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Double Teamed by the Bull Riders ❰KINDLE❯ ❃ Double Teamed by the Bull Riders Author Stephen Hoppa – Tod and Jackson are both bull riders cowboys and alpha males in the very marrow of their being Despite their passionate feelings for one another their relationship has always been a constant struggle Tod and Jackson are both bull riders by the Epub Ù cowboys and alpha males in the very marrow of their being Despite their passionate feelings for one another their relationship has always been a constant struggle for dominance over the other as neither man can learn to give up his own dominance When impressionable twenty two year old Harper rents a room in their house he can't resist his curiosity about their stormy passionate sometimes explosive relationship Of course if he gets too curious he might end up the target of Double Teamed PDF \ both men's dominance but maybe that was what he wanted all along The Harper learns about the two men the harder he finds it to stay away even when he discovers the dark past that has left them emotionally scarred Will Harper be the submissive link between Tod and Jackson that their relationship was missing or will the intensity of their dominance be too much for him to take.

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  1. Eugenia Eugenia says:

    35 Starsof pure eroticaI have to say that I expected very little from this book Didn’t expect to like it at all I expected to roll my eyes and skim itWell what I got was some raw and rough erotica We start out with on of our MCs spying on his bull riding roommates going at it like they were in a rodeo lassoed and hogtied The sex just gets better from thereDon’t expect too much depth aside from the sex scenes which were filthy as all get up I loved every word of them Ya there’s a plot andhelll this book was just HOT let’s leave it at that Read it

  2. Shelley Chastagner Shelley Chastagner says:

    375 stars The beginning was a bit rough but once I got to know and understand the characters a bit the story took on a different feel I became invested and wanted for them than what they had I think the story ended a bit prematurely for my taste but I was at least satisfied with a HFN ending I left with the belief that much better things were going to emerge from the commitment these three had come to for one anotherAdult read

  3. Alexleo Alexleo says:

    I have read several of Hoppa’s MMM stories and this might be the most twisted relationship of all though none of his stories deal with conventional love stories between or among even balanced characters his men always a trait of craziness in them At first the two bull riders act as domineering tops using the young man for their pleasure and as a way out of a complex battle of power that neither would have won and that threatened to destroy them But slowly the presence of Harper changes the way the two interact and they are forced to start to talk and accept their deep feelings Don’t expect long monologues or conversations about love and emotions though; this is not how these two work they act they show rather than tell how they feel and it may seem twisted but this is the result of their past experiences of their work Harper may have initially accepted to be part of this power struggle to be their punching bag but at the end he is the one making the right moves taking the necessary decision in order to follow his dream and finding a solution to a situation that would have left all three of them destroyed and torn HFN ending but with three men like these ones HEA would be out of character

  4. AussieMum AussieMum says:

    I liked the setup here 2 extremely dominant men in a long term relationship who both refuse to willingly be a submissive partner during sex Each encounter is rough brutal and violent to the point that they need to be restrained in order be penetrated by the other partner WOW This is why I like Kindle Unlimited Enter Harper their 13th roommate He's a virgin who has to listen to their loud and painful sex and one day from an open door witnesses it with his own eyes But here's where it gets porny Once the offer is made to Harper to be their 'middleman' it gets dirty He gets ridden rough and put away dripping wet night after night after night And he loves it But it's not all PWP There's actually a complicated reason behind their angry sex and Harper view spoiler leaving to go to college hide spoiler

  5. Terry Sasada Terry Sasada says:

    Not sure how i feel about this book It was sex than story It was really hard to understand Tod and Jackson Their relationship is hard to define not sure if it was love habit or perhaps just lack of anything better Then Harper becomes the next renter in a long line of renters Once he gets involved emotions run crazy and massive sex ensues It could of been a better story and i never thought i would say this but there was just so much sex it took over the story

  6. Sharon Dunn Sharon Dunn says:

    Very surprised Extremely Hot

  7. Mimi Mimi says:

    35 stars

  8. MamaBear MamaBear says:

    So this was just an ok readvery uicklike read in less than 2hrs uickwhich complicated the character development It was all a bit too rushed for my liking Overall writing was decent

  9. Kaila Kaila says:

    this was an interesting story

  10. Kevin Kevin says:


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