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  • 06 February 2016

10 thoughts on “Taking Flight

  1. Brenda Brenda says:

    Thirteen year old Jeremy Walsh was being sent from his home in Seattle to spend two months with his mother in New York She was bipolar and rarely coped with Jeremy around making it a visit he could do without His doctor father was heading to Africa on his two month mission to help the people of the country so needed to get rid of Jeremy On the plane Jeremy was seated beside an elderly man Harry Herndon and the pair got to talking Their arrival in New York with one thing and another saw Jeremy and Harry in a hire care heading across countryAs the journey continued and they found themselves enjoying the adventure they talked Never before had Jeremy now Jay had such interesting adult conversations with someone like Harry And although Harry was in the first stages of Alzheimers and had a prosthetic leg Jay helped him When Harry was lucid he talked about his family his past and what he loved And it turned out Jay loved birding just as much as Harry did Their searching for different species led them to many different lakes and habitats It took a week for Jeremy’s parents to realise he was missing but it took Abby – Harry’s wife – only a matter of days to follow his trail What would be the outcome when the unlikely pair were discovered Taking Flight is my first by Adrian R Magnuson and I really enjoyed it I found Jeremy and Harry’s stories wonderful heartbreaking poignant and downright beautiful The respect and love that grew between the two was lovely to see I laughed out loud many times at their antics and wished them well along the way I’ve had this on my kindle since 2012 – I’m so glad I’ve finally read it 😊 Highly recommended

  2. Sarah Sarah says:

    I worked as an editor on an early draft of this novel Ever since then I have been telling people about this book What I will always keep with me is the experience of being inside the mind of someone who is losing their memory My own father suffered from dementia so this book resonated at a deep level One particular scene where sounds recalled part of Harry’s past will likely stay with me forever it was so vivid There were the descriptions of what triggered memories the often funny scenes that showed what distracted Harry and the touching moments showing us what he thought about when he considered his fate Reading this book was a moving experience I also appreciated seeing how the people who loved Harry dealt with each other The author considered all angles of the family dynamic which is important for a book like this Jeremy’s experience with parents who were less than focused on his well being reminded me of how I felt as a kid Watching Jeremy find someone to love him and advocate for him at a time when so many kids feel like nobody cares gave the story an additional thread of meaning I found myself longing for my own version of a Harry when I was thirteenEven though I knew what was going to happen when I closed the book I was moved again and marveled at the way people can be so calm in the middle of enormous life changes Once I stopped to consider how much people we meet casually can eventually mean to us This is a special book that I have still not forgotten This book was about human connection People from different generations came together and united over the common interest in birds but stayed together for what they found in each other

  3. Paula Paula says:

    I would give the first 34 of this book 4 stars but the last part garners 2 at most so I'll split it down the middle Fun road trip story of a teenage boy his elderly companion I really liked JeremyJ Harry's relationship enjoyed their story the banter the poignant moments all seemed very real genuine Abby's POV felt right tooBut Rose Jackson WTH Even with the knowldge that Rose is supposedly bipolar there is no excuse for the way this boy was treated You leave your kid alone in an airport then when he disappears you just ASSUME he must have flown back to his dad's house but don' tbother to check Please Not realistic AT ALL One minute she's freaking about about possible pedophiles child killers the next minute she's refusing to call the cops And Jackson wanting her back but knowing that Jeremy makes her worse A parent choosing a spouse over their child's well being I just didn't get it at all And the ending was just ridiculous talk about tying up all the loose ends uickly Nice tidy for Rose Jackson to get back together without THEIR SON getting in their way oh yes that's fair what's best for all parties Of course we'll put you up at the boarding school of your choice close to people we don't know at allSo I did enjoy most of the book I really did I think the relationship that develops between J Harry makes it worth a read Just be prepared to roll your eyes at the end

  4. Karthik Parthasarathy Karthik Parthasarathy says:

    A beautiful tale of two unlikely companions who meet each other in the most bizarre way and find themselves during a travel A boy in his early teens gets to meet an elderly man struggling with his memories on and off they share the passion of bird watching and they get to start on a wonderful journey across US The book gives a sneak peek into the life of a teenager what makes him tick and opens up the world of an old man struggling with his decaying memory It also brings out the lives of those around the central characters and the beautiful way in which two people at the opposite ends of their lives gel well together and start out a beautiful friendship Loved the book the narration the characters and the journey Definitely worth reading

  5. Leslie Nelson Leslie Nelson says:

    What a beautiful story full of real people I mean real people as in lots of flaws and that is what made me love them and this bookTaking Flight helped me think about alzheimer's and relationships in a new way It introduced me to bird watching too I had always thought it sounded insufferably boring but after reading this book I can understand how it appeals to some not that I am going to startReading it made me smile laugh and cry What could you ask from a book Well done Mr Magnuson

  6. Linda Fagioli-Katsiotas Linda Fagioli-Katsiotas says:

    I look at birds carefully now though the bird theme in Taking Flight is secondary This is a tale about an adolescent named Jeremy and his unlikely older traveling companion named Harry who has a slowly progressing dementia The two embark on a literal and metaphoric journey after some odd circumstances throw them together It’s an interesting look at aging as well as relationships Harry sums up his fear of losing his memory with “I’ve gotten used to the missing pieces It’s the missing words that scare me most Words are my life” Amen to that HarryAt times I thought the interaction between Jeremy and his parents was a bit peculiar or Jeremy's lightening speed bolt to maturity when he confronts his parents and Harry's son was not exactly believable but a three stars rating means I liked it and I did It’s a uick easy read with a somewhat feel good flavor

  7. Donna Donna says:

    I truly loved this book from beginning to end The conversations between the old man and the young boy were so realistic I felt like I was with them The bird watching was a bit boring at first but this was what connected the two of them and as I kept reading I also loved the search for birdsAnother reviewer pointed out that no one would just up and take a young person off for a ride across the US Perhaps true but it sure made for a good readA beautiful uplifting story for anyone who has experienced Alzheimer or had a teenager that was a pain in the butt

  8. Etienne Etienne says:

    I really don't understand all the good critics on Goodreads about that books The story is just so unrealistic an old man go on a trip kidnap a teenage boy and everybody find it cute because they watch bird together And to it the characters are flat no emotions pass through them Last point the Alzheimer is really accessory there and is like the rest not realistic at all if you want a good book about the disease read Still Alice doesn't get better and well done than that one For this book just don't waste your time Bottom line if found out this year was really a bad year for public critics sites Goodreads Rotten tomatoes IMDB and many others People are so hip or down about something that we get extreme opinion that just are not true and doesn't mean anything As for Goodreads in particular I have read a couple of books that when you read the review you just have to ask yourself if people are paid to make good review as a marketing action ore if it's the friend or family of the author that try to create a hip too it I even read a book where the author review her whom book and gave it five stars Confidence is good but still Or review of book with then 1 000 ratings for a book that is not even finish writing by the author This is a really sad thing because that give away the credibility of those sites and you just can't really look at the rating to choose a new book and if it worth it or not It's just my opinion but I feel like sharing it to you in the last days of 2017 Finally I wish a Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all those who follow my review Take care take time for friend and family are remember the true thing that matter the most in you life and take time for them in 2018

  9. Cammie Cammie says:

    Harry and JeremyJay's journey was so sweet and so dangerous Their accidental meeting on the plane was the catalyst for an adventure that changed not only these two but other characters connected to Harry and Jay as well I feel very strongly that each rescued the other Harry suffering from Alzheimer's is able to escape his life and share some memories with Jay while making new ones Jay is able to escape his parents who are focused on themselves than their son and connect with Harry One thing that bothered me at the end of the book was the ignorance of Jeremy's parents While I know that teenagers can be difficult to live with I just don't see how his parents could be so unconcerned about him and his safety Even after he is found they still do not make much of an effort to be parents Yes they compromise in the end for Jay's benefit but I would have thought that this would have been a major wake up call for themThe uest for birds was a uniue connection between Harry and Jay with each section of the book related to birdsbird habits 1 Fledging Barn Swallow2 Migration Ovenbird3 Establishing Territory Black Crowned Night Heron4 Mating Common Loon5 Epilogue Canada GooseWhile the birding is secondary to the friendship between Harry and Jay I'd like to think that there's some significance to it all

  10. Di Di says:

    This is the story of the unlikely story of an adolescent boy and a elderly man well on the road to Alzheimer’s Everything about this book is “unlikely” Unlikely meeting unlikely journey unlikely understanding But it all worksGreat conversations between the 2 both having a huge interest in birdingSecondary characters were not very likeable but I’m sure that was part of the master plan The Alzheimer’s was handed very well and gave better understanding to the reader The title has great relevance to the end of the book

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Taking Flight[Ebook] ➡ Taking Flight By Adrian R. Magnuson – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Jeremy Walsh’s parents assume he’s been abducted by the elderly man he met on a cross country flight but it’s the other way around Two unlikely companions meet in midair 13 year old Jeremy sent Jeremy Walsh’s parents assume he’s been abducted by the elderly man he met on a cross country flight but it’s the other way around Two unlikely companions meet in midair year old Jeremy sent against his will by his career absorbed father to spend the summer with his bipolar mother and Harry one legged and afflicted with mid stage Alzheimer’s who escapes the confinement of home for what may be his last adventure Their journey begins trailed by Harry’s wife and Jeremy’s parents who threaten to cut it short It’s a race against time and circumstance In Adrian Magnuson's Taking Flight a curmudgeon losing his memory and a snarky teen fleeing his parents find a common passion in bird watching Endearing characters delightful story and a poignant final scene give this book wings along with the beautifully depicted birds” —Frances Wood author of Brushed by Feathers A Year of Birdwatching in the West Taking Flight is an evocative and moving contemporary novel It is at every level a story about love For one character it is a coming of age tale for the other the end of an age Both are runaways yet each ultimately is searching for home I highly recommend this heart touching beautifully written book —Andrea Hurst president of Andrea Hurst Literary Management “Filled with well developed real life characters Taking Flight’s heart breaking but satisfying story hits on all cylinders action comedy and emotion” —Terry Persun award winning author of Sweet Song.