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  1. Stef Rozitis Stef Rozitis says:

    Do you remember that feeling you had as a child reading Narnia? That exultant feeling of being in a word far divorced from reality where good overcomes evil and the good guys have a beautiful and trusting harmony with each other I had that feeling with this book Even though each of the children turns out to have some kind mentor adults who would step in to rescue them in some ways a cop out by Forsyth for one reason after another the children do not get to take a step back and let the adults handle itThis book is pure action fantastic swords and sorcery style action with cooperative rhythms between the four and their allies such as Jack who I would have like to have seen even of I could pick the lack of realism to bits but I think that would be missing the point of what was a fast paced and positively cast end to the impossible uest Much as I like brevity however I still wonder if the whole uest would have been better as one book But it was worth a read in either case

  2. Aj Aj says:

    The concluding book of the series Of the 5 books this was the least well written It felt rushed and trite Overall I enjoyed the series and liked the characters

  3. Cyndy Cyndy says:

    My nine year old son and I just finished reading this series together We really enjoyed the last book We were left wanting to read about the main characters Tom Elanor Sebastian and uinn We want to know where they are now and what their lives look like after this impossible uest

  4. Tirzah Tirzah says:

    I enjoyed the last installment to this series I liked how the foursome worked with their fellow beasts for one last battle I liked how the characters got over their insecurities and focused on their strengths to get them through hard times However I was disappointed how rushed the ending seemed view spoilerWe learn that Tom is knighted the evil go to Stormness for justice but what about uinn? She may or may not reclaim the throne? Do the beasts stay with them? Who did Sebastian like? hide spoiler

  5. Leigh Leigh says:

    Review to follow for all 5 books

  6. Skye Skye says:

    This is a great ending to a really fantastic series It ties up all of the lose ends and follows the same level of cuteness that I’ve loved throughout the rest of the storyline Yet where most of the finales I’ve read have involved a lot of exposition to tie up all of the lose ends this ending doesn’t The vast majority of this story is taken up by the battleBattles are hectic chaotic beasts Forsyth is able to describe this perfectly by continuously jumping between her four leads You never get a full sense of what is happening to them and follow an incredibly jumpy timeline Which of course adds to the stress and wonder at what’s happening and makes it far difficult to put down the book Every time I think that I’m getting a handle on what is happening to one character it jumps to anotherThe four heroes that have been the goal throughout the entire story are finally revived but they’re barely viewed throughout Which works well Although the adults are supposed to be the “heroes” it is the four children that the story revolves around that are truly important And the parts that they accomplish throughout the final fight which really help to win the dayI love this final book and I loved this whole series It is just so easy cute and fun And a great reminder that different types of people are able to save the day no matter what form they take and how old they are

  7. Olivia Ganzenmuller Olivia Ganzenmuller says:

    Battle of The Heroes Lower middle grade Fantasy Action Battles Adventure Multiple perspectives uests Friendships Animal companions Unicorn Griffin Dragon Sea Serpent Wolves Witches Magic Heroes Good vs Evil This was a very good final for the whole series My only complaint is that it ends as uickly as the others and at the end view spoiler there this bizarre celebration that kind of possesses everyone hide spoiler

  8. Bethany Bethany says:

    I absolutely devoured this series and have thoroughly enjoyed reading it In fact I bought it for my son and he was not interested I started to read it in the hopes of getting him excited about it which worked but I was surprised at how much I thoroughly enjoyed the series I SO wish this series was written for young adults with details and with a thorough storyline I was a little let down by the final battle It seemed like it was over so uick and it felt so anti climactic I was disappointed I also feel like I was left hanging I want to know what happens next in the storyThere is so much of this story left

  9. Scott Scott says:

    Exciting ending to this well done series for young readers Almost non stop action but character development is seamlessly blended in The ending seemed a little rushed and left a few loose ends than I was expecting which left me wondering whether the author is planning another seuel Without giving spoilers a major plot point is resolved in a way that is predictable yet surprisingand for me not entirely satisfying Still I liked it a great deal overall and so did my son who recommended it to me

  10. Brooke Starling Brooke Starling says:

    Read to the kids This was the fifth and last book in the series It was pretty good until the end It felt like it was battle battle battle then uick resolution that didn’t really explain what happened It was so uick my son said “ it feels like a book someone tried to finish writing at midnight” By which I think he meant the conclusion wasn’t clear?? Maybe we need to reread the last two chapters It was still good overall I would recommend the series to kids who like adventure and fantasy books Plus the deep friendship and respect the 4 main characters developed was nice

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Battle of the Heroes The Impossible uest #5 ❴PDF / Epub❵ ✅ Battle of the Heroes The Impossible uest #5 Author Kate Forsyth – Do not lose faith Remember the words of the story remember the words of the spelluinn Sebastian Elanor and Tom have defeated the black witch Githa and found the last crucial piece of the prophecy — Do not lose the Heroes PDF/EPUB ¼ faith Remember the words of the story remember the words of the spelluinn Sebastian Elanor and Tom have defeated the black witch Githa and found the last crucial piece of the prophecy — the sea serpent’s scale Back now at Wolfhaven they search desperately Battle of MOBI :Ê through the castle crypts for the sleeping heroes who they hope will save them all before the dark moon rises and they lose everything.

  • Paperback
  • 188 pages
  • Battle of the Heroes The Impossible uest #5
  • Kate Forsyth
  • English
  • 07 December 2016

About the Author: Kate Forsyth

Kate Forsyth wrote the Heroes PDF/EPUB ¼ her first novel at the age of seven and is now the internationally bestselling author of books for both adults and children Her books for adults include 'Beauty in Thorns' the true love story behind a famous painting of 'Sleeping Beauty'; 'The Beast's Battle of MOBI :Ê Garden' a retelling of the Grimm version of 'Beauty the Beast' set in the German underground resistance to Hitler in WW.