Heres the Plan. Epub á Heres the Epub /

  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • Heres the Plan.
  • Allyson Downey
  • English
  • 03 January 2016
  • 9781580056182

10 thoughts on “Heres the Plan.

  1. Megan Megan says:

    I work for a small startup in the Silicon Valley and as the only woman of childbearing age in the company it falls on me to set the standard for our company's maternity leave policy The pressure felt so enormous that I had been putting off thinking about the whole thing for months but with only eight weeks left to go in my pregnancy I started to panic At a recent Mama Circle of moms to be and a couple second time moms I asked what are you planning to do about leave? How much time are you taking off? What's your company's policy and what's your plan? The vast majority of the moms had plans to become full time stay at home moms which I totally respect but don't plan to do myself Many others were planning to take at least six months of leave which I couldn't see myself doing either because working hard makes me happy A couple women worked for companies like Google who had generous and established maternity leave policies I was the only one who didn't seem to have a plan and I left the support group feeling panicked than everThat same night after a little sleuthing on the internet I came across Here's the Plan It was pre order only but THANKFULLY it was available on Kindle and I immediately devoured the whole thing In the pages of Here's the Plan I found my tribe As it turns out there ARE women out there who love their work AND want and plan to be loving wonderful moms No one's saying we working moms or working preggos can have it all but there are definitely tried and true best practices for navigating the whole WWP working while pregnanta parent situation If you are a mom or a mom to be who needs a little career meet babiesbabies meet career advice or even just wants to know there are other women out there navigating the same challenges read this book

  2. Maura Maura says:

    This was a uick read that was valuable perspective after having a kid but might have been helpful for me to read before having a kid Downey gives ideas such as what to ask HR about family leave how to network with other working mothers and many examples of what women have done before and after having kids to continue their professional career The I read about how to be a working mom the frustrated I get about how little support there is in actual workplaces or financially to do so We shall see if it's really the plan for me

  3. Jonathan Mckay Jonathan Mckay says:

    Kids and career are going to be tough While there are a lot of books on how to be a good parent there are fewer on how to maintain a career while doing it To plan for it I will definitely read some lessons from somebody that uit their job sued their employer and has then researched and written a book on the best strategy for surviving family and the American business world Learned a lot 1 Don’t take things for granted Know the pregnancy Policy it will not be trivial Also Learn the policy in the second meeting with the manager not the first time you announce you are pregnant Ask about the details Raises? Bonuses? How will these things be affected? Don't apologize for being a parent It's non obvious to your coworkers that you would want your job responsibilities back Ask about where the pumping room is in advance If your company doesn't have a policy you should contribute to the company by writing it Keep work and personal separate don’t talk about being a mom 2 Find allies You’re not in it yourself Find a buddy in the organization Note this was incredibly helpful for my wife who is at a small company and was advice that made the cost of admission for this book worth it Have a life sponsor somebody who is a few years ahead 3 Chill out Whether you fit into your jeans is not a measure of life success or success as a parent At home List out the responsibilities and split them need to be relaxed to breastfeed 4 Expect it to be hard 50% experience some form of post partum depression 25% experience some form of workplace discrimination Keep the things that recharge yourself Have 6 backups for childcare Expect sleep deprivation breast pumping sucks

  4. Linda Linda says:

    Loved this totally practical and affirming guide that took me through pregnancy how do I tell my boss and my department to how do I hire childcare and manage my life in this new world as a parent Super super book that I was truly thankful to have and have referenced many times over the last year

  5. Louba Lababedi Louba Lababedi says:

    I was introduced to Allyson Downey's Here's The Plan when I was creating a support program at my job for new mothers I knew immediately the book would be a great fit for our program Here's The Plan offers straightforward digestible and practical advice for Career Moms What I appreciated most is the realistic and positive approach to navigating the waters of becoming a working Mom I am excited to offer this resource to our expecting mothers on staff

  6. Emily Emily says:

    Useful practical and often enlightening information primarily for the full time go getter type but there is something for every employed mother or future employed mother

  7. Meredith Spidel Meredith Spidel says:

    I can't say how happy I am to cheer on this book Was given a free ARC and am loving its mission This MATTERS to us working moms needed support Thanks Allyson Downey

  8. Katherine Katherine says:

    Very practical and thorough This is for first time moms working in office jobs who want to keep working but don't have much in the way of role models around them or friendsmom groups to ask for advice The tone is very measured and about laying out your options drawing as it does from what seems like a pretty good variety of experiences and personalities It was published in 2016 so it's pretty up to date still I also appreciated that the usual discussion of laws in the US related to maternity is focused to one chapter that's about action rather than Europe envy Even most of the breastfeeding related information is not bad it even mentions perceived low milk supply as opposed to actual low milk supplyI don't know that I learned very much from it reading it now but I'm glad it exists Probably one of the useful books to read beforeduring your first pregnancy if you fall into the target audience Definitely check out the worksheets on the website at least I saw those first and thought they would be great for dividing up all the extra household tasks fairly with a partner

  9. Liz Liz says:

    I give this 5 stars not because I agree with all of Downey's perspectives but because I think this is an extremely useful and practical book One that I wish I had read in the beginning or middle of my pregnancy and perhaps some women would even find useful to read while they're considering becoming pregnant but I even found useful a year after returning to work from maternity leave It's SO helpful to lay out useful information related to work and being pregnanton maternity leavereturning to work after leave And the title is accurate so practical and tactical The author is coming from a perspective of working in finance in NYC so it's a bit skewed towards a very difficult industrycity to navigate as a pregnant woman though I think helpful nonetheless I don't necessarily agree with all of her stances and some of her overarching philosophy about being in the working world as a mom BUT I do think this is a much needed book to help women navigate this in a thoughtful way And one that I think should be on a top reading list for many women who are planning to return to work outside the home after having a baby

  10. Jana Jana says:

    Practical valuable and thorough book that helped me think through parental leave planning with a focus on work but without neglecting my life and my identity outside of the office Her research on high level women having babies was extremely reassuring I feel so much prepared for navigating the mostly male leadership at my job in ways that won't harm my career while also prepping my peers and my team to cover for me while I'm gone

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Heres the Plan.✬ [PDF] ✓ Heres the Plan. By Allyson Downey ✹ – For many women in their 20's and 30's the greatest professional hurdle they'll need to overcome has little to do with their work life The most focused confident and ambitious women can find themselves For many women in their 's and 's the greatest professional hurdle they'll need to overcome has little to do with their work life The most focused confident and ambitious women can find themselves derailed by Heres the Epub / a tiny little thing a new baby While workplaces are espousing family friendly cultures women are still subject to a parenting penalty and high profile conflicts between parenting and the workplace are all over the news from the controversy over companies covering the costs of egg freezing to the debate over parental leave and childcare inspired by Marissa Mayer's policies at Yahoo Here's the Plan offers an inventive and inspiring roadmap for working mothers steering their careers through the parenting years Author Allyson Downey—founder of weeSpring the “Yelp for baby products” and mother of two young children—advises readers on all practical aspects of ladder climbing while parenting such as negotiating leave flex time and promotions In the style of GIRLBOSS or Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office Here's the Plan is the definitive guide for ambitious mothers written by one working mother to another.