have already signed up for Blackwood's author newsletter Blackwood writes a gripping story with likable characters nice setting and an interesting plot She is a welcome new voice to the genre and one I will be continuing to watch I recommend this oneThank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the chance to read and review

  10. Sissy& Sissy& says:

    I received an eARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review'The Beast of Clan Kincaid' by Lily Blackwood is book one in the Clan Kincaid series This is the story of Niall Braewick and Elspeth This also was the first book by Ms Blackwood and I thought she did a great job for her first book I just can't wait for the next one Niall 'Beast' was once the son of the Laird of Kincaid but at a young age he saw his father murdered Niall went into hiding until he was able to come back for revenge and to take everything back Niall is pretending to be someone else to work his way to his revengebut he wasn't prepared for his feelings for Elspeth At first Niall didn't know who exactly Elspeth was But once he did his plan was to stay away as much as he could from herbut he can't fight the feelings Elspeth has been told to stay away from her father's hired warriorNiall Which seems to be impossible after he saved her and her sister life Since Elspeth is the older daughter and her father is very sick he is after her to marry Please follow reviews at the below sites

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