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Abstract Algebra: An Introduction [Download] ➽ Abstract Algebra: An Introduction Author Thomas W. Hungerford – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Great textbook for an introduction to abstract algebra Great textbook for an introduction to abstract algebra.

10 thoughts on “Abstract Algebra: An Introduction

  1. Michael Michael says:

    See my critical review of Gallian s algebra book It all pretty much applies here too, but possibly evenso My impression possibly wrong is that this book is intended to present abstract algebra to weaker students, or to students at an earlier stage than would normally see this material Fine But if, as seems to be the case, the students never see how the material can be applied to an interesting problem, what was the point In any case, no one should pay the 187 this book sells for.

  2. Olof Olof says:

    A very thorough book in the sense that almost every proof is rich in detail It is clear that the book can be read by students with very little background knowledge of how to construct proofs in mathematics The exercise range from routine questions which test your understanding of definitions and theorems to the quite difficult ones which may take a while to solve.

  3. Fatima Fatima says:

    If you re new to this and you need step by step proofs then this book is perfect.

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