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Sniffing Out a Crime (An Art Detective Dog Lovers Short Story #1) ❰Reading❯ ➶ Sniffing Out a Crime (An Art Detective Dog Lovers Short Story #1) Author Lisa Shea – Cindy Lange's heart lay in shattered pieces A fluke Google search revealed that her partner of seven years Diana had traded her in for a newer younger model Seeking to retreat from her grief Cindy sig Cindy Lange's heart lay in shattered pieces A fluke Google search revealed that her partner of seven years Diana had traded her in for a Sniffing Out Kindle - newer younger model Seeking to retreat from her grief Cindy signed up to be a dog foster mommy Duke an elderly basset hound was just the salve she needed to soothe her jagged wounds His big soulful eyes reminded her that life offered much to appreciate Every new rose bush held beneath it the hope of a playful chipmunk or elusive acornAnd then strolling with Duke along a sunny bike path Cindy got the call that lifted her spirits The Worcester Art Museum needed her help At long last her dreams of becoming an art detective were coming trueBut could Cindy shake off the shadowy tendrils of her failed relationship to focus on her very first case Sniffing Out a Crime is the first book in the Dog Fosterer Museum Mysteries series These short stories are about pages each and feature museums of all shapes and sizes Author Lisa Shea goes to each museum personally to write up its sights sounds and exhibits That way you the reader can take a virtual vacation to these museums Visit Lisa's webpages to see photos and write ups of the museums All of the Dog Fosterer Museum Mysteries series contain no violence no swearing and no intimacy so they are suitable for teens and up You can read the books one by one as they are released or you can wait for the boxed sets to be published once the series gets enough books in it It's your choiceA portion of all proceeds benefits battered women's shelters.

10 thoughts on “Sniffing Out a Crime (An Art Detective Dog Lovers Short Story #1)

  1. Heather Heather says:

    Needs some workI understand the idea is to keep these short and I'm pretty sure I got this free so I really can't complain too much but there wasn't a lot to stand on The story was weirdly repetitive and the mystery wasn't terribly mysterious The way she kept bringing up Duke and Diana was kind of strange too Even though it was so short I really struggled finishing it That being said I think if time was given to the actual mystery and the writing was polished up it wouldn't be too bad I'd like to know about her relationship with Diana and he rife as a police officer Maybe I could find that in the seuels but I'm really not interested

  2. Sheila Carsins Sheila Carsins says:

    The story was short concise and to the point and a portion of the proceeds goes to the battered women's shelterThere's no lengthy rhetoric or enough time to become bored with the characters or storyline It's short but that can be a definite bonus if you're in the mood for a uick read between chores or while sitting in a waiting room somewhere craving a little bit of literary distraction I enjoyed this short diversion It's amazing how uickly the mystery was solved If the detective in the story gets paid by the hour she's too good to make much profit If she charges a flat fee plus expenses then she's making out like a bandit Either way this was an enjoyable uick read and part of the proceeds from sales go to the battered women's shelter which is a very worthwhile cause Thank you Lisa Shea for a delightfully relaxing break from life's problems

  3. Krystyna Krystyna says:

    The computer glitchA great little read The heroine is down at mouth as her long term partner has traded her in for a newer model However the foster dog she has taken in has given her a much need boost to her flagging spirits As has the reuest from the local museum to look into a case for them Her police experience raises it's head and gives her added impetus to solve the caseSomeone has been taking unauthorised pictures of an item being restored It could only be one of of four interns but which one? Can she use her knowledge to ferret out the guilty?

  4. Janice Janice says:

    Cute short storyThis free e book is a cute short story and worth the read It is the first if a series of short stories and I can see myself reading of the series

  5. Angie Hackett Angie Hackett says:

    Good read This was an interesting read Basic plot and interesting characters This made for light easy reading I think the rest of the series may be just as good

  6. Nicole Nicole says:

    Cute short story

  7. Margaret L. Hedman Margaret L. Hedman says:

    Fun I enjoyed Sniffing Out a Crime Short Sweet Funny And of course a cute dog OK On to the next in the series

  8. Lisa Lisa says:

    Having read Shea's The Lucky Cat Black Cat Vol 1 A Salem Massachusetts Mini Mystery I grabbed this one for kindle too and just got to it Again a very short story but perhaps that's Shea's forte? I wasn't drawn to the protagonist Cindy Lange She's obsessed with her recent break up and she can barely function Thank goodness this was a simple crime mystery lest Lange be too spacey and incompetent to solve it I hope in subseuent books she's all sorted because Shea lays good groundwork for a series of short stories here I was hoping for of the dog though In addition Shea has obviously been to WAM perhaps a few times The recent Higgins acuisitions are mentioned as well they should be HA was awesomeperhaps Shea should set her stories there instead of museumsthey did have that cool suit of dog armor after all

  9. Richard Richard says:

    A great start to a new series of mini mysteries about an art detective who takes in foster dogs I really like the protagonist and all This is one of those stories that grabbed me emotionally from the beginning I mean it hit one of my super soft spots because of the protagonist and her situation; so 5 stars for that Full disclosure I was honored to read it mere days before publication

  10. Crystal Crystal says:

    I really enjoyed this uick mystery It reminded me of the books I read as a teen where the story was uick but your brain is running the whole time trying to figure out who the killer is before you get to the end I admit my brain isn't as fast as it used to be It took me almost to the end to realize who it wasI would love to read in this series

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