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What if I Fly? [BOOKS] ✯ What if I Fly? ✹ Jayne Conway – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Julia and Will grew up in the same small Rhode Island town but their lives couldn't be different But when their paths cross one fateful summer night Julia and Will are captivated by one another and th Julia and Will grew up in the same small Rhode Island town but their lives couldn't be different But when their paths cross one fateful summer night Julia and Will are captivated by one another and their lives forever changed They share a deep What if ePUB í bond a passionate love and are truly alive together but love isn't always enough Can Julia and Will overcome the roadblocks of betrayal loss judgment and pride to navigate the sharp twists and turns of the road less traveled As the dramatic events of their story unfold they are both forced to open their eyes and find the strength within to live life on their own terms.

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  1. Ashley Ashley says:

    Rating 355I received a free ecopy from the publisher Plain Jayne Ink via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewMinor spoilersThe prologue of this book begins with the main couple Julia and Will meeting again after 6 years apart and Will alluding to the fact that he is in an unhappy relationship Then the book begins at the start of their relationship and walks us through what happened up the whatever split them up and then continues the story until their happy ending Julia has trust issues after her parents divorced and her father picked his new wife over her When she first met Will she was interested but wasn't sure if she could trust a man after a man broke her home Will promises never to hurt her like that but it's hard to promise something like that especially when there are obstacles in their relationship One act of betrayal by Will leaves Julia heartbroken and wondering whether she will ever be able to trust againBefore I get into this review I want to explain why I marked this as historical This book is set in the 90's up to the early 2000's I know this isn't really what most including myself would consider historical since it's so recent but the reason I marked this as such is because it touches on 911 and is actually a semi major part of this book It's modern history yes but history nonetheless Anyway onto the review Although Julia and Will's relationship was a bit instalovey I didn't mind too much because this book took course over several years rather than just several months which is usually the case with instalove I thought their relationship started out uite sweet but I could see what would happen coming several chapters before it happened There was another twist near the end of the book regarding this incident but it didn't surprise me too much because I already thought of it as a possibility Luckily this didn't ruin the reveal since there was something else there that I wasn't suspectingOne thing that made me uncomfortable towards the end of the book was the cheating In the time Julia and Will were away from each other Will became married but the marriage was uite loveless During this marriage after Julia and Will reconnected they got together a few times I know they were in love and all that and Will and his wife didn't love each other but it still had me a bit uneasy That's the only bad thing I have to say about the end of the book because the rest was great and entertaining There were a few parts near the end that made me tear up with both sadness and joy and obviously their happy ending was one of those joyous occasions Overall I thought this was a sweet romance book and it was interesting that it took place over so many years It was a bit difficult following the timeline at first but eventually it all clicked and made perfect sense It was instalovey at first but since it took place over several years we were able to see that they really were in love and it wasn't just infatuation over a short period of time I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves a romance novel This is still available on Netgalley and it's a Read Now so go ahead and get it here if you're interested

  2. Sharon Metcalf Sharon Metcalf says:

    I can't help myself when it comes to contemporary chicklit so this book was right up my alley I went into this with an open mind considering it was described as the authors debut novel and on the whole I enjoyed the story and found myself compelled to keep reading The main characters Will and Julia were likeable but their road to happiness was not an easy one There was no doubt they loved each other but they were their own worst enemies Each of them had issues that managed to keep them apart Julia with trust issues that stemmed from her parents divorce and Will with a past that haunted him and a conscience he couldn't escape At times I became so frustrated with both Will and Julia I wanted to give them a good shake however I'm glad I didn't give up on them The passing of time and some significant life events finally worked in their favour This genre is not for everybody and this story may not be either but I'm not sorry to have spent my day engaged with these characters I received a free ecopy from the publisher Plain Jayne Ink via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

  3. Anne Anne says:

    I kept thinking I must be reading a completely different book than everyone else who reviewed it and gave it 5 stars All the couldn't put it down really? I mostly kept reading just to see if it would get any better spoiler alert it didn't I suppose it's entertaining enough and the local setting was fun for a while but the author relies on far too many well worn cliches Uptight rich wasp y guy falls in love with blue color feisty ethnic girl Every character was an overused stereotype Rich friends are snobs cartoonishly crazyevil ex blah blah blah Even the so called plot twists if you've read or seen any contemporary romance you'll see them coming from space view spoilerThe second Julia and Will hooked up in Italy after their breakup I knew she was going to get pregnant I mean Come On Oddly infertile wife is secretly taking the pill of course because she's eeeevil Don't even get me started on the 911 part hide spoiler

  4. A H A H says:

    not writing a full review but a short note because I DNF'd this book at 27%this eARC was provided to me by NetGalley The main problem I had with the book was the tense Present tense throughout the book was bugging me and the writing just didn't suit me The story I was not a fan of Till whatever part of the book I read I could not find anything which would urge me to continue The story is a highly typical over used storyline None of the characters had much of an influence or impact They came off as annoying and I didn't like them at allThank you

  5. Michelle Perry Michelle Perry says:

    Loved this book Couldn't put it down It drew you in right from the beginning all the way to the end and made you feel like this could be my life

  6. Debbi DuBose Debbi DuBose says:

    I won What if I Fly? through a Goodreads Giveaway and the following is my honest opinion of this book This is Jayne Conway's sensational debut novel WOW I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT The characters in the story are so well written that they literally walked right off the page and into my heart It was difficult to leave them behind when I finished the book This novel deals with the subject of moving beyond the pain of one's pastJulia has an issue with trust especially when it comes to men Her Father walked out on her and her Mother Carol for a another woman Julia's Mom fell apart and started drinking to handle the pain Julia knows that she will not ever let a man hurt her in the same way She never enters into any relationship where she might become vulnerable to love Julia tells her best friend Gabby that Love makes you weak and I can't afford to be weak Then Julia meets Will and even with all her resistance against it they fall in love anyway Will has a past too that's filled with guilt over his old girlfriend Avery Can Will get past his guilt to fully commit to Julia? How much trouble can Avery cause between them once she's decided she wants Will back?This is such a fantastic book I'm so glad that I won it What if I Fly? is one of my favorite reads of this year If you like a GOOD love story then you have to read this book I really can't wait to read Jayne Conway's next novel I know it will be terrific

  7. Taylor Taylor says:

    I got this book via NetGalley to read and give an honest reviewSpoilersI didn't finish reading this bookFirst I really struggled with how this book was written I'm still not even sure which POV it was written in Most of the time I was a little confused and felt that things were worded weirdSecond I didn't really love the story line Will and Julia are pretty much soulmates But Will keeps doing all these things that make Julia upset but even after Will apologizes and everyone tells Julia to take him back she doesn't Instead she goes off to Italy and he gets engaged to another girl Will and his fiancee are also in Italy and he goes to see Julia They spend the night together Nine months later she has his baby he has no idea and he's married This is where I stopped reading this book And I'm still not uite sure what happened but something in this book triggered my anxiety and basically after my lunch break after reading I couldn't focus and almost had a panic attack So that wasn't fun And maybe that's why I don't love this book But I also felt like there were so many directions this story could have gone that would have made it better So this isn't my favorite book And maybe I just have a really hard time with guys and girls cheating when they are married or engaged Regardless I won't be finishing this book

  8. Lauri Lauri says:

    I chose to read this book because it takes place primarily in RI and I live in RI; and because I know the author whom I like very much This is a modern day Romeo Juliet story; Julia Will come from the same town but very different financial circumstances Although I live in RI I did not grow up here; I found the portrayal of the class divide in Bristol interesting and I found myself wondering how accurate that portrayal iswas The characters are very believable if somewhat typically for chick lit annoying both of them are practically self destructive Julia in her inability to trust others and Will in his desire to please others Thankfully unlike the Shakespeare play there is a satisfying ending here There were a few minor editing errors but overall the book was well written and it told a good story A solid first effort

  9. Stormi (Bewitched Reader) Stormi (Bewitched Reader) says:

    One of my favorite aspects of this story is how you get to experience every twist and turn from the day they met in 1992 onward At times the story could be so frustrating because you want Will and Julia to do one thing and they do the complete opposite Don't even get me started on the whole Avery issue Avery was definitely on my bad side throughout the entire book and I was definitely reacting the same way towards her as Ellie who was probably my favorite characterBeing able to switch between Will and Julia's points of views really added to the story but it also made some moments even frustrating because you see exactly what is getting in the way of their relationship If you haven't already read What if I Fly? and you enjoy a good romance novel you should add this one to your list

  10. Deb Deb says:

    I honestly give this a 35 stars maybe since I am familiar with the area setting that I found it a bit redundant although right on point for some things just a bit much Well done with good strong characters especially Julia good story background I enjoyed the relationship between Julia Will with all the twists turns

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