Emergency Poet Kindle Ê Hardcover

  • Hardcover
  • 192 pages
  • Emergency Poet
  • Deborah Alma
  • English
  • 19 August 2016

10 thoughts on “Emergency Poet

  1. Dane Cobain Dane Cobain says:

    I’ve already read one of these mini collections of poetry from Deborah Alma the emergency poet and so I kind of knew what I was in for Alma does a great job of pulling together a huge variety of both classic and contemporary poetry and the result is this stunning little hardback collection that’s so aesthetically pleasing you won’t want to put it downI also like how Alma includes some further recommended reading at the end as well as the fact that one of the poems she recommended was by Charles Bukowski But I also found a bunch of classic poems that I now want to memorise including one that it turns out my granddad also knows – and he’s a working class dude from a small town I can’t vouch for whether these poems actually help you to beat stress but I will say that I enjoyed reading it and would read in this series if and when they came out So yeah

  2. Jule Jule says:

    Ah poetry Whether short or endless poignant or round about obvious or puzzling it is certainly a joy to read I have recently fallen in love with poetry again and this is a good collection Sorted by topics these poems address topics like grief hope and courage and mean to help with these different emotions The poems Deborah Alma collected show a wide variety across centuries and continents and there ought to be one poem per category at least that makes you go Wow Of course collections are always a mixed bag so there will be some less great poems in there for you as well For me personally it was the Bible passages Though there were only two or three of them and I do not mean to insult Christianity but I think they simple have no place in a collection of poetry Overall this is a great book though Most of the poems are short and rather obvious which makes this a great gift for a poetry grump as well Maybe they will fall in love with the genre too

  3. Julia Julia says:

    I am generally not a big fan of poetry anthologies having often bought them in the past and found them lacking I picked this one up in my local Waterstones partly because I liked the cover and partly because I had visited The Emergency Poet at a poetry festival and she had prescribed me two excellent poems I was not intending to buy it at all just to have a look I then decided to buy it intending to give it as a present as it is a beautiful thing but when it came to it I found that I couldn't part with it The poetry selections are excellent I am familiar with uite a few of them as I use them in teaching but it is rare to open an anthology and like pretty much every poem

  4. Anne Brooke Anne Brooke says:

    This is a gorgeous selection of poetry and I thoroughly enjoyed it Some poems were old friends and it was a pleasure to reacuaint myself with them; other poems were totally new and I am adding these poets to my reading list I love the way the poems are gathered into key themes as this is very helpful if you want something for a particular crisis occasion I thoroughly recommend this book

  5. Melissa Melissa says:

    These poems really helped me get through my exam period They are uplifting interesting and make you stop and think One of my favourite poems was Postscript by Seamus Heaney

  6. Maria Maria says:

    While I must confess I much rather preferred the list of further suggestions at the end of the book Wild Geese by Mary Oliver being one of my favorites I still believe that The Emergency Poet is uite an extraordinary ideaEach section focusing on a particular malady the remedies come in many different flavors and forms I would say that there is at least one poem in this anthology for every soul one poem that will change the course of someone's day someone's lifeDon't expect to fall in love withat every page but do dive in without fear of disappointment Somewhere in this book there is a surprise for you a poem that has been meaning to tell you something

  7. Anne Anne says:

    Something to pick up and put down The power of words and the poetry of masters to soothe or at least explain how you are feeling I will be purchasing this book Enough said

  8. TheGirlWhoReads TheGirlWhoReads says:

    The poems really do touch the heart Inspiring amd uplifting indeed An absolutely genius selection

  9. Giskin Giskin says:

    Alma is the world's first 'emergency poet' She gives consultations in a vintage ambulance and dispenses poetry prescriptions This is a collection of her favourite 'pick me up' poems

  10. Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance says:

    When despair for the world grows in meand I wake in the night at the least soundin fear of what my life and my children's lives may beI go and lie down where the wood drakerests in his beauty on the water and the great heronfeedsI come into the peace of wild thingsIt's the lulling sound of a mother singing her baby to sleepthe waves on the shoreThere's a poem in this book for all things scary and horrible Losing love Getting older Sickness Dying Loss Check it out

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Emergency Poet[PDF / Epub] ☁ Emergency Poet By Deborah Alma – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk A brilliant new anthology of poems that will help you to overcome stress depression and other anxieties Arranged by spiritual ailment the sections include a range of verse new and old which may be of A brilliant new anthology of poems that will help you to overcome stress depression and other anxieties Arranged by spiritual ailment the sections include a range of verse new and old which may be of comfort to those in need of a pick me up for the soul The collection has been carefully compiled by Deborah Alma the world's first and only Emergency Poet who travels to schools libraries festivals and other events in her s ambulance to offer consultations and prescribe poems as cures for various maladies This collection is designed to lift your mood and offers poetic help whenever it may be reuired.