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One Dangerous Desire (Accidental Heirs, #3) [Reading] ➷ One Dangerous Desire (Accidental Heirs, #3) ➭ Christy Carlyle – In a bet between two old flames Rex Leighton dominates the boardroom by day and prowls the ballroom at night Searching for the perfect bride to usher him into the aristocracy he abandoned the idea of In a bet between two old flames Rex Leighton dominates the boardroom by day One Dangerous ePUB í and prowls the ballroom at night Searching for the perfect bride to usher him into the aristocracy he abandoned the idea of love the last time he saw the delicious May Sedgwick But when he’s roped into a bet where the prize is the means to fund his greatest ambition and the stakes are a marriage he’s already planning for Rex is willing to go all in There’s just one problem—he’s competing against the only woman he’s ever loved Only love can take it allMay Sedgwick could be the belle of the season if she cared She is interested in the art studio than the marriage market and her craving to pursue her passion far outweighs her wish for a titled husband Winning this bet will finally allow May to follow her true artistic desires Rex losing is just a side benefit as are his breathtaking kisses that she just can’t resistWhen May is forced to choose between the dream she never knew she wanted and the man she’s never been able to forget Rex must convince her desire is worth a bit of danger.

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  1. Jen Davis Jen Davis says:

    This is my second stab at Christy Carlyle’s Accidental Heirs series and while this book is definitely an improvement over the first I can’t say that it was better than ok There’s not necessarily anything terrible about the book but neither is there anything exceptional It’s just kind of superficially entertaining but without any real emotion or surprisesMay and Rex are both Americans living in London Both are in search of a marriage partner from the nobility And both have enough money to be a sought after match The thing is these two were once very much in love and neither has gotten completely over the other in the six years they have been apart Rex went by Reg back in New York; he was a poor shopkeeper and a completely unsuitable match for the young heiress he wanted a life with Unfortunately her father made that all too clear He threatened to have Rex thrown in jail if he ran away with MayNow of course money is no object for Rex But he wants to marry into the peerage to help give his business ventures support May needs to marry a titled gentleman to help save her father’s business But when these two cross paths again there really is no chance that they’ll end up anywhere but with each other Yes there are other people they court but it’s half hearted at best It’s a uestion of whether they listen to their hearts or their heads and it’s not really a uestion at allSo here’s the thing these two meant so much to each other that the love is still there SIX YEARS later Rex stood May up without a word when they were supposed to go make a life Yet the angst is barely there May hardly holds on to any ill will towards Rex and then when she finds out her dad’s hand in it all it’s even less of a thing Where is the passion? The heartache? Where is the pining and the teeth gnashing? Not here It all just kind of works outThere’s a blip of an external threat but it’s such a small threat it left me wondering what was the point? Everything resolves so easily from the romance to the “danger;” from the other people these two were supposed to marry to her father just everything turns out the way they want it to Don’t get me wrong I want a happy ending I just didn’t feel like we worked for it so it didn’t feel all that gratifyingIt was ok but I don’t think I’ll read from this author againRating CC ARC provided by Avon

  2. Amanda Amanda says:

    Two ambitious Americans one an artist and the other a self made man with a romantic past reuniting in Victorian London should’ve been a great premise but in this case at least it fell way below expectations Between the molasses slow pacing and eye rolling drama involving both leads’ fathers I was less than impressed with One Dangerous DesireAlthough Christy Carlyle usually manages to create potent intimacy between her couples I didn’t feel any of that magic between Rex and May Perhaps there had been hints of chemistry at the beginning but it all fell away soon after mainly because of the hero’s own stupidity Besides constantly playing ping pong with May’s emotions he also kept walking away from her time and time again which in my opinion made him as unworthy of her as he so often claimed to be No one likes spineless heroes Rex This went on right up until the end until May finally had to take charge since Rex refused to do so which I’ll admit was pretty awesome because SHE was awesome and deserved better than a jellyfish for a man But in all honestly I didn’t even care if these two ended up together and that’s always the worst feeling in the world when reading a romance novel

  3. Sissy& Sissy& says:

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review'One Dangerous Desire' by Christy Carlyle is book three in the Accidental Heirs series I have read the other books in this series but I do feel this is a standalone bookso don't worry if you are jumping around in the series This is the story of Rex Leighton and May Sedgwick Rex once was an poor American who knew May when she was above him in the social status But Rex and May thought to marry and they were going to run away together But May thought Rex hadn't shown up for their 'running away' night Rex had moved to England about six years ago and has made a name for himself and is now rich Rex still can't break into English society and is still somewhat 'snubbed' So Rex thinks to marry a English Lady like Lady Emily Lady Emily is single and her father is a Duke But Rex finds out that Lady Emily is friends with May who also has come to England May's mother had always wanted her to marry a English noblemanso that is why May is in town May is in shock when she first sees him and is angry that he didn't show up that night May tries not to have anything to do with him Rex is fighting his feelings for May Can May get over his betrayal? Will Rex come to know that love is important than social status climbing?Please follow reviews at the below sites

  4. Erica Chilson Erica Chilson says:

    I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads4 banterific stars Rex is an American who came to his mother's homeland six years ago to start a different life for himself After struggling to survive in an orphanage and on the streets of NYC Rex is a self made man Changing his name leaving everything behind he amasses great wealth but now he needs to marry a titled women who could gain him access to investors May is her father's daughter determined and fiscally minded She moved to London from NYC a year ago to make a titled match after being left behind six years ago by her one true love With it just May and her father both wish to uphold her mother's dream for her daughter to be titled even if the daughter would rather be a businesswoman insteadOne Dangerous Desire is how May and Rex both need something the other can't provide but can't seem to pull themselves away from the other Christy Carlyle is a new to me author and I found her pacing swift the flow of her words fluid and the story enjoyable May and Rex played off each other well push pull romance filled with banter and longing The author plucked the heartstrings a few times had me smiling with the warm and fuzzy blushing with the steamy scenes and laughing unexpectedlyWhile the scenes moved rather uickly to the next there was some redundancy as it felt drawn out the initial plot to the point the reader knew the conclusion but the hero and heroine weren't getting there fast enough The plot couldn't support the page length But near the last uarter new elements of conflict were introduced to add an exciting level of angst and I breezed right straight through to the end and enjoyed every moment of it Recommended for fans of the modern writing style of historical romance Will I read by this author or continue with this series? Yes absolutely I'm interested in what comes next As this was my first read by the author and it was the 3rd in the series I plan to backtrack and read books 1 2 in my downtime

  5. Jenny Q Jenny Q says:

    35 Stars I was drawn to One Dangerous Desire for several reasons it takes place in the late Victorian period it features Americans in London and the hero and heroine are competing against each other to win a bet May Sedgwick daughter of an American department store baron came to London for one purpose to find a titled husband But raised in her father's business world she also has dreams of running her own business one day A talented artist May has a passion for interior design but it's unlikely any English husband would approve of his wife in trade However opportunity comes her way in the form of her best friend's father the Duke of Ashworth who is thinking about redecorating his Mayfair mansion and is willing to consider May for the job But there's someone else angling for his patronage self made tycoon Rex Leighton who dreams of building the grandest hotel in London and needs Ashworth's investment to make it a realityMay is shocked to see her first love in London the young clerk who abandoned her and broke her heart six years ago in New York Rex knew May was in London but he vowed to stay away from her believing himself to be unworthy of her affection and not wanting to interfere with her future But neither is prepared for the rush of feelings that accompany their reacuaintance The duke being a bit of a romantic and a trickster and sensing something between May and Rex offers them a chance to compete for his patronage Knowing that both are seeking titled spouses to further their positions in society he challenges them to find their future mates and the first one who does wins the bet Both May and Rex have prospects in mind but over the course of the next few weeks seeing each other at every social function on the arms of others makes them realize that after all these years they still only have eyes for each other May finally learns the reason Rex left her behind and comes to understand the demons from his childhood that drive his ambition and Rex recognizes May's talent and applauds her dreams for a career of her own But before they can act on their feelings for one another they have to reevaluate the futures they've chosen for themselves and determine what's most important to them Do they stick with their sensible plans or take a chance on love?This was my first time reading Christy Carlyle and I was very impressed with the writing and the dimensional intriguing characters including several secondary characters whom I'm hoping will feature in future books But the story itself fell a bit short for me From the description I was really looking forward to a battle of wills where Rex and May would try to out do each other in a game of one uppance as they battled to win the bet But since it turns out that to win the bet all one of them has to do is get engaged before the other that intense competition doesn't happen especially since neither of them really wants to be with anyone else anyway I also expected their reunion to take a bit longer Six years apart is a long time and while the author does a good job of letting us see glimpses of the past and the young love they shared I expected May to put up of a fight when the man who broke her heart suddenly reappears and wants another chance There are a couple of subplots involving their fathers and their attempts to use their children for their own gain but overall I found the story to be a little plain and ho hum But I give the story big props for its business minded slant for endearing characters and for a sweet epilogue that left me with a big smile on my face This review was originally posted to Romantic Historical Reviews

  6. Becky Becky says:

    My first book by this author but definitely not my lastI really liked Rex and May and their second chance romance It takes place just before the turn of the twentieth century which was a nice change of pace Rex wanting to electrify the entire hotel he wanted to build was just such a neat detail and totally reminded me of Maggie Smith's Dowager Countess shielding herself from the abominations her son had recently installed in Downton Abbey LOL May's a department store heiress like Cora she's being pursued for her dowry by ever impoverished nobleman but she's reached the point where she'd just as soon pursue her own interests interior design she's even contemplating starting her own business as wed especially when love isn't thereNot that she trusts love because it's burned her before She's looking at you Reg Er Rex But then her father's business associateright hand man comes for a visit dropping a proverbial bomb and suddenly marriage becomes a necessity Because fate or Ms Carlyle has a devious sense of humor soon afterwards May finds out that that man who broke her heart six year ago? Yeah he's here In London And also looking to marry someone who has a position in London society that can benefit his new hotel Not a fellow American who's looked down on for her American ness and whose father hates himBut of course as soon as they're in a room together the sparks are still flying as crazily as ever which is most inconvenient for them both And then there's the betActually this book almost felt like a two parter part one being the angsty bet one where they sniped a bit at each other and each had to witness the other spending time than was comfortable with prospective titled spouses who happened to be brother and sister to add even drama to it all And then the second part was after they both chucked their prospectives to the curb and gave in to what had been simmering between them for than six yearsonly to have both of their families throw up obstacles You gotta know that when the hero and heroine declare love and intend to wed at just a little past 50% in that something major's going to get in their way soon their HEA still has a while to goWhich for all its frustration is a good thing Because the rest of the story was well uite a story There were gasps of surprise going on over here While my daughter was driving Sorry honeyWhile this is third in the series it worked just fine as a standalone The couple from the first book were mentioned mainly because he was the nobleman that May originally intended to marry plus Rex knew him from business dealings but other than that this one was fairly self contained I've of course added 1 and 2 to my TBR One Scandalous Kiss and One Tempting Proposal and am daring to hope that May's good friend Lady Emily will be getting her own story in the not too distant futureRating 4 starsA I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review

  7. Liana Liana says:

    I was introduced to Christy Carlyle’s writing in her first Accidental Heirs novel One Scandalous Kiss and have been hooked on her deft witty storytelling and lovely prose since Both are on full display in her latest novel and the final book in the Accidental Heirs series One Dangerous Desire She takes the reunited lovers trope throws in a winner takes all wager and adds a dash of danger to create a story full of steamy romance thrilling intrigue and a satisfying happily ever afterRex Leighton has remade himself from a NY street urchin who struggled to survive after his mother’s early death into a powerful entrepreneur who’s determined to build London’s first electric powered hotel The project is inspired by his mother’s memory and he intends for it to be the pinnacle of his career – apply naming the hotel The Pinnacle But to fund the hotel he needs wealthy investors namely the wily Duke of Ashworth The duke agrees to invest but only if Rex marries an aristocratbefore May SedgwickMay is an American heiress who’s passionate about her art and longs to channel her talent into a career Her father the wealthy owner of Sedgwick’s department stores would rather she marry a titled peer and gifts her with an enormous dowry that attracts the eye of every cash strapped aristocrat in England When the Duke of Ashworth agrees to allow her to redecorate his London townhome if she marries a peer before Rex she’s acceptseven though Rex was her first love who left her six years prior Watching Rex and May fight for what they want even as they battle their rekindled feelings for each other was enjoyable The threat Rex’s past introduced to the storyline brought the intrigue and excitement to the next level making Rex and May’s hard won HEA immensely gratifying It’s books like One Dangerous Desire that have made Christy Carlyle an auto buy author for me

  8. Angela Withrow TheArdentReader Angela Withrow TheArdentReader says:

    Mr Rex Leighton has a head for business He is making great strides in London He would be doing better if he could marry into the ton These men hold all the cards and the capital to invest in his newest ventureSo he throws himself into the Marriage Mart Miss May Sedgwick has a head for art and decorating She is an intelligent woman but she also desires a match within the aristocracyShe is pursuing that end when she meets Mr Leighton again They have a history that is neither in the past nor is it long overThis story was a very uick read for me I could not put it down Miss May was an intriguing character strong but not when it comes to some gentlemen Her father for oneHe is very possessive and thinks he knows what is best so she tries to accommodate him Sometimes love gets in the wayMr Leighton was a hard man to understand at first but the you learn of his history you totally understand him and his actionsThe writing was wonderful and the scenes and secondary characters make this book really a lively readI found myself hurrying to see what happened next The moral of this story is be careful what you wish for you just might get it45 stars for meI received a copy of this book in exchange for my review from the publisher

  9. Kelly The Sassy Book Lover Kelly The Sassy Book Lover says:

    I received a copy from the author for an honest review This was a bit different from the books I usually read but I really liked it I was thrown off at first because they are both American building a hotel and talk of electricity but once I got into it it was greatRex had me from the moment we meet Charlie It showed that he wasn't going to be the typical tough hero even with his background of being raised in an orphanage and living on the streets of New York His past doesn't get in his and he doesn't keep many secretsMay was a breath of fresh air when it comes to heroines Her love of design and whole personality is wonderful She doesn't shy away from anything and does what she has to when it come to protecting the people she loves even if the choice is shocking to someEverything in the story was great It was a bit slow at the beginning for me but I wasn't expecting the twists that happened throughout the book Just when I thought I knew what would happen next something else would pop up from people from the past to offers and choices that had to be made I also loved Rex's housekeeper Mrs Hark Sullivan and Lady Emily I would love read about them

  10. Sandra Sandra says:

    Each book in this series is better than the one before Rex and May both Americans with a past find themselves in London both wanting to make a match among the peerage but can't seem to let go of their mutual attraction and the love they once shared which is at war with their individual ambitions They enter into a ridiculous wager posed by a benefactor the first one betrothed wins his support Trouble is they are just not that into the people they are courting and find themselves thrown together time and again It isn't until they both realize they'd rather have each other than win the wager that they find their happy ending

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