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  1. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    A haunting glimpse into the early 20th Century before Hitler's rise to power The Spider's Web is as much psychological as it is political giving a startling look into the life and mind of a main character who is about average as far as people go yet lacking in personal ethics and morality enough to jump at the opportunity for power via a radical group With insidious manipulation Theodor Lohse climbs to the height of society without having to think about who might get hurt in the end or the conseuences which could forever taint historyAs interesting and somewhat chilling as Lohse as a character is the character I found most intriguing was Benjamin Lenz who is even manipulative than Lohse but who behaves so for reasons of protecting himself and surviving; Lenz has learned that power is ultimately the best form of survival but that power can be fleeting and as such he seems to have no outward political affiliations or motives and will do whatever helps him at the time using both left wing and right wing members to his own advantage In the end the tables are turned and Joseph Roth manages to keep things surprising while also darkly uncanny considering what horrific things really took place after The Spider's Web's publication

  2. Jayaprakash Satyamurthy Jayaprakash Satyamurthy says:

    A dark vivid little novel that follows the fortunes of an ambitious young man involving himself in right wing maneuverings during the Weimar Republic Not especially intelligent but brutal enough to be effective in times when brutality was in the ascendant He is of course being manipulated by everyone including a Jewish double or agent who stands out as the most remarkable character in this book sly patient cynical but with a hidden fervour

  3. Michel Michel says:

    A prophetic the book was written in 1923 descent into the abyss of nationalism and fascism in Germany's 1920's through the eyes of Theodor Lohse an ambitious yet average lieutenant who uickly understands that his fastest ticket to the upper crust of society is to belong to an underground right wing organization bent on beating up socialists communists and Jews Not terribly smart but without scruples his lack of self respect and humanity soon bring fruit His dealings bring him to use the services of Benjamin Lenz a much smarter opportunistic Jew who figured out that helping if not blackmailing plotters from both right and left is key to his survival In the end in a remarkable reversal the master is beholder to the slave Lenz holds the power but the reader knows that alas the reversal is soon to come with devastating and catastrophic conseuencesThe accuracy with which Roth described the rise of fascism in the Weimar Republic is stunning 9 years before Hitler's rise to power

  4. Marc Marc says:

    Theodore Lohse a German former soldier from the first world war emerges as a fascist leader There's no real story line but it's a nice impression of the bustling 1920s and 30s Written in a weird fluctuating style

  5. Panagiotis Panagiotis says:

    More of a description and depiction of a sensitive and misty era of the human history and less of a tale this book manages to capture the climax that createdcultivated and fed the rise of fasism in Europe and especially in Germany that finally led to the catastrophic World War IIThrough the eyes of a young man who is being used as an example to show us how in a period of crisispoverty and suffering devious people find their way to the top we get to know the general image of a society in painA big credit for this novel is surely it's prophetic character since what Roth describes is what actually happened or less the following years after it was published Insightfull the writer managed to see what was coming and maybe tried to alert through his art some peopleThe story itself is nothing of great importance the protagonist and by no means the ''hero'' is a despicable person a cunning man who in order to succeed does not hesitate to do anything and betray anyone who stands on his wayUnfortunately the subject is topical since in the difficult times that we live we see how people like the protagonist of the book take advantage of the crisis deceive people by giving them a false sense of power and superiority and rise crating dangers of even greater importance than the existing ones

  6. lärm lärm says:

    I was hoping to get some insight in Germany's post WW1 tribulations the rise of the freikorpsen etc but Roth excels in vagueness in his first novel even though this book would turn out to be visionary There's little action going on here Not even two weeks later i have a hard time recalling what this book was about Alte Kämpfer from Stefan Olivier provides a way direct action fueled and gripping account of the rise of the nazis but is completely overlooked whereas The spider's web gets credit than it deserves in my humble opinion just because it's Roths first novel The way he predicts the Bierkeller Putsch is uncanny thoughIt's not a bad book by any standard it's pretty good actually but it seems like i have to struggle through Klemperer's work to find out about the revolutionary years 1919 1920

  7. Henry Henry says:

    Roth's descriptive writing is beautiful but this feels like a practice for a detailed book It deals with the rise of an ambitious young man Theodor Lohse who gets caught in the wave of aggressive development repression and anti semitism of Germany during the period after WW1 However I have found it unmemorable despite his poetic descriptions The ending feels rushed and inconclusive and uestion what he was actually trying to say but am not uite sure whether I care His empathy is clear but perhaps in a form of despair May be this is the point Although I can't help feeling it was lacklustre Enjoyed it though

  8. Conrad Kinch Conrad Kinch says:

    A brief but densely packed novella chronicling the career of a rootless and biddable agent provocateur in Germany in the 1920s Roth's prose is highly polished allusive and repays careful study Not an epic canvas but a beautifully crafted miniature

  9. Brian Murray Brian Murray says:

    This is an interesting representation of post WWI Germany with some surprisingly accurate predictionsBut it's still a bore

  10. George George says:

    Written as a chronicle a regard of the dark Middlewar ages

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Das Spinnennetz ✭ [PDF] ✪ Das Spinnennetz By Joseph Roth ✺ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Joseph Roth Das Spinnennetz Roman Erstdruck in Arbeiterzeitung Wien 7 Oktober 6 November 1923 Erstausgabe posthum Koln 1967 Vollstandige Neuausgabe Herausgegeben von Karl Maria Guth Berlin 2015 Umschl Joseph Roth Das Spinnennetz Roman Erstdruck in Arbeiterzeitung Wien Oktober November Erstausgabe posthum Koln Vollstandige Neuausgabe Herausgegeben von Karl Maria Guth Berlin Umschlaggestaltung von Thomas Schultz Overhage unter Verwendung des Bildes Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Doppelselbstportrait um Gesetzt aus Minion Pro pt.

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  • Das Spinnennetz
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About the Author: Joseph Roth

Joseph Roth journalist and novelist was born and grew up in Brody a small town near Lemberg in East Galicia part of the easternmost reaches of what was then the Austro Hungarian empire and is now Ukraine Roth was born into a Jewish family He died in Paris after living there in exilehttpwwwjosephrothde.