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Claude Monet 1840 1926 Basic Art [Read] ➵ Claude Monet 1840 1926 Basic Art Author Christoph Heinrich – Prince of the Impressionists Capturing the ever changing face of reality Hailed the 1840 1926 PDF/EPUB è Prince of the Impressionists Capturing the ever changing face of reality Hailed the.

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  1. Irma Sincera Irma Sincera says:

    Well put together book

  2. Sotiris Makrygiannis Sotiris Makrygiannis says:

    A poor guy uses his talent and buy a whole island good story anyway few observations the respect that he had for his teacher not a great artist but great teacher Impressionism is not about the fine details but the picture as a whole Monet love of Normandy is viable and also his love for Japanese influences I think Japan loves him as well but that another story Is obvious that he grows older and his vision changes his painting style change as well Is all about the light and how we perceive those freuencies how we use our arms to create a snapshot of a moment A great eye to hand artist great light sensors he had

  3. Rima Rima says:

    Claude Monet is one of my very very favourite artists and painters so naturally I am fond of any picture book showcasing his artwork This was an elegant and affordable Taschen series for a highschool undergrad teenager at that time I got this book in 1996 it is well designed the pages are thick and the large format render the paintings beautifully the biography is decent however it would have been nice to include excerpts of Claude Monet's own writing letters and uotes

  4. July July says:

    I bought a calendar last year of Monet paintings which made me finally buy this book It tells the story of Monet and his history how he left school before what they called the leaving exams to become a painter He headed to Paris He entered a small private art school He met Dutch painter Johan Jongkind It told how he struggled with critics His family refused him an allowance He struggled to get by on his commissions He met Camille and starts painting her Bazille a friend who is better off financially takes him in and shares a studio He will even buy some of Monet's paintings Monet finally leaves to travel to his family painting Camille will end of pregnant with a son Bazille will end up supporting the three off and on because Monet's paintings sell only occasionallyThis book tells the story of his life and his friends the artists he met along the way And the beautiful art inside is spectacular

  5. Sydni Sydni says:

    Great chronological overview of Monet’s life and work giving insight into his artwork and career

  6. Haley Haley says:

    This book provided a fine introduction into the life and work of Claude Monet But that's just it it was only an introduction While I enjoyed the author's insights into several of Monet's major works I'd hoped that he'd focus on the personal life of the artist What's the little the author does include makes Monet the man who possessed such enthusiasm for color and the peaceful ualities of nature seem rather dull

  7. Kate Kate says:

    I read this title as part of a continuing education class I'm an art teacher and this is a part of an Art History certificationI found this to be a very uick concise history of Monet his personal life career and works What I enjoyed most about the book was the full sized full color prints of his pieces I've read a few books on different artists as part of my program and you'd be surprised how many of them print black and white reproductions of the work I recognize how expensive it can be to print full color images but I think for an art history text it's essential The color prints of his works made a huge difference in appreciating the textI do think the book lacks in terms of the details of Monet's personal life As part of this program I recently read a biography on Georgia O'Keeffe which was 500 pages vs this one at just 100 but it was detailed enough for what I needed I was able to answer all the course uestions and essays without issue However had I been reading this on my own I think I would have been left wanting a little This will be a great addition to my classroom library

  8. britt | averagebibliophile britt | averagebibliophile says:

    this book is the best art book i've ever read it really kickstarted an interest in reading some nonfiction classic novelsplays AKA Sartre for me not only does this biography go through Monet's life it also shows how his paintings adapted over time by showing them chronologically it explains the artistic themes behind his work why it was shunned when it was how he became successful etc while making the art terms understandable and not a chore to read it was super interesting and i actually found myself looking forward to reading it I've already bought the Van Gogh and Magritte books from this series as wellalso Claude Monet is my favorite artist everything he paints is just GORGEOUS

  9. Julie Julie says:

    Monet is my favourite painter so it was natural for me to love this bookalbum since the first pageThe main reason i liked it so much was that we can understand why he painted like this why he used these formats these colours these themesNow i just like even Monetsorry for the english mistakes

  10. Diana Diana says:

    Many years I said thats he is my favourite of impressionistsAs a surprise they made calendar for shop chain Oxfam what is unusual for charity shopsCannot stick to only one but he is similarities with many their time artists

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