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The South African Gandhi [Reading] ➶ The South African Gandhi Author Ashwin Desai – In the pantheon of global liberation heroes Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi has pride of place Leaders like Mandela have lauded him as being part of the epic battle to defeat the white regime and prepare t In the pantheon of global liberation heroes Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi has pride of place Leaders like Mandela have lauded him as being part of the epic battle to defeat the white regime and prepare the way for a non racial country A The South PDF \ popular sentiment in South Africa goes ‘India gave us Mohandas and we returned him to you as Mahatma’ Against this background The South African Gandhi Stretcher Bearer of Empire unravels the complex story of a man who throughout his stay on African soil – remained true to Empire while expressing disdain for Africans For Gandhi whites and Indians were bound by an Aryan bloodline that had no place for the African His racism was matched by his class and caste prejudice towards the Indian indentured He persistently claimed that they were ignorant and needed his leadership and wrote their struggles out of history—struggles this book documents The authors show that Gandhi never missed an opportunity to demonstrate his loyalty to Empire with a particular penchant for war He served as stretcher bearer in the war between Brit and Boer demanded that Indians be allowed to carry fire arms and recruited volunteers for the imperial army in both England and India during the First World War.

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  1. Brad Jenkins Brad Jenkins says:

    Many people will take this book as a scathing review of Ghandi's whitewashed past pun intended but it's so much than that What this book shows is that NOBODY is perfect no matter how infallible they appear Once we can actually grasp that concept we will stop holding certain people to such a high degreeabove everybody else Ghandi did a lot of good for the Indian people throughout his entire lifethere's no argument there The problem is when you go back to his time in South Africa when he had a chance to throw his support behind the native people help pull them out of the depths of English persecutionhe refused Ghandi actually went out of his way to distance Indians from Africans using the argument that only Indian English should be on eual standing With this stance Ghandi was shoehorned into supporting the whitewashing of South Africa At times he was forced into this thinking but most of the time he was a willing participant Does this make Ghandi a bad person? Does this diminish the accomplishments he made later in life? Does this mean we must rethink Mahatma Ghandi the person? After reading this book I can give you an uneuivocal vote of confidence in the negative to all of those uestions Ghandi was a great man I will never take that away from himbut he wasn't perfect Nobody is

  2. Abid Alrahman Abid Alrahman says:

    The book discusses Gandhi's life mainly in South Africa It overturns the false narrative of his saintly character They trace him through the thick and thin Through the war and genocide of the Boer war the ill fated Bambatha Revolution and many other important episodes which Gandhi witnessed commented upon and in some cases took part It navigates through Gandhi's books and the newspaper which Gandhi founded An incisive book which I highly recommend the book though what you'll read will sadden you

  3. Asad Qureshi Asad Qureshi says:

    this book has been an eye opener All the lies that we had been taught at school Also the blatant racist and casteist mindset of the Mahatma has been exposed with verifiable references To summarize he was not a saint by any stretch of imagination Just a British subject who thought that Indians and Europeans have common ancestry and hence supreme than others At most he was just an ordinary politicianOur era should be known as the era of lies He was such a hyprocrite that his writing in Gujarati would be totally tuned for the so called higher castes in India And his english work was just to show him as a saint to the western world What a shame And we call him the FOTN No wonder we are so corrupt

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