Using Medicine in Science Fiction PDF/EPUB ¹ in

  • Paperback
  • 556 pages
  • Using Medicine in Science Fiction
  • H.G. Stratmann
  • 01 June 2015
  • 9783319160146

2 thoughts on “Using Medicine in Science Fiction

  1. Nachtreich Nachtreich says:

    Ci sono parecchi spunti interessanti e diversi capitoli hanno indubbiamente una certa utilità per chi è interessato a scrivere racconti di Hard Sci Fi es il terzo sui rischi psicofisici in ambienti a gravità zero e sugli incidenti di varia natura con conseguenze sull'organismo o sulle tecnologie in dotazione Se però per il racconto usi uesto testo come punto di riferimento per la sezione biologica e uindi per una descrizione più dettagliata es malattie congenite anziché ricorrere alla manualistica sei un povero stronzo

  2. Doug Farren Doug Farren says:

    If you are a writer of fiction especially science fiction then this book will give you far information than you can possibly digest in a single reading Buy it read it then use it as a reference

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Using Medicine in Science Fiction✹ [BOOKS] ✭ Using Medicine in Science Fiction By H.G. Stratmann ❃ – This book offers a clearly written entertaining and comprehensive source of medical information for both writers and readers of science fictionScience fiction in print in movies and on television all This book offers in Science Epub ´ a clearly written entertaining and comprehensive source of medical information for both writers and readers of science fictionScience fiction in print in movies and on television all too often presents dubious or simply incorrect depictions of human biology and medical issues This book explores the real science behind such topics as how our bodies adapt to being in space the real life feasibility of common plot elements Using Medicine ePUB í such as suspended animation and medical nanotechnology and future prospects for improving health prolonging our lives and enhancing our bodies through technologyEach chapter focuses on a single important science fiction related subject combining concise factual information with examples drawn from science fiction in all media Chapters conclude witha Bottom Line section summarizing the most important points discussed in the chapter and giving science fiction writers practical advice on how to incorporate Medicine in Science PDF Ç them into their own creations including a list of references for further readingThe book will appeal to all readers interested in learning about the latest ideas on a variety of science fiction related medical topics and offers an invaluable reference source for writers seeking to increase the realism and readability of their worksHenry G Stratmann MD FACC FACP is a cardiologist with board certifications in internal medicine cardiology and nuclear cardiology Before entering private practice he became Professor of Medicine at St Louis University School of Medicine and performed clinical medical research Henry received a BA in chemistry from St Louis University and his MD at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine He is currently enrolled at Missouri State University to obtain a BS in physics with a minor in astronomy His professional publications include being an author or coauthor of many research articles for medical journals primarily in the field of nuclear cardiology Henry is also a regular contributor of both stories and science fact articles to Analog Science Fiction and Fact.

About the Author: H.G. Stratmann

Henry G HG in Science Epub ´ Stratmann MD is a semiretired cardiologist and part time science fiction writer He grew up in the small town of E Carondelet Illinois population c if you include dogs and cats near St Louis Missouri Henry was his high school’s valedictorian He graduated summa cum laude with a BA in chemistry from St Louis University in He received his MD from Southern I.