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4 thoughts on “Not Quite Scaramouche (Guardians of the Flame, #9)

  1. Mary Quite contrary Mary Quite contrary says:

    The build up was too slow and the ending was not detailed enough for me It would have been cool to see Leria handle Parliament for KetholForinel I'd like to have heard about Thomen's reaction Was Miron going to start a fight? Maybe these uestions will be answered in 'Zenda

  2. Taddow Taddow says:

    This was almost a two star book the ending is the only thing that BARELY saved it from being so I'm not sure what happened to the Guardians of the Flame series as I've noticed that the later books are getting progressively worse and uninteresting This series is one of my all time favorites with its first book The Sleeping Dragon being one of my favorite books of all time I actually own two copies of it because my first copy is coming apart from all the re reading that its been throughI suspect and this is my humble opinion of course that with the main threat of the slavers greatly diminished by book five and the politics of the main characters involvement in being a part of and running a kingdom the author didn't really have a firm direction on where to take the story Surely the focus on the original main other world characters contributed highly to the interest of the series seeing how they looked at this new world with the outside knowledge of another that we the reader were very familiar with and as these characters stepped back into supporting roles and Karl's three henchmen Pirojil Durine and Kethol became the main characters the story starting falling flat I got the sense that the author just cranked out these little plots the magical breach in Faerie the tamed dragon threat by a contender for the kingdom's crown and in this book the missing heir that were great ideas that should have been involved story length or book number wise than just one shot novel stories that took far too long to develop and far too uickly to resolve For example the story in this particular book took 34 of the book to finally come to light the locating of the missing Baron Forinel Prior to this the book was stagnant with the political bickering a failed assassination attempt on Jason and no real resolution of these things which I can only hope will be addressed in the next and last book in the series When the search and location for Forinel is finally started and ended it takes less than a hundred pages and represented a 3rd of the book page count and that I believe was a failure as that uest in itself could have been a great adventure and instead became a lost opportunity

  3. L. L. says:

    Doesn't uite have the soul of the original series but serviceable

  4. Brian Brian says:

    Another entry in the Guardians of the Flame series it's difficult to distinguish at times which is which as they tend to run together

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Not Quite Scaramouche (Guardians of the Flame, #9) ➩ Not Quite Scaramouche (Guardians of the Flame, #9) Ebook ➯ Author Joel Rosenberg – Several of them in fact He's the heir to an empire but he doesn't want to be And nobody believes that he could or would walk away and give the job of ruling the kingdom to someone else In this roller Several of them in fact He's the heir to an empire but he doesn't want to be And nobody believes that he could or would walk away and give the job of ruling the kingdom to someone else In this roller coaster of a seuel to Not Exactly the Three Musketeers it looks like the stage is set for a major shake up in the Not Quite Epub / kingdom Jason's help in keeping everything from blowing up are the self appointed soldiers of the errant Jason sent by that wily off worlder Walter Slovotsky to keep Jason in one piece or less There's Kethol the long and lanky redhead with an easy smile who's uick with a uip and uicker with a sword; Pirojil the ugly one whose looks deceive and whose might and loyalty are worth a kingdom; and the fledgling wizard Erenor a man who tries to stay two steps ahead of his enemies as well as one step ahead of his friends They're all part of the Cullinane retinue sworn to protect the Cullinane manse and the sometimes heroic Jason Cullinane and they have their hands full Because no one likes a vacuum or one too many contenders for power Jason's soldiers are going to have to do some fast adventuring to make it all turn out all right Next in Joel Rosenberg's bestselling Guardians of the Flame series Not uite Scaramouche continues the adventures of the journeyman soldiers of Castle Cullinane and their sometimes ill fated leader in all their raucous glory.