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The Raincoat People ✐ The Raincoat People pdf ✑ Author Lesley Smailes – Before Lesley left her mother either in jest or premonition said Don't get married and don't join a cult words that would echo for than a decade in a mind of a girl who became a woman whilst immersed Before Lesley left her mother either in jest or premonition said Don't get married and don't join a cult words that would echo for than a decade in a mind of a girl who became a woman whilst immersed in the snare of what is believed to be one of the most insidious and dangerous The Raincoat PDF or existing cults in AmericaIt is and South Africa is churning in an Apartheid whirlpool The wide eyed South African teenage girl leaves the comfort and safety of home for America with just enough hurt excitement and naivety to leave her open to whatever the path conjures Adrift in a new world and looking for redemption or respite Lesley has a chance meeting with the enchanting Sister Shoshanna on a suare in New York City So begins an epic journey that spans ten years and criss crosses most of the USAIn The Raincoat People Lesley unpacks her decade long immersion in the Jim Roberts Group recounting the tale of a life extraordinary a violent rape a forced abortion the freegan and nomadic lifestyle an arranged marriage to a Brother three remarkable home births a uadruplet miscarriage harsh threats of losing her children and finally an escape and return to South AfricaTold largely through a series of letters between Lesley and her mother an intricate memoir emerges that takes readers into the devout and devastating world of one of America’s most insular and secretive cults.

  • Paperback
  • 359 pages
  • The Raincoat People
  • Lesley Smailes
  • English
  • 09 September 2014
  • 9780620673440

4 thoughts on “The Raincoat People

  1. Niki Gower Niki Gower says:

    The Raincoat People Confessions of a Cult Member My amazing soulfriend Lesley Smailes has just released her book and its available on Whoop I am yet to get my copy and read it but when I was living with Lesley in Port Elizabeth a couple of years ago I had the honour of being around when she started writing her manuscript and got to read and be read early iterations of chapters of the Raincoat People Lesley is one of the strongest yet softest women I have ever met and for the little I know of the story that will unfold in these pages I know that her story will be a gripping tale of the extraordinary journey through the wanderings of life in an American cult the tribulations of breaking free as a single mom to three children and the impact her decade long exile from South Africa has had on her I also know that every word has been chosen and re chosen many times as she crafted Raincoat People to be nothing but a brutally honest account of events an innocently sincere soul bearing confession of her experience and an insightful glimpse into her wonderful soul Buy it Read it It's a story like no other

  2. Carol Lief Carol Lief says:

    Incredible story

  3. Christa Rohl Christa Rohl says:

    This was the most honest and inspirational book I've ever read You not only told your story you made me live it Thanks Lesley

  4. Kirsten Oosthuizen Kirsten Oosthuizen says:

    I was captured right from the start with this auto biography What an amazing life story of hardship and happiness loss and love Lesley transforms what could be seen as a traumatic and abusive experience into an emotional trip of understanding compassion and endearment The pure acceptance of her situation and strong belief in the cause is uite compelling and displays her ability to bear all of her soul but still feel justified in doing so The intimate sharing of her letters to her mom as well as the heart wrenching obstacles faced during this life journey draws you closer to Lesley as you read as if you are almost there with herI wish there was to read

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