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Forgotten Places [PDF] ❤ Forgotten Places ✮ Nick Lloyd – A guide to Barcelona in the Spanish Civil War beginning in the 19th century with the conditions and movements which led to the revolution of 1936 and ending with the fall of the city on 26th January 1 A guide to Barcelona in the Spanish Civil War beginning in the th century with the conditions and movements which led to the revolution of and ending with the fall of the city on th January when Franco's tanks drove down the Diagonal and set about destroying everything the Republic had built Stories from the aftermath of the war the exile and the Franco regime are also includedIn addition with dealing with the obvious themes such as anarchism the Spanish Republic Catalonia George Orwell the aerial bombing and the May Days etc the book also looks at themes such as the Zoo during the Civil War the American Sixth Fleet in the city Barça urbanism Nazis in Barcelona Robert Capa the Spanish in the Holocaust poster art Intertwined in the text are contemporary uotes and a few personal stories of people I have met who experienced the war or its aftermath There are also biographies of characters such as Andreu Nin and Lluís Companys.

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  1. Cold War Conversations Podcast Cold War Conversations Podcast says:

    A must read for anyone visiting BarcelonaNick Lloyd has produced a brilliant account of a fascinating city and an even fascinating period of political and social upheaval Nick’s book is an expansion of the walking tours he provides and gives far detail than you could pick up in one of his excellent 4 hour tours By the way I highly recommend the tours if you are in the city even if you’ve read his bookHis knowledge of the period and the political factions is extensive and he explains in a very readable style the background behind these causes of conflict that makes the history easy to follow but not too simplifiedWhilst the book is a history lesson in itself it also allows the reader to explore locations from rare Republican street signs that were all but obliterated after Franco’s victory to bullet holes and bomb damage that still scar the city today Throughout the book are fascinating stories of individuals and locations that he has picked up from his 20 years residence in the city Did you know that Popeye was used as a mascot of the anarchists?A must read for anyone visiting Barcelona and a uniue record of the first and only modern city in the world to have anarchists in its government and also one of the first cities to be area bombed from the air

  2. Jose Miguel Jose Miguel says:

    A great read for anyone interested in one of the most important moments in modern history the Spanish Civil War and in the city of Barcelona The author gives one of the best summaries I’ve read on the events leading up to the conflict avoiding heavy and lengthy details on the complexities and presenting the facts in short sections easy to read through The second part of the book focuses on locations across the centre of Barcelona were these events unfoldedScholars on the ideological geographical and social complexities of Spain in the ‘30s may find it too simplified and superficial but the intention of the book is to provide a different and historical vision of Barcelona beyond the present day top tourist destination focusing on the moment of history that changed the city Catalonia and Spain forever

  3. Oliver Oliver says:

    Fascinating and comprehensive I've read a few books on the civil war now and this has set the context to the Barcelona troubles perfectly Time to reread Homage to Catalonia with a new foundation to work from Wicked book

  4. Tango Dancer Tango Dancer says:

    An excellent book on the CSW From the viewpoint of Barcelona the CSW is brought to life The idealism tragedy and savagery of that period is evoked by an excellent writing style; which makes this book very readable

  5. Zeke Jakub Zeke Jakub says:

    Great historyA great review of the Spanish civil war and anarchist movement in Spain Highly informative and educational Enjoyed it immensely

  6. Frederick Bingham Frederick Bingham says:

    This is a thoroughly researched guide to Spanish Civil War Barcelona The book gives details of what happened at crucial moments in the war along with a detailed chronology of events There are lengthy stories of such important characters as Buenaventura Durruti Lluis Companys Andreu Nin Francesc Boix and George Orwell The Civil War was an important moment in 20th century history and a precursor to the much wider and destructive war to come Many of the wounds of the war and the Franco period that followed it are still festering in the body politic of the country today The book's connection between physical places such as buildings and suares to people and events is very coolI wish the book had a better ie any index

  7. Linda Kehm Linda Kehm says:

    Somewhat dry but extremely informative with broad vision of the Spanish Civil War

  8. Miquixote Miquixote says:

    The best travel guide I have ever read Not afraid to get political Because everything is political boys and girls

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