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A Million Cars for Billion People [Ebook] ➤ A Million Cars for Billion People Author Gautam Sen – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Can one car transform a nation The Ford Model T did do so a century ago when it replaced the horse brought about a revolution in agriculture became a stimulus to urbanization that eventually changed t Can one Cars for MOBI ô car transform a nation The Ford Model T did do so a century ago when it replaced the horse brought about a revolution in agriculture became a stimulus to urbanization that eventually changed the landscape of America Though the Maruti the Tata Indica the Hyundai Santro and the Maruti Alto became engines of growth for India these cars neither drove away the cow nor changed the way Indians travelled Tata’s Nano was expected to change all that A Million Kindle - and become the ultimate people’s car capturing the imagination of the middle class across nations and cultures In spite of its petite dimensions the Nano was meant to stand tall Yet it did not What caused it to fail and fall from grace despite being lauded as the ‘right product at the right time’ and ‘the most significant new car since the Ford Model T was introduced years ago’ But is it really all over or is there still hope Million Cars for PDF Å for India’s ‘little wonder’ What will the people’s cars of tomorrow be like A Million Cars for a Billion People delves into the uestions concerns and doubts as well as the many misconceptions and myths that have gathered momentum over the years about India’s automotive history and the industry’s mission to create a true ‘people’s car’ The very first cars that came to India; the early beginnings of the industry; the nascent history of the automobile across nations like Germany France US the UK Italy Japan and South Korea is narrated with authority and charm from the viewpoint of the uest for the ultimate people’s car.

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  1. Vinayak Hegde Vinayak Hegde says:

    35 Star rounded up to 4 A good history of the Indian car industry through the 1920s to the present This is mostly narrated in the form of the search for people's car It also covers the invention of the automobile and how the Ford Model T and other peoples cars such as the Citroen 2CV and Volkswagen helped drive the penetration of the automobile in their respective countries France and Germany The book goes deeper into the formation of Maruti Udyog and the political machinations behind it The history of how the nano was conceived and put together and was an unfortunate failure is also covered in some detail The only other manufacturer that is covered in some detail is the Hyundai which has captured a significant amount of market share from both Tata and Maruti over the yearsThe photographs and the historicalpolitical context given in the book add an extra dimension and do not make it a dry read A very good overview of the Indian car industry through the ages

  2. Srikanth Srikanth says:

    When we talk about history especially automobile car history what comes to mind? A nostalgic picture of ambassador cars crappy product choices lengthy waits There is to it than meets the eye This book is about cars which have sold than 1 million to billion IndiansIndia had a base to manufacture automobiles it had the industrial base to take it forward But for Nehruvian socialism license raj India lost a huge industrial opportunity but on that later This book is a simple and a clean read Which talks about the following with decent pics well researched pages decent flowA Global automobile history BTW there were many many other players apart from the American big 3B So called Indian automobile industry industrial practices search for a people's car Sanjay Gandhi worked as an apprentice in RR for less than 3 years and wanted to build a car assuming he knew everythingC Maruti story looks like Suzuki benefited than IndiansD Hyundai its approach from IndiaE Nano its initial craze it failure and detailed discussion of its designIndia needs lot many such books which focuses on our history Be it business politics etc That too by people who are not part of the tainted mainstream media This i believe is one such book by this gentleman More power to authors like themJai Hind

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