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The Smoking Gun [PDF / Epub] ☃ The Smoking Gun By Lashell Collins – The Kelly Family is back and this time they must save one of their ownDespite all the sibling rivalry over the years the Kelly boys are tight Everyone knows that Even though on the surface they couldn The Kelly Family is back and this time they must save one of their ownDespite all the sibling rivalry over the years the Kelly boys are tight Everyone knows that Even though on the surface they couldn’t be different Sweet sexy Ethan is the fun loving gentle soul while his older brother Storm is the hot as sin bad boy panty melting Dom And though they’re both sworn to uphold the law as members of the Eastwood Police Department their private lives are as wickedly divergent as the two amazingly beautiful women who share their beds The Smoking PDF or But when Ethan gets himself into a world of trouble on the job it’s up to Storm to get to the truth and clear his little brother’s good nameThe Smoking Gun features two of your favorite Kelly Family couples Storm and Nina and Ethan and Heather all in one book.

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  1. Vickie Vickie says:

    Arc received for honest review 45 StarsThe Kelly’s are backand back with a BANG they areThe town of Eastwood are suffering from a spate of home invasions and it's Storms job to investigate and catch the culprits responsible which with no evidence or DNA being left at the scenes is proving difficultEthan who is finishing his night shift responds to a call for back up as there is a home invasion in progress when he arrives the culprits are making a run for it and Ethan goes after one of the culprits while giving chase things go from bad to worse ending in a fatal shootingFamily loyalty sibling rivalry daddy issues and the clearing of Ethan’s name will push the Kelly family to its limitsThis is the sixth book in the Kelly family saga that I have read and certainly did not disappoint The plotline brought real life issues into the story and the coverage of this was handled really well I felt the story flowed had a good mix of suspense sexy time humour and brought out all the emotions of juggling being a police officer and family life I enjoyed the fact that even though the story focused mainly on Ethan and Storm all the other family members we have previously met are still in the storyLooking forward to reading from the Kelly Family in the future

  2. Cheri Cheri says:

    More Kelly family and this one will take its toll on the entire family Ethan the youngest is accused of a bad shoot A young black man Right from today's headlines Can the family help? They are all cops and good investigators but they are family Will they be allowed in on the investigation? If not how can they support the usually good spirited one in the Kelly bunch? With his job in jeopardy and the headlines calling him a cop monster how will he cope? The author takes real life to her Kelly family who her readers have grown to love and feel part of their familyWhile Storm tries to help Ethan and do his own job we get a closer look at his life style Nina and Storm take an important step but can they handle it and the pressure? A surprise visit adds even to the already volatile timeWe get to watch Mike Kelly start to see things from others viewpoint Is it going to make a change or is it too little too late?There is so much in the story and it is so well crafted to bring the reader into the emotions and pressures of the police out of the norm lifestyle commitments and family relations This one is intense The characters are all special on their own and as a group they are unforgettableI received and ARC for an honest review

  3. Linda Levine Linda Levine says:

    The Kelley brothers may be very different in personality but loyalty to those they love is never in uestion They stick together Ethan finds himself with his career in jeopardy and big brother Storm is there along with other members of the family to clear his name and save his job This book alternates between multiple of view Ethan Storm and the women they love share their thoughts and feelings as they deal with this very tense situation and their personal relationships as well Their father also is given time to share his thoughts The author does an excellent job of balancing two stories Ethan's situation is the main focus and we also see the strain for Storm due to the change in his BDSM relationship and the imminent visit of her parents to their homeI still have to go back and read the earlier stories but I was able to jump right into this one with no issues I enjoy when you get to hear the story in the voice of the main characters as it makes me feel connected to them It was a smooth transition in this bookThe characters feel real They have history that guides their behavior In particular Ethan and Storm's relationship with their father is very complicated They want his approval but don't want the judgements He in turn doesn't understand why they don't want him in their lives You see the effects of parental styles on future generations as he recalls his father's behavior Ethan's girlfriend has great difficulty in handling the situation due to her past She wants to support him but doesn't know what is the best path to take I don't read a lot of stories with BDSM and the reader has a better chance of understanding it all in this book than most because Storm is educating others on the lifestyle and answering their uestions as part of the storyline I still feel a little uncomfortable with an adult woman calling her lover Daddy I don't find it offensive just different For them it is about her giving up control as soon as she enters the house than about just sex I thought the storyline was very timely as police shootings are in the news lately and there is a lot of concern about officers being motivated by the suspect's race Most of the characters are police officers and they make very good points about the risk to their lives everyday and that decisions have to be made immediately based on the limited information available I received a copy in return for a honest review

  4. Yvonne Daniels Yvonne Daniels says:

    The Smoking GunA Kelly Family NovelBy Lashell Collins⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I received this book to read and give a honest review this is my opinion Wow Lashell Collins is such a splendid writer Her storyline felt so real as I read the story I felt as if I was a part of the story it makes laugh and sad I couldn't ask for but this author gives you The storyline is so heroic and proud but at the same it so realistic it's so bewitching and charismatic The story has a great pace not to fast just right The characters is seductive magnetic scorching hot and what your fantasies are made of again I must say Wow I'm in loveThe Smoking Gun is about the Ethan and Storm Their relationship with their father and their family's dynamics Storm is into Bdsm lifestyle and has been teaching Nina who is eager to learn but Nina and her mother talks about everything so of she tell her mother all about her relationship with Storm of course as parents are they are not sure storm isn't hurting Nina no matter that she sounds happyEthan answers a call while the crime is still in process He chases the pert they shoot at each other the pert is hurt badly and he later dies This causes all kinds of trouble for Ethan This makes him snap at everyone in his family and his girlfriend Heather Of this makes his father want to help but he's now uestion hisself about how he treats his familyThis is a must read So Realistic I hope there is Kelly family books I recommend this highly A Fantastic Read

  5. Michelle Austin Michelle Austin says:

    The Smoking Gun is the sixth book in the Kelly Family series In this story you again see how connected and strong the Kelly family are especially in their support of Ethan Ethan is suspended with a possibility of losing his job Will big brother Storm be able to help Ethan? Loved the additional look into Storm and Nina's BDSM lifestyle Some very hot scenes that will excite you Loved the visit from Nina's parents very interesting I love how Lashell Collins has multiple stories going on in the book If shifts perfectly into each scene and you feel everything that is going on You also start to see a little bit of Dad Kelly's POV you almost feel sorry for himCan't wait to see what's nextReceived book for an honest review

  6. Jennifer Lessard Jennifer Lessard says:

    I was given this book in exchange for an honest review This is my sixth book in this series and it was definitely not disappointing This basically involved the entire Kelly family but the spotlight shined on Ethan and his girlfriend Heather and also some on his brother Stormy and his girlfriend Nina It definitely had all the makings of a five star book It was filled with suspense drama smoking hot sex some angst and even some family healing was going on I certainly hope that this is not the end of this series I hope to see about the Kelly family There certainly are plenty of them to write about and I can see many directions that Ms Collins can take us with them I definitely look forward to reading from this author

  7. Donna Donna says:

    Smoking Gun is Lashell Collin’s newest installment in the Kelly family saga Although this story has a lot to do with Ethan and a situation involving him I love how this book is about all members of the Kelly family As usual there are plenty of daddy issues to be had but in this book there is a glimpse of hope for healing Storm who is traditionally my favorite Kelly has a strong presence in the story line Nina and Storm bring hotness to the book those kinky kids Family dynamics social issues understanding and romance yeah it’s in here I give this book 45 stars with 3 hands down the pants

  8. Kathryn Synoracki Kathryn Synoracki says:

    I received this book from the author for an honest review I really love the Kelly Family Series This felt like an extra because it was about all of the Kelly's I really enjoyed it and highly recommend

  9. Exquisite Reviews Exquisite Reviews says:

    This is the 6th book in the Kelly Family saga and it is filled to the brim with Kelly actionThis books focuses majorly on Storm or as I love to call him Stormy and his younger brother Ethan While on a police chase Ethan shoots a 17 yr old kid who has fled the scene of a crime doubt sets in uickly when a gun can’t be recovered As the spotlight of the country shifts to his brother Storm must find a way to prove his brother is innocent while not compromising the caseThis book was charged with what felt like real life emotions and the battle our nation is in when it comes to law enforcement While I will not choose a side on this review because it is a hot topic at the moment I will say that author Lashell Collins did a great job provoking emotions with her characters There was a genuine feel to this book and I am glad it was researched to provide the reader an authentic feel I enjoyed the book and loved to see of the dynamic with Storm and Nina; their relationship to me has grown the most within this world While I liked this new book I was left with some uestions and without giving away the story I can’t actually post them on here

  10. Jodi - Alpha Loving Erotic Book Beauty Blogger Jodi - Alpha Loving Erotic Book Beauty Blogger says:

    They say blood is thicker then water and it's so true especially in the latest installment of the Kelly family series This book has some Smoking Hot scenes and heart pounding action not to mention sinfully sexy brothers Lashell Collins did a fantastic job at keeping my attention to the end and the plot was right on Some of the favorite characters are in the smoking gun and I'm sure you'll be very pleased I know I was If you love reading suspenseful and very hot books you definitely need to pick this up You may wanna read the other books of the series first so you understand each of them I received this arc in return of an honest review Alpha Loving Erotic Book Beauty highly recommends The Smoking Gun

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