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Breathless Series Box Set (Breathless #1-5) [Reading] ➿ Breathless Series Box Set (Breathless #1-5) ➶ Claire Adams – Get the Breathless Series Box Set for a limited time Becky plans to go to college and get good grades but when she meets the best hockey player on the college team she can't help but be instantly attr Get the Breathless Series Box Set for a limited time Becky plans to go to college and get good grades but when she meets the best hockey player on the college team she can't help but be instantly attracted to him She doesn't usually get guys like him though so she tries to ignore her feelings until he's constantly around everywhere she turns Johnny is super hot and dangerous Once he sets his eyes on a girl he Breathless Series eBook » pursues her until he gets what he wants the girl in his bed But Becky is something much However Johnny's dangerous past may ruin any chance of a happy ever after This sexy steamy bad boy romance is perfect for fans of Joanna Blake Devon Hartford Sabrina Paige and Dani Wyatt.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 404 pages
  • Breathless Series Box Set (Breathless #1-5)
  • Claire Adams
  • English
  • 06 February 2014

10 thoughts on “Breathless Series Box Set (Breathless #1-5)

  1. Reader Reader says:

    Becky is a freshman at college not the one her very rich parents want her to go to But this college is farther from home and their overbearing presence especially Becky's motherAlmost immediately Becky meets campus bad boy Johhny the star hockey player I love sports romances but I didn't love this at all I hated Becky she got on my nerves For instance the first time she meets Johnny he says hi in her mind she's already got them in a deep meaningful relationship so when the next day she's sees him in the dinning hall talking to another girl she has to leave before she makes a scene Then there's her internal monologues that take up over half the book there's not enough dialogue between her and Johnny There's something that happened in Johnny's past that comes to light bit by bit but Becky goes totally overboard with everything in her mind she's already got him down as some sort of axe murderer but hey that doesn't stop her from having sex with him I found her to be a total nut job But my rating is mostly for Becky's crazy thoughts that went on and on

  2. Karen Karen says:

    Becky and JohnnyShe was just starting her freshman year at college The hottest guy in school became interested in her He was also on the school's hockey team and in a fratWhy 2 stars? I had to stop reading There wasn't a whole lot of dialogue between the characters because Becky was always thinking I mean whole pages and pages of inner dialogue It was exhausting I started skipping pages because it was the same over and over again Not to mention she slept with him right away so there was no chase or sexual tension I couldn't hack it I probably won't read the author's other stories

  3. Christine Christine says:

    This wasn't bad per say The story itself was entertaining but interactions between characters were a bit awkward and the situations were far fetched There was this weird angst thrown in that threw me off Had the author left the mystery of Claire for what it was I would've been fine But the author added in this odd ending that just didn't make sense view spoilerIf new evidence was found to link Johnny to the crime why wasn't he ever arrested? hide spoiler

  4. Jana Jana says:

    Not very well researchedIt was written with good grammar and a decent plot but in a few ways it fell really short For instance when talking about the hockey game in one scene she says it has 4 uarters In another 3 periods really this is correctSpoiler alert below The other thing that bothered me was that a press conference about an event was what ended the case but only the police can end an investigation Just because the press believes someone's statement didn't mean they are cleared from the charges

  5. Mary Winstead Mary Winstead says:

    Becky is a rich girl starting college Her parents want her to date rich guys Sowhen Becky accidentally bumps in to the hottest hockey player named Johnny on campus things are looking up for Becky Johnny is a frat boy With a brutal past When the past comes up on them can Becky and Johnny get through it Great book must read

  6. pamela d bryant pamela d bryant says:

    AlrightI chose this rating because their was a lot of repetition in some of the chapters I loved the characters though Johnny was going though a lot at his young age Eventually thought his young lady came to her good sense to believe him and she stick by her man

  7. Irene Marshall Irene Marshall says:

    Weak storylineFound this somewhat boring and feel that this may only be interesting to a eighteen to early twenties age group College stories really don't appeal and I found the writing lacked any dynamism would not recommend this

  8. Rachel Rachel says:

    Loved itOh my gosh Claire Adams this is my serving series by you I'm positive it will be my favorite even after I've read all the others Loved Johnny and Becky's story

  9. lisamariewilsher lisamariewilsher says:

    Banging book It was a bit of a boring to start of with but it got really good as I got in to the book loved it in the end

  10. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Leaves you BreathlessI Loved the book I could not put it down It kept me wanting the entire time Great read

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