Fearless Fourteen MOBI Ê Hardcover

  • Hardcover
  • 308 pages
  • Fearless Fourteen
  • Janet Evanovich
  • English
  • 23 September 2015
  • 9780755337606

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  1. James James says:

    Book Review 4 of 5 stars to Fearless Fourteen the 14th book in the Stephanie Plum mystery series written in 2008 by Janet Evanovich Another fine adventure in the life of a normal every day gal who just happens to be a bounty hunter Everything you'd expect shows up in this one Ranger's after Stephanie in his normal sly approach She takes on a job working for him and finds herself lusting even than usual But she still sorta loves Joe Except he's got his hands full with someone trying to kill him When he hires a loon to protect the house while he's at work the pot smoking but reformed kook can't keep up And let's not forget about the monkey who has a thing for one or two of our favorite characters Call it 13 romance 13 humor and 13 mystery Not really exceptionally strong in any one particular area but when you combine it all together you have a 4 or 5 hour ride you'll enjoy But with 26 books in the series there's got to be something different each time Sometimes Evanovich succeeds Sometimes she doesn't This is a good one About Me For those new to me or my reviews here's the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you'll also find TV Film reviews the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I've visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the whowhatwhenwhere and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by Note All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them Many thanks to their original creators

  2. Cherise Cherise says:

    I’m not going to give a book synopsis What I am going to do is say goodbye to one of my all time favorite series The last couple of books have been horrible silly and ridiculous; this one was no exceptionThe characters I once loved and look forward all year to hearing from are barely visible The little uirks that used to make them uniue and funny are now taking over their entire persona making them slightly moronic The dialogue that used to be naturally witty seems forced and contrived Jokes gags and antics that once made me laugh have been recycled and reused so much it’s sadNo one in this series is growing or getting anywhere they are all just going in circles I want Stephanie to get better at the bounty hunter thing; I want her to grow up I don’t want her or Ranger or Joe to change but after so many years you expect SOMETHING of substance to happen I barely got through this book Janet has provided hours of entertainment for me in the past with this series and for that I will always be grateful But I can’t for the life of me see myself shelling out the big bucks for these hardcover books filled with drivel anyI hope that Janet rethinks what she has been doing with this series lately and gives it a much needed overhaul The last couple of books have seemed rushed and phoned in a huge departure from the earlier books in the seriesMy days of rushing to the bookstore on release dates are over When book 15 comes out I will wait to read reviews first If the reviews make the book look promising maybe I will read it But from where I sit now I don’t see me opening another ‘new’ Plum adventure I will reread the older and much better books in the series if I need a Plum fixCherise Everhard June 2008

  3. Anushka Anushka says:

    You know what I realized after reading a Stephanie Plum book after such a long gap?That you should read Stephanie Plum book after long gapsLast time I read this series I read around 7 books at once and that's why I found them boring and losing their touch as the series progressedYes these books are repetitive but they are just full of mindless fun you should concentrate on the fun part or else it gets boring for you I had thought I wouldn't be able to read this series beyond 13th book but during my exams I needed an amusing book in a familiar setting so I picked this up and it ended with me loving it Every single book by Janet Evanovich is eually hilarious but we don't realize it 'coz we're busy reading it in a frenzy I'll read the seuels definitely but not in succession like I did before I'll read them in certain intervals to get their real essence One thing now is clear to me I still love this series 3

  4. Jilly Jilly says:

    I called Morelli and got his voice mail Just checking in I said And by the way no reason to get alarmed but do you have personal liability insurance tacked on to your homeowner's? I don't think we have to worry about Stephanie making an eventual decision between Morelli and Ranger Morelli should be dead soon from the stress of being with herIn this book we have a kidnapping a stalker a teenage tagger potato guns and a maybe wedding coming upIn typical Stephanie fashion she makes friends with the stalker and takes him home to dinner with her familyStephanie's mother Marion Zajak's daughter doesn't have stalkers Catherine Bargolowshi's daughter doesn't have stalkers Why do I have to be the one with the daughter who has stalkers? To be fair this guy isn't actually stalking Stephanie He is stalking an aging singer who she is protecting along with Ranger And for a stalker he is a really nice guy Gotta take good care of your stalkersOf course dinner with Stephanie's family could scare most criminals straight You should snap me up Morelli said Not many men would marry you after meeting your grandmother You're lucky to have me This is true She is very lucky to have this boyfriend that puts up with her train wreck of a life along with the fact that she is constantly kissing another guy I'm still Team Ranger but Morelli has my deepest sympathy because I'm thinking he has a pretty nasty ulcer at this point

  5. Julie (jjmachshev) Julie (jjmachshev) says:

    OK I may have my breath back now from laughing so hard I just finished Janet Evanovich's Fearless Fourteen starring Stephanie Plum Ranger and Joe and I literally laughed snorted and guffawed my way through this book I've read and heard some of the bad mouthing this book has gotten and although I understand some people are anxious for Stephanie to make a choice between Ranger and Joe I for one am just happy to keep reading about Stephanie's wild and zany lifeThis time Stephanie has uite a few things to deal with Lula has forcibly engaged herself to Tank who just may end up dead relocated or married Stephanie has managed to put herself on the hook to care for a teenager who may be Joe's child from his wild youth The mother who could set things straight has been kidnapped and is being held for the nine million dollar ransom proceeds from an old bank robbery and her kidnapper has resorted to sending toes to stress his seriousness The teenager who refuses to answer to anything but Zook is hooked on a popular internet game and thinks he's being stalked by another player Grandma Mazur has taken to Zook's internet game and is gathering her own 'posse' of overage delinuents An aging star has the hots for both Ranger and Joe and keeps butting in on Stephanie's cases Andwell there's lots but it's all laugh out loud funny and a darn entertaining read

  6. Cyndi Cyndi says:

    Janet Evanovich has done it again Great book Not many books are as truly entertaining as a Stephanie Plum story No matter how many times I read them I still laugh out loud and can't put them down I would recommend these books to any one and always smile whenever I doJune 2016 still lovin' itMay 2018 — Ranger in a tux Yum In this book we have an aging country singer who is hilarious She is vibrant and tough Meanwhile Morelli has everyone digging up his yard looking for treasure I almost fell over laughing at the image of Lula with a jackhammer and Mooner with a potato gun Too much fun 🤣 Morelli lost points in this book though His flippant attitude over Mario? 😕Nope Not good

  7. Julie Julie says:

    After Lean Mean Thirteen I swore I was not going to go out and buy the hardcover off the shelf I was disappointed And then I listened to the Audio book and the interview with Janet at the end I was then disappointed I was MAD JE and other people I gather since reading other reviews keep rambling on about this love triangle Joe Steph and Ranger and Steph not being able to choose Choose? Steph is living with Joe sleeping with Joe Ranger gets what? Not much of anything He's in the book just enough to keep Ranger fans like me hanging on I keep reading because I'm hooked on the great characters like grandma Mazur and Lula and Ranger Fearless Fourteen I got my book 2nd hand Like I said I wasn't going to pay top dollar for a book that wasn't worth it And I'm glad I didn't pay The book had it's moments that made me laugh It not for Lula I think it would have been a total loss for me I loved the books because they were crazy and funny and fantasy Stephine being so cozy and practically married to Joe is boring I believe if I ever pick up a future Plum Novel it'll be from the library

  8. Lana *Lifeinwordsandlyricscom* Lana *Lifeinwordsandlyricscom* says:

    In my mind my kitchen is filled with crackers and cheese roast chiken leftovers farm fresh eggs and coffee beans ready to grind The reality us that I keep my SmithWesson in the cooky jar my Oreos in the microwave a jar of peanut butter and hamster food in the over the counter cupboard and I have beer and olives in the refrigerator I used to have a birthday cake in the freezer for emergencies but I ate it I haven't touched my Plum stash in a while knowing I'll need it for later I can do that sometimes be the rational reader and not inhale all of it at once At least that's what I'm telling myselfI missed the craziness of the Burg Morelli's cheezy innuendoes and Ranger's babe and was reminded of why I love this series so much So this time Stephanie had a lot of plates to juggle Let's see there was another old nudist to take in is that how all men gonna get eventually?; a Dolly like aging diva with a personal stalker with visions of impending death by pizza; Has it ever occured to you that you might be delusional?That's what the psychiatrist said but I think he's wrong There's an evel flying pizza out there and it's got Brenda's name on itthere's an old robbery money from wich was never recovered and a tresure hunt that takes place in Morelli's backyard in wich all burgers residents of the Burg naturally participate There are a few killings couple chopped toes Lula's possible wedding and somewhere along the way Steph is imbracing her inner SmurfetteYou look like a Smurf I think I'm getting turned onEveryhting turns you onNot everything Rememeber the time you fell off the fire escape and rolled in the dog diarrhea?Nice to know he has standarts that horndog Morelli Oh and Steph and Morelli were taking shifts babysitting a spraypainting teenager Good times I could have used of Ranger though Maybe in the next bookOver and out

  9. Kelly_Hunsaker_reads ... Kelly_Hunsaker_reads ... says:

    The Stephanie Plum books are funny laugh out loud funny They will not challenge you They will not surprise or shock you But they will entertain you and make you laughI have been struggling with my health and my TBR was filled with classics which are not the books you read when your brain is mush So I returned to this series where I left off In the past three days I have read this one and the next four And it was fun

  10. LJ LJ says:

    FEARLESS FOURTEEN Ama SleuthHumor Stephanie Plum New Jersey Cont – PoorEvanovich Janet – 14th in seriesSt Martin’s Press 2008 US Hardcover – ISBN 9780312349516First Sentence In my mind my kitchen is filled with crackers and cheese roast chicken leftovers farm fresh eggs and coffee beans ready to grindStephanie keeps suspecting someone has been in the basement of her boyfriend police detective Joe Morelli Stephanie is baby sitting teenaged “Zook” after him mother was arrested Zook’s uncle isn’t happy that the kid is spending time at Morelli’s house and claims Joe is Zook’s actual father But the uncle Dom Rizzi is no saint as he did time for a bank robbery in which the money was never recoveredHaving grown up in “Jersey” I loved the earlier Plum books Not this one It’s one sight gag after another—oh but wait we’re reading What would probably be very funny visually just doesn’t uite work here in spite of Ms Evanovich’s best efforts She’s a good writer but this is so chaotic you lose the focus and the impact of the main story Stephanie is a character who hasn’t grown She’s the type I might enjoy at first but would never have as a friend as she is just too much of a ditz Men might love her; most women would just shake their heads in disbelief Give me a strong smart independent female protagonist; I think Stephanie and I are done

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Fearless Fourteen➲ Fearless Fourteen Read ➺ Author Janet Evanovich – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Personal vendettas hidden treasure and a monkey named Carl will send bounty hunter Stephanie Plum on her most explosive adventure yetTHE CRIME Armed robbery to the tune of nine million dollarsDom Rizz Personal vendettas hidden treasure and a monkey named Carl will send bounty hunter Stephanie Plum on her most explosive adventure yetTHE CRIME Armed robbery to the tune of nine million dollarsDom Rizzi robbed a bank stashed the money and did the time His family couldn't be proud He always was the smart oneTHE COUSIN Joe MorelliJoe Morelli Dom Rizzi and Dom's sister Loretta are cousins Morelli is a cop Rizzi robs banks and Loretta is a single mother waiting tables at the firehouse The all American familyTHE COMPLICATIONS Murder kidnapping destruction of personal property and acid refluxLess than a week after Dom's release from prison Joe Morelli has shadowy figures breaking into his house and dying in his basement He's getting threatening messages Loretta is kidnapped and Dom is missingTHE CATASTROPHE MoonmanMorelli hires Walter 'Mooner' Dunphy stoner and 'inventor' turned crime fighter to protect his house Morelli can't afford a lot on a cop's salary and Mooner will work for potatoesTHE CUPCAKE Stephanie PlumStephanie and Morelli have a long standing relationship that involves sex affection and driving each other nuts She's a bond enforcement agent with luck than talent and she's involved in this bank robbery gone bad disaster from day oneTHE CRISIS A favour for RangerSecurity expert Carlos Manoso street name Ranger has a job for Stephanie that will involve night work Morelli has his own ideas regarding Stephanie's evening activitiesTHE CONCLUSION Only the fearless should read FourteenThrills chills and incontinence may result.

About the Author: Janet Evanovich

Janet Evanovich is the New York Times bestselling author of the Stephanie Plum series the Lizzy and Diesel series twelve romance novels the Alexandra Barnaby novels and Trouble Maker graphic novel and How I Write Secrets of a Bestselling Author as well as the Fox and O'Hare series with co author Lee Goldberg.