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Dimensions of a Diving Songster ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Dimensions of a Diving Songster By Nithya Raj ✐ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Child Prodigy Teen Sensation Dignified Performer Grand Old Dame of Carnatic Music Differing dimensions of one of the most revered singers of our times D K Pattammal or DKP as she is better known Gana Child Prodigy Teen Sensation Dignified Performer Grand a Diving PDF ✓ Old Dame of Carnatic Music Differing dimensions of one of the most revered singers of our times D K Pattammal or DKP as she is better known Gana Saraswathi D K Pattammal is an authorised biography on her It is the initiative of people who love and revere her, including family members, friends, and members of Dimensions of PDF/EPUB ² the musical fraternityDKPattammal was the first woman from an orthodox community to ascend as a vocalist on stage The biography traces her birth in a family with no noticeable musical lineage and her evolution as a musician par excellence She had no formal learning experience but gained a lot of rare insights from many gurus Interesting anecdotes about the mentors in her life are of a Diving ePUB ☆ featured throughout the bookIntense training, keen observation, constant practice, and adherence to tradition saw Pattammal s repertoire widening She was the first woman to venture into Ragam Tanam Pallavi thereby breaking the hegemony of male singers With her classical purity, she reigned supreme alongside her contemporaries M S Subbulakshmi, M L Vasanthakumari, Brindha and MukthaThe biography has significant details of her personal life the trials she faced and the joys she shared It shows how Pattammal, who married at the age of twenty, continued to effortlessly balance both her career and personal life Old and rare photographs have been effectively used to capture the reminiscences of the bygone timesPattammal gave many performances both in India and abroad Several interesting incidents that occurred during her performances have been portrayed in the book She popularised the compositions of the Trinity and many Tamil compositions including those of Papanasam Sivan, Periasami Thooran and others She is famed for her rendition of the patriotic songs by Subramania BharathiThe book highlights some of the firsts to her credit She was the first musician to sign at the Music Academy for a continuousyears She remains as the only Carnatic singer to have performed foryears Considered to be the first playback singer in films, her tenure was brief yet eventful The book also lists the important honours conferred upon her by the government, the sabhas and individualsPattammal is delightfully engaging and simplicity personified The recognition she has won has not affected her a bit She continues to be the eager student she was several years ago, eager to learn and eager to teach When asked about her greatest wish, she replied I want to die singing It is the remarkableness of her personality that the biography unfolds in between its pagesPattammal has been closely associated with the Bhavan since its inception In , the Coimbatore Kendra of Bhavan had the privilege of conferring the title of Sangeeth Samrat on her This book, Gana Saraswathi DKP is an endeavour to capture the essence of her ninety years of unparalleled contributions to the world of music Her devotion, discipline and dedication will be a source of inspiration to the aspirants of Carnatic music.

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