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The New Sugar Spice [PDF / Epub] ☉ The New Sugar Spice By Samantha Seneviratne – A 2016 James Beard Award nominee from New York based food writer and author of the popular dessert blog Love CakeRaise your desserts to a whole new level of flavor with The New Sugar Spice a collectio A James Beard Award nominee from New York based food writer and author of the popular dessert blog Love CakeRaise The New Kindle - your desserts to a whole new level of flavor with The New Sugar Spice a collection of than eighty uniue unexpected and uniformly delicious recipes for spice centric sweets Veteran baker Samantha Seneviratne’s recipes will open your eyes to a world of baking possibilities Her spicy pepper flecked Chile Chocolate Truffles prove that heat and sweet really do go hand in hand and a fresh batch of aromatic cinnamon laced Maple Sticky Buns will have the whole family racing into the kitchen Discover new recipes from around the globe such as Sri Lankan Love Cake or Swedish inspired Saffron Currant Braid Or give your classic standbys a bold upgrade such as making Raspberry Shortcakes with zingy Double Ginger Biscuits Filled with fascinating histories origin stories and innovative uses for the world’s most enticing spices—including vanilla cinnamon peppercorns and cardamom— The New Sugar  Spice guarantees that dessert will be the most talked about part of your meal.

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  1. Dee Dee says:

    Creative eye opening recipes that offer plenty of alternatives to the typical sugary dessert

  2. Jillyn Jillyn says:

    45I'm a big fan of finding new twists on old classics so I knew I had to read Sugar and Spice I love the idea of incorporating different spices into desserts even unexpected ones in order to create new bolder flavors This book definitely didn't disappointThis is a good example of a book being a labor of love There's a really sweet and personal introduction that expands on the author's reason for creating such a book It makes the book that much better because you can clearly see the recipes are really cared about There's also a list of tips ingredients you should have on hand and helpful euipment to prepare you for baking The recipes are sorted by spice which I think is smart because it makes it easy if you have one particular spice in your pantry you can find a recipe in which to utilize it Each chapter has an introduction a history of the spice descriptions of the spice and how to store and buy them This is really useful and informative information The directions and descriptions are clear and concise making this a book that will appeal to the seasoned cooks as well as beginners There's a really great variety of desserts in Sugar and Spice spanning from baked goods to candies and frozen treats What I really liked about these recipes is that everything like crusts fillings and the like are done from scratch as opposed to using pre made ingredients I prefer to do everything myself so I appreciated this The pictures within this cookbook are nice but I wish that there had been less of the pretty artsy photographs and pictures of the finished recipes so I could see how my dish should ideally look There's also lots of nice varied international flair in this book which is a nice touch There are a lot of recipes in this cookbook that I'd like to try but the ones that I'm most excited for include Black Lavender Clafloutis Pavlova with Lime Custard and Basil Pineapple Blackberry Cuatro Leches and Sweet Fig and Black Pepper SconesI think this is a good cookbook for anyone who loves to bake from beginners and beyond and to anyone who likes new twists on old favorites I received a copy of this in exchange for my honest review This review can also be found on my blog Bitches n Prose

  3. Tracey Tracey says:

    I hope it's not blasphemy if I say this book might be considered a religious experience How can a cookbook be a religious experience? When I and every other person I've shown it to has gotten a look at the recipes – titles and photographs – in this book has only been able to say Oh my God I only just recently connected to Blogging For Books made my first selection and waited for it – an actual hardcover not digital – to come in the mail Having a terrible short term memory when I opened it I muttered in disappointment I reuested a cookbook? Thirty seconds – and a few Oh my Gods – later I was all but hugging the book to myself in delight I reuested a cookbook As the description says this is a collection of dessert recipes Most of them are uite familiar sticky buns and strawberry rhubarb pie chocolate chip cookies and fruitcake Yes fruitcake What makes this worth getting and than worth getting is the little twist to each recipe the author builds on her Sri Lankan background as a springboard to tweak each old familiar recipe with an unexpected spice – or herb – which makes it something new and marvelous This isn't a book I'll use once or twice make a recipe or three and never open again If all goes well I would like to work my way through the whole thing and make all of them Including the fruitcakeThe book is gorgeous There is no dust jacket and thus no dust jacket to be soiled or torn in media res It's enjoyable to read – Samantha Seneviratne has a sense of humor demonstrated in the introductions to the recipes The recipes are marvelous – and the photography by Erin Kunkel is completely irresistible It's a beautiful beautiful book from cover to cover I'm going to have to find a better exercise program to counteract this I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review

  4. Kristin Kristin says:

    35 starsA nice baking cookbook with beautiful pictures and uniue layout The chapters are organized by spiceCHAPTER 1 Peppercorn ChileCHAPTER 2 CinnamonCHAPTER 3 NutmegCHAPTER 4 Clove Cardamom CHAPTER 5 VanillaCHAPTER 6 GingerCHAPTER 7 Savory Herbs SpicesThe beginning of each chapter gives a detailed history and information about the spice Many of the recipes are intriguing I especially enjoyed the first three chapters though I wish the rest had inciting recipes as well The instructions were well detailed and easy to follow Overall better than average baking cookbook

  5. Alisa Alisa says:

    I really enjoyed this uniue and well done cookbook I don't typically like storytelling in my cookbooks but this one really worked for me The author brings in stories about her and her brother and the emotional importance of desserts in their lives She also brings in stories about her childhood family and the reasons that spices are important to her The stories were inspiring and you could feel her love of baking come through There are 80 recipes and they are broken into spice categories Included are Peppercorn Chile Cinnamon Nutmeg Clove Cardamon Vanilla Ginger and Savory Herbs Spices The recipes are easy to follow and the ingredients are fairly easy to find The author includes basic baking information in the begining which is helpful for the begining baker The book is layed out well in an easy to follow manner and the pictures were simple yet beautifulGreat book that I highly recommendreview copy provided by publisher through Netgalley

  6. Becca Becca says:

    A really beautiful cookbook I love the concept baking with spice It has a lovely variety of recipes including uick breads pie sorbet brownies cookies truffles baklava etc etc Some of the recipes I’m most excited to try are from the cardamom chapter apricot walnut granola bars semlor cardamom cream filled sugar doughnuts Also from other chapters apple danish with caraway cream new chocolate chip cookies all edges brownie cookies cinnamon hazelnut date buns My biggest complaint only roughly half the recipes have photos Some of the recipes are not my cup of tea bread pudding flan tapioca fruitcake but that’s to be expected of any cookbook right?

  7. Aimee Aimee says:

    I was really impressed with this book The author shows how to use spices to add flavor to your baking so you can cut some of the sugar while still creating a great tasting dessert Several spices are discussed in the book including cinnamon nutmeg vanilla ginger and several others For each spice the author gives her personal family history with the spice a history of the spice including where it comes from tips on how to buy and store the spice and finally some wonderful recipesThe recipes in this book are wonderful Some of the ones that I thought looked really great are salt and pepper caramel brownies summer berry focaccia frozen eggnog pops and my all time favorite gingerbread I will say that I would not recommend these recipes to a beginning cook They seemed a bit time consuming and difficult for a newbie Someone who has been baking for a while though should have no problem with these fantastic recipes I would highly recommend this cookbook

  8. Michelle Michelle says:

    Beautiful book interesting recipes very nice

  9. Lisa Lisa says:

    So I didn't hate this but I didn't love it either I think that it was just ok I wanted pictures and easier recipes If I can't see what it is supposed to look like that is not going to make me want to make this Many of the recipes seemed to have a huge amount of ingredients to use for one recipe and to me the instructions seemed to call for a baker with a way bigger skill set than what I have I just wanted

  10. Ruth Ma Grape Ruth Ma Grape says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this cookbook Samantha share her family history as well as the history of various spices I’m familiar with cloves and nutmeg as I’ve been to the Moluccas and seen them growing I love how she flipped the script on some recipes and I’m thrilled to try my hand at baking some of her recipes

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