Deliver Me Epub Ê Kindle Edition

  • Kindle Edition
  • 272 pages
  • Deliver Me
  • Faith Gibson
  • English
  • 24 February 2016

10 thoughts on “Deliver Me

  1. Shile Shile says:

    125 starsTime of death officially at 78% I skimmed through the restDisclaimer It is me Not the book The editing was bad YourYou're Ugh This was just bad Soap opera bad OTT bad Cliche bad Unbelievable bad I tried to find some good in the story but i couldn't find anything The MCs Erik the Doctor and Tag the Rockstar were just there i didn't feel the chemistry And it didn't help that it was insta everything Erik dick woke up for the first time since he broke up with his boyfriend the moment he saw Tag I was interested in Cade Tags's band mate and best friend he seemed cool and all until he started acting like the the cliche OTT jealous bestfriendex girlfriend who got all mad when Tag started dating Erik To make matters worse Erik also had the OTT jealous girl best friend who was secretly in love with him and started acting psycho when Erik got himself a boyfriend and a baby Ummm Yeah we got a prop baby Maybe if i read this years ago the results would have been different Still the OTT soap opera vibes was just too hard to ignore

  2. Gigi Gigi says:

    35 starsThis was a nice hot read that I can recommend but there were a few things that bugged me While this was not insta love many life changing events were decided pretty uickly TagLee met Dr Erik Henrikson and decided to uit his rock group the most popular group in the world as explained in the book and buy the house with the white picket fence and settle down with a family Even if he had been thinking about retiring because of the stress and loss of the rock star fringe benefits before meeting him it was still only a thoughtLee and Erik meet for the first time in front of the hospital where Lee has just lost his sister and realized his niece is now his responsibility Erik gives him some baby advice that night and then meet again a few months later when Lee brings his niece Delilah to Erik's pediatric practice One thing leads to another and Lee has decided to leave Delilah in Erik's care while he is on the last 3 months of his road tour Erik seems to fall in love with Delilah first but uickly falls for Lee too BamAnother bone of contention with me is that we didn't get to see any grieving for the death of their respective siblings Erik lost a brother recently and while I'm sure plenty of mourning went on these two never shared their pain with each other which would have made for some great healingcomfort scenesOh and one thing I just thought of There are certain books written that will forever ruin you for a similar story line in another book For me it's NR Walker's Point of No Return There is a hostage situation in Deliver Me but since nothing can top the hostage scene from PoNR it failed to bring the emotion I suspect it was supposed toBut the sex here is hot and plentiful and I really enjoyed both main characters If this book is intended to be the first in a series I have to say I probably won't read it The secondary characters did nothing for me But given the fact that the epilogue took place during Delilah's wedding I doubt it will happenRecommended read with caution Read it as a light easy low angst book and it will hit the spot This review is also posted at Gay Book Reviews

  3. Barbara➰ Barbara➰ says:

    I've had this tbr for over two years and finally decided to take the plunge I was not disappointedOddly enough the drama in this one would normally have sent me running for the hills and dnf uick I'm not a huge fan of rock star romances because as was in this one the rock star is usually a manwhore of epic proportions Tag Lee certainly got around But throw in a jealous possessive bff who thinks he's Lee's boyfriend and another crazy bff Sarah who wants Erik for her husband and the drama is a bit muchHowever I really liked this book It grabbed me from the first page and didn't let up drama and all I absolutely LOVED Lee Tag He was the perfect hero in my book He did everything right I had a bit of a hard time liking Erik I liked him at first the way he was with Delilah But then he started to grate on my nerves with his holding back from Lee And then we have the big misunderstanding god save me from stupid men and Erik won't fucking talk to Lee If he'd only given him a minute to explain or uestioned him a bit it could have been avoided But then it would have been a short bookSo overall I really enjoyed it But I'm not sure I want to read Cade's book He was so in love with Lee and was a huge asshole so I don't really have any warm and fuzzy feelings towards him to get his HEA But you never know I had no idea I'd like this one so much

  4. Dia Dia says:

    4 stars for this sweet story I read the second book Release Me first I liked it way than this one I am not sure if it is because I didn't get the chance to hate Cade while reading Deliver MeThis story was sweeter than I expected I usually love SOME sweet talk and some sweet scenes BUT somehow I didn't expect the characters to fall in love so uickly so deep in so little time It was unexpected how they wanted to change their lives completelyFrom the start I expected a lot of angst the loss of Tag's sister made me think he will grieve a lot I am somehow happy the characters were not too broken and fit perfectly Well Tag and Erick were two hot men and they had some pretty hot chemistryThis book was HOT and sweet and it was a very pleasant reading

  5. Amanda Amanda says:

    Deliver Me is a fast pacing sweet rockstar mm romance that left me with uite a sweet toothTaggart Lee is a rock star on the verge of giving up on his career after being left to care for his sister's newborn Delilah He had been burnt out by all his years on the road and is ready to settle down for a familyDr Erik is a random stranger that came across Tag and his niece at the park He also happen to be a pediatrician for Delilah later when their path cross again We get to meet Taggart's bandmates and their manager Echo They are uite an integral part of the story that bring so much warmth to Erik and Taggart's life Of course we also have the semi villain Cade one of the bandmate who was holding a torch for Tag and causing some drama behind the sceneOverall Deliver Me is the kind of mm romance that was cute and lovely Although I did find the pacing uite fast A bit of insta love on Tag and Erik's part and the way their trust develop was swift I still can't wrap my head around that Erik offer to care for Tag's niece while Tag is on tour after just meeting him a few times Anyway part of me love being in the fantasyland whereby we met hot random stranger in the park that end up being our soulmates And my favorite part of a rockstar romance? When Tag serenade Erik with a song he wrote for his lover Dayum

  6. Wendy Wendy says:

    I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised by this one I really enjoyed reading this short but sweet sexy rocker storyLee is the leadsinger for the very famous band 7's Mistress He doesn't have a lot of family outside his bandmates and the only one he does have is his baby sister But tragedy strikes and his sisters dies after giving birth to her daughter Which leaves this famous rockstar with a baby girl He names her after his sisterDelilahNow Lee doesn't know anything about babies and Delilah cries her little heart outa lot When at the park he meets a very handsome stranger and his lovely dog Erik and his doglet's not forget the dog helps him calm down the baby and advises him to contact her pediatricianWhat he doesn't say is that he himself is onea pediatrician that is There are sparks of attraction between the two men but neither of them feel the need to let the other knowSo ofcourse they meet againwhen Lee goes to visit a pediatrician Now things progress pretty fast from here on out I would definitely say this one is insta love Lee and his band have a 3 month tour coming up and he doesn't know what to do about the baby Erik has always wanted a family and he offers to take Delilah for 3 months I don't thinkin real lifeit would be smart leaving your daughter for three months with a man you just recently met But hey I don't read books to enjoy real lifeI read them to escape real life ; The two of them start a relationship based on sexat least that's what Erik thinks because he can't possibly believe a famous rock star like Lee would want him and only himNow this one has a few different plotlines going on It has jealous best friends an ex boyfriend an awesome dog a rockstar who just wants to finds love and a place to call home and a docter who really wants to built himself a family I loved all the characters in this book I just wished the book would have been longer so it could have had details I would have liked to know about the characters their personality and their history I also would have liked a slower build relationship I don't mind insta love when it's done right but I prefer a slower pace That saidI still loved it It was nice and sexy and it had some dramaangst Not too much and it was resolved fairly uickly And yes there is a misunderstanding in this onebut also it was resolved pretty fastAlsothese two were HOT together 45 stars from me because it was exactly what I needed right now

  7. Christelle Christelle says:

    Dissecting opinion it could have been so good Granted it’s fiction but it was totally unbelievable with OTT moments too many to mention I didn’t DNF but it was very close and I put this book down several times Too bad there was so much potential but “WTF” popped up in my head too many times to enjoy this book

  8. Tizerkane Tizerkane says:

    True rating 45 stars Excellent book Bravo Ms Gibson Thoughts to come

  9. Lisa Cullinan Lisa Cullinan says:

    Loved this story Tag the lead singer for 7's Mistress is dealt with a tragedy that not only affects him but so the life of his infant niece Delilah Big time Not dealing with his newly acuired daddy status Tag takes a screaming Delilah to the park to try to calm her when Eric and his dog Duke come to his rescue Eric a hot pediatrician soothes the baby and gives Tag some advice on settling her down Of course as fate would have it Tag winds up in Eric's clinic looking for help The two men become entwined in each other's lives and Eric winds up becoming a legal guardian for Delilah so Tag known as Lee to Eric can get back on the road with his band for their final tour Delilah is the cause of turning everyones world upside down This one child brought together the combined world of a famous rock star who's days on the road were becoming tiresome and a lonely doctor who believe it or not felt his own biological clock ticking as he wondered if he'd ever be given the chance for a family of his ownWhat I loved most about this story was how there were so many characters that were handed a new outlook on their lives whether they realized it or not Tag's bandmates his manager and his two burly security guards to Eric's receptionist and his service dog Duke relationships were formed while some were shattered Eric and Lee were sizzling between the sheets too In the end for this one big crazy unconventional family love wins as it should Honestly I'd give this book ten stars if I could The writing was flawless with perfect grammar and sentence structure The storyline was so enchanting that I didn't want to put this book down until it was finished Outstanding job by author Faith Gibson

  10. Bev Bev says:

    Really enjoyed this one Babies rock stars hot men crazy women jealous ex loverswhat could you ask for?? Oh maybe someone to spot the typos but there weren't that many thank goodness Thanks for the rec Kayl 45 stars

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Deliver Me[PDF / Epub] ★ Deliver Me Author Faith Gibson – Taggart Lee has it allFameFortuneEverything except loveTag is the jaded lead singer for 7’s Mistress the biggest rock band in the world After fifteen years in the business he’s drowning in it all Taggart Lee has it allFameFortuneEverything except loveTag is the jaded lead singer for ’s Mistress the biggest rock band in the world After fifteen years in the business he’s drowning in it all When tragedy strikes he takes a break from the road and the monotony his life has become When he meets a gorgeous man on a park bench he sees his lifelineDr Erik Henrikson thought he’d met the oneHe hadThe wrong oneA year after his breakup he still has a lock on his heart Then he meets Lee someone whose life has just been turned upside down When he finds out Lee’s true identity Erik throws away the keyTag has two weeks to make the doctor want him He has three months to prove he won’t hurt himTragedy brings them togetherLies and betrayal push them apartIs love enough to deliver themWarning This book contains hot sex between two men.

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