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The Berenstein Bears' Home Sweet Tree [Epub] ❧ The Berenstein Bears' Home Sweet Tree Author Stan Berenstain – Kids will love stepping into the home of the first family of Bears and exploring the many rooms where they live work sleep and play Peek into Papa Bear's root cellar discover all the fun stuff in Mama Kids will love stepping into the home of Bears' Home eBook ↠ the first family of Bears and exploring the many rooms where they live work sleep and play Peek into Papa Bear's root cellar discover all the fun stuff in Mama Bear's attic and take a romp through Brother and Sister The Berenstein Kindle - Bear's room With over fifty fun flaps to lift there's a lot to look for while learning what really lies beneath the dust ruffles and in the crannies of the most popular treehouse in America.

  • 32 pages
  • The Berenstein Bears' Home Sweet Tree
  • Stan Berenstain
  • English
  • 17 September 2016
  • 9780895777324

About the Author: Stan Berenstain

Jan Berenstain often called The Berenstains were American Bears' Home eBook ↠ writers and illustrators best known for creating the children's book series the Berenstain Bears Their son Mike joined them as a creative team in the late s.

10 thoughts on “The Berenstein Bears' Home Sweet Tree

  1. midnightfaerie midnightfaerie says:

    The Berenstain Bears might be old school but their stories are still fun And this level 1 reading book was colorful and interesting enough to be my 5 yr old's choice for today's reading Now that he's reading books on his own sometimes it's work to find something that isn't Spongebob or Superhero related that he's willing to read This one was a great choice and engaging for him A great read

  2. Em Em says:

    Not much of a story The kids take us on a tour of the treehouse here's dad asleep watching the TV; here's mum baking cookies; here's the cellarbasement full of old irrelevant crap that mum won't throw away; here's our bedroom where both of us fit into established gender roles uite dull

  3. Jacqueline Garcia Jacqueline Garcia says:

    The Berenstain Bears Home Sweet Tree is written in the Children literature format with the story in a poetry form element The book is written in a poetry format that lines rhyme and the illustration in pictures and is meant to capture and teach a concept for children The Home Sweet Tree story is a story that has vibrant color pictures that will engage your children in a reading activity The story is about a loving bear family that lives in a tree house The little bears invite their friend over one day to their sweet tree homeThe story is a cute story about these little bears that are really proud of their home in a tree The little bears invite their friends to come over so they can show them their house When they get there Mama bear is baking cookies and Papa bear is asleep on his rocker as he was watching tv The little bears invited their friends to eat some of Mama bears cookies and after they ate their cookies The little bears wanted their friends to see their room and Papa bears cellar where their mom would save so many things When they showed them their rooms the little girl bear was so proud of her room it was so neat and organized The other little bear was a little ashamed of how messy his part of the room was but I am sure he said in his head oh well it's a boy thing At the end the four bears were at the door looking down to their friends as they left and as they waved goodbye they invited them to come again I will definitely recommend to read this book to your children because it is written poetry form and contains really nice illustrated pictures

  4. Alexis Ardissone Alexis Ardissone says:

    Summary Brother Bear and Sister Bear give a tour of their Treehouse home On the tour they show us Papa Bear asleep in front of the TV Mama Bear making cookies the cellar basement and the bedroom they share At the end of the book they as when the reader will show them their “Home Sweet Tree” This story gives the reader an insight into their home and their family dynamic Theme The theme of this cute bear story was to show how people live This showcased the Berenstain’s family dynamic and how their house operates This teaches children that not all homes and families are exactly like their home and family; each one is uniuePersonal Response Recommendation This book was fun to read because of the rhyming words and the fun topic This is a series I read as a child and I related to this book specifically because of the cellar they explored Growing up my garage was filled with things that my mom said we will use again like Mama Bear tells her kids I recommend this book as a fun read for children There is no clear lesson that a child can learn from but it is definitely entertaining to read

  5. Joan Joan says:

    Always a favorite with young readers the Berenstain Bears are the central characters in this charming tale Brother and Sister take young readers on a tour of the family treehouse Lively illustrations accompany a text filled with humor and sufficient repetition to help beginning readers master their first steps into independent reading Recommended

  6. Danette Danette says:

    102317 Read with Naomi Julia

  7. Sevi Sather Sevi Sather says:

    9 pages on the basement and no exclusive footage of the kitchen or bathrooms is a real let down

  8. Aj Sterkel Aj Sterkel says:

    This was a blast from the past I remember this book from my childhood It’s kind of like those “Apartment Tour” videos on YouTube The young bears show the reader around their treehouse It’s cute There’s no plot or conflict There is a delicious illustration of chocolate chip cookies that made my toddler very happy We spent a lot of time pretending to eat those cookiesDo you like opinions giveaways and bookish nonsense? I have a blog for that

  9. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    A good book for beginning readers

  10. Joy Joy says:

    I loved this series of books

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