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Spectacles [Read] ➺ Spectacles ➶ Sue Perkins – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk When I began writing this book I went home to see if my mum had kept some of my stuff What I found was that she hadn't kept some of it She had kept all of it every bus ticket postcard school report fr When I began writing this book I went home to see if my mum had kept some of my stuff What I found was that she hadn't kept some of it She had kept all of it every bus ticket postcard school report from the moment I was born to the moment I finally had the confidence to turn round and say 'Why is our house full of this shit'Sadly a recycling 'incident' destroyed the bulk of this archive This has meant two things firstly Dear Reader you will never get to see countless drawings of wizards read a poem about corn on the cob or marvel at the kilos of brown flowers I so lovingly pressed as a child Secondly it's left me with no choice but to actually write this thing myselfThis my first ever book will answer uestions such as 'Is Mary Berry real' 'Is it true you wear a surgical truss' and 'Is a non spherically symmetric gravitational pull from outside the observable universe responsible for some of the observed motion of large objects such as galactic clusters in the universe'Most of this book is true I have of course amplified my positive characteristics in an effort to make you like me Thank you for reading.

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  1. Joey Woolfardis Joey Woolfardis says:

    Sue Perkins is best known as being one half of the comedic double act Mel and Sue and most notably as the ex presenter of The Great British Bake Off and LightLate Lunch She's also done a host of other lovely television stuff like being in and writing for French and Saunders However unlike a lot of other comedians double acts or otherwise her career never catapulted her fame uite as far as someWhat's the difference between a memoir and an autobiography? There are some small differences but the biggest one in my not uite that humble opinion is writing ability Sue Perkins hasn't written an autobiography but a memoir Which is probably why it says that right there on the coverSue Perkins is my least favourite in the Mel and Sue double act I'm not ashamed to say it but everyone has a favourite in double acts Eric Jennifer Rik Peter Barker Bob Mel Duds David Ben Frank Barry Stephen David You get the message Favourites are inevitable even when there are two funny men and no straight menSue Perkins is a writer first and foremost Her prose flows from the page in to my awaiting brain so well like a lesser known waterfall calmly dripping down each little rock She has a scintillating way of telling a story even if it is her own story that just runs so easily you almost forget it's a biography That's the fundamental difference between an autobiography and a memoir You forget it is about a real human being and just settle down and enjoy the storyHer life is no different to anyone else's She is normal something we all need reminding of a lot these days and her life is full of wonderful ups and woeful downs but it all evens itself out eventually There are no life secrets here no little hints of how to get yourself on to television You either want it and try or you don't Most famous people comic people especially seem to accidentally fall in to but really it's the complete opposite It's just that the air headed fame hunting nature isn't there just the drive to entertainAnd the humour is so on point it hurts You may be reading something really poignant or sad and yet the humour is never far behind Some may call it a coping mechanism but those of us who use it call it the only way we know how to live I nearly wet myself laughing so much at this and that rarely happens even with comedians autobiographies Even the saddest moments in anyone's life will always have a touch of humour to them We're human; that's just what we do It is the only thing that makes life bearable and Sue Perkins makes our lives just that much manageable

  2. Bethan Watson Bethan Watson says:

    Wow Wow Wow Wow This is one of my best reads of 2016 and I'm not ashamed to say it I've always loved Sue Perkins but this book makes me love her even My heart strings haven't just been pulled they have wrenched and torn apart She has made me laugh out loud and cry like a babyWith other biographies I've read such as Cheryl even though they as in the Celebrities have supposedly written it you still feel as if you are getting an outsiders perspective Not with this book This is Sue through and through

  3. ~Bookishly Numb~ ~Bookishly Numb~ says:

    Sue Perkins is a favourite person of mine She comes across as intelligent funny down to earth and she seems honest which is always important As far as celebrity memoirs go I usually avoid them like the plague but as it is Sue Perkins I thought I'd make an exceptionReading her stories of the highs and lows of her life made it feel like I was sitting in a cafe eating Victoria sponge and drinking coffee with an old friend Some parts in this had me laughing out loud some had me cringing in embarrassment but one particular chapter had me welling up with tears Sue Perkins writes a letter to her dog that sadly died after a battle with illness and it is written just so poignantly and heartfelt it kind of ripped my heart out and was left hanging there awkwardly It was beautiful Sue Perkins writes an honest thoughtful hilarious and an actually kind of sensitive memoir here and if we ever met I'd really like to think that we'd get along I'm looking forward to reading her next book that was released in October

  4. Vanessa Vanessa says:

    This was one of the most enjoyable audiobooks I've ever listened to I'm a big fan of Sue Perkins having watched her on The Supersizers Go and The Supersizers Eat as well as of course my beloved The Great British Bake Off So of course I had to pick up her own autobiograhy on audiobook as it was narrated by herI really enjoyed listening to Sue's family life the lessons she learned growing up her relationship with Mel Giedroyc the hard times break ups pet deaths and her own romantic relationships Sue is an incredibly funny woman and also incredibly relatable and she is perfect for narrating audiobooks I loved all of her different voices and impressions she did of people and the chapter on the Bake Off itself was brilliantIf you're a fan of Sue Perkins andor memoirs this is a great one to pick up But obviously get it on audiobook you won't regret it

  5. Jessica (Jess Hearts Books) Jessica (Jess Hearts Books) says:

    Sue Perkins is one of my favourite celebrities She comes across as intelligent funny kind and like someone who has endless fascinating stories to share I’m not usually interested in celebrity memoirs or autobiographies but was sold on the audiobook version of this with it being narrated by Sue Perkins herselfSue’s narration brings this audiobook to life Listening to her stories is like going to the pub with an old friend for a catch up I listened to this audiobook whilst doing chores and getting ready in the mornings and it made those mundane tasks so much bearable Not many people can make me laugh out loud at 7am on a Monday morning but Sue Perkins did Not many people can make me cry whilst putting my mascara on but Sue Perkins didThis book covers cake travel dogs lesbianism comedy friendship family and feminism all delivered in Sue's trademark humorous warm and intelligent narrative What's not to love?

  6. Emer (A Little Haze) Emer (A Little Haze) says:

    I have always enjoyed the humour and wit of the UK comedy duo Mel and Sue I'm also a big fan of 'The Great British Bake Off' the BBC tv show that these two co present Since hearing about how they are leaving that show behind I felt a need to bookend this chapter of my TV viewing life with this memoir written by Sue I have always loved Sue She's warm witty self deprecating and just generally lovely And this memoir proved that I was right in thinking all of those things as it was filled with warm and witty humour plenty of self deprecating anecdotes and just Sue's honest to goodness loveliness These are two of my favourite passages from the book Sometimes we don’t want to be tethered to yesterday It’s nicer to forget Maybe the gaps in our memory are there for a reason evolutionary perhaps to give us the space to grow to get away from childishness or childish things Or maybe it’s so we have the chance to invent or at least include some magic in our yesterdays Surely the consolation of getting older of moving away from youth is that we can shape our past to our fantasies So even if the present isn’t going the way we want it we can stand back and remember our earlier selves as exciting and funny and daringRegarding the birth of Mel's first baby Once mother and baby were back at home later that night I dropped round We lay on the bed on a bedspread made by my mum for Mel’s thirtieth We’d lain there a million times –laughing and gossiping –but this time instead of talking we were silent in a kind of awe at the little thing she had created Mel bent her head forward and lightly touched her daughter’s nose with her own and I watched her watching her child She’s done it I thought this friend of mine She’s crossed the Rubicon She’s gone somewhere I can never go somewhere beyond the reach of my understanding or experience We’ve gone everywhere hand in hand together But I can’t go here Not here I can’t go here with you and share it It was one of the most beautiful and painful experiences of my life that hour on the bed with my darling mate and her hours old child I could feel that love that transcendent love but as if through glass I could see it but I couldn’t get at it I think that night was perhaps the first time I had to contend with the painful reality of being a grown up –that messy unarticulated feelings stay with you for ever without finding resolution You just live with this unnamed weird stuff We all do So I did what I’d seen proper grown ups do –I swallowed it down all of it took a deep breath and moved onPerhaps this book doesn't truly dig deep into Sue's soul but I don't think she ever intended it to It's still a wonderfully honest and worthwhile read that is immensely enjoyable to any of her fans three stars

  7. Karina Karina says:

    One of the funniest books I've read in ages this is an absolute pleasure that made my workmates check on me on my lunch break I was guffawing so hard Sue is hilarious sharp insightful and never met a cake she could refuseif you enjoy watching her tremendously enjoyable partnership with Mel Giedroyc on the Great British Bake Off you need this book like Mary Berry needs a GT at the end of a long day's feeling of soggy bottoms

  8. Nicky Nicky says:

    Spectacles was kind of fun to read in bits but it felt like it lost direction and momentum rather The bits where Perkins discusses her father are very touching; there are some pithy uotes about looking back on the past and why we like to romanticise it; there’s some funny bits but ultimately I felt rather underwhelmed I feel like it might’ve been fun if delivered by Sue Perkins aloud with her own intonation and style and sense of timing flavouring the words As it is it begins to feel rather flat because the tone is all perky and funny in the same sort of way all the way throughThis is not to say there weren’t bits which were worth it There definitely are like the discussions of her father the section where she has to keep coming out to her grandmother and the death of her dog But the bits about roadtrips for BBC documentaries weren’t so fun and the Bake Off parts weren’t as prevalent as I imagine people would hope I’m devoted to the Sewing Bee possibly because I know about sewing than I do about bakingBut overall underwhelmed is the termOriginally posted here

  9. Katie Katie says:

    Sue in her own voiceIts really good friends in the way that well written and thought out memoirs can be I don’t know if its very Sue ness would come across to the uninitiated but if you are a Sue fan and are looking for stories of her growing up in Croydon or attending Cambridge or breaking into the comedytelevision presenter world then this is your book She’s insightful and honest about her own strengths and weaknesses and you will absolutely fall in love with her parents She uses her wit and comedic skills to unpack the world around her and the way she sees it and asks you to do the same with the world around you Or just think of some really great double entendres full review

  10. Malin Malin says:

    This was fantastic I cried I laughed I cried again Loved it

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