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Everything Mind [KINDLE] ❄ Everything Mind ❧ Chris Grosso – I'm not a yogi from the Himalayas a preacher from the pulpit or a guru with dollar signs in my eyes says Chris Grosso The truth is as a result of years of heavy drug and alcohol addiction I've been to I'm not a yogi from the Himalayas a preacher from the pulpit or a guru with dollar signs in my eyes says Chris Grosso The truth is as a result of years of heavy drug and alcohol addiction I've been to some extremely dark places that resulted in a literal life or death search for something With Everything Mind this emerging voice of the spiritual counterculture presents a riveting and insightful book about meditation the search for deeper meaning and the life changing and life saving process of waking upEverything Mind means it's all part of the path dark and light sacred and profane serious and goofy tragic and joyous Each experience is uniue each has something profound to teach us if we open ourselves and let it in Sharing hard won wisdom and the spiritual practices that helped him through his darkest times Chris invites you to discover Spirituality how something that doesn't fix your problems or change who you are can still revolutionize your life Why well worn ideas like love everyone and anything is possible are much than just wishful bullshit The perils of railing at fundamentalism how to put down the pitchfork and practice compassionate spiritual discernment The mystery of interbeing convincing your head heart and gut that you're actually connected to everything Expressing your truth through service meditation sports relationships punk rock skateboarding or just about anything done with loveFinding our own spirituality is both liberating and terrifying Liberating because we no longer have to be tied down by dogma or march off to war just because a guy in a fancy hat says so Terrifying because it's now totally on us to find out what's true what's holy what really matters to each of us Cultivating a spiritual lifestyle may be the most challenging undertaking you'll ever face says Chris Grosso But if you stick with it you can learn to meet all of life with an open heart which when you get down to it is pretty fucking amazing.

5 thoughts on “Everything Mind

  1. Justin Justin says:

    I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This book is an introduction to Buddhism similar to Brad Warner' Hardcore Zen series or The Dude and the Zen Master It doesn't go too deep it's chapters all seem to be a handful of pages long making it hard to go too deep into any topic but it has some very noveluseful exercises that make it worth keeping aroundI found Grosso's voice to be engaging warm and nonjudgmental Grosso's background as a recovering addict will definitely help some of his readers In the beginning his recovery anecdotes were a little tiring but after the first few chapters I sunk into the rhythm and found this book to be one of the most enjoyable books on Buddhism I readI found this book to be both enjoyable and revealatory and highly recommend it

  2. Whitney Schroeder Whitney Schroeder says:

    Fantastic I really related to this book and the author I loved the history of his spirituality and the many different viewpoints he took throughout his life Well done

  3. Brennan Dignan Brennan Dignan says:

    I didn't find myself connecting with the author's voice which is interesting because he is very self deprecating and irreverent two of my favorite ualities in a human being However there are some good nuggets of wisdom in there for those who like his style of writing

  4. Steven Steven says:

    Focused and refined Grosso's second book creates strong connection to spirituality into a concept that unites us all in Everything Mind More assured in his voice yet still fun and irreverent Grosso brings in his ideas of spirituality supported a vast group of some of the best spiritualists and some people less spiritual but he makes his case and shows us into his own spiritual practice in the process Grosso is a humble voice in the spiritual works and as he is able to admit not the most usual person with tattoos piercings and a past of addiction and low of the lows that would scare most but what he does offer is a way to see the world and find our true selves all at the same time

  5. James James says:

    Everything Mind God Spirit Being Isness by Chris Gross who recommends highly The Last Night of Earth Poems by Charles BukowskiTo learn about this independent spiritual teacher take a look at the site What I admire most about this book are the well crafted spiritual practicums The Centering Prayer from the work of Father Thomas Keating is one I am doing

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