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Revenge in the Cotswolds ➿ Revenge in the Cotswolds Free ➶ Author Rebecca Tope – Thea Osborne is determined to avoid trouble during her latest commission house sitting in the pretty Cotswold village of Daglingworth Anticipating a relaxing two weeks spent looking after an old corgi Thea Osborne is determined to avoid trouble during her latest commission house sitting in the pretty Cotswold village of Daglingworth Anticipating a relaxing two weeks spent looking after an old corgi and a hibernating tortoise spiced Revenge in PDF/EPUB or with phone calls to boyfriend Drew Slocombe Thea settles down uite contentedly for about half a day Until that is a dead body is discovered in a nearby uarry Having encountered a group of environmental activists Thea suspects the death might be a backlash from angry residents against their radical ways And while she can empathise with the activists' views against wind farms badger culls and building developments Thea's not so sure about their violent methods As real tensions begin to unravel even Thea a seasoned crime solver is surprised by the truth.

10 thoughts on “Revenge in the Cotswolds

  1. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    Ive read every book in this series and have loved many of them This book however started off great and then fell short I saw many things happening that have happened time and again in the previous books in the series It was slightly like reading the same book over and over again With Thea never getting the romance going with Drew the stories are starting to feel stagnant This was my fav series EVER It hurts me to say these things about my fav author and books I have to be honest I will read the next in the series which came out last year only because I am dedicated to see it all to the end I just hope for action places to visit or descriptions instead of mindless on and on thought processes from Thea page fillers

  2. Lynda Macken Lynda Macken says:

    I have read every book in this series and this plot is one of the better ones I think the author has hit her stride Unlike previous reviewers I am uite fond of the protagonist Thea Osborne It is this character that keeps me coming back She's uite saucy

  3. Teresa Teresa says:

    Lightweight nonsense I like amateur sleuths but this was ridiculous and the prose was poor; the word ruefully being vastly overused

  4. Cathy Quigg Cathy Quigg says:

    I finished this book 32 hours ago and I had to go back to the book description to remember what it was about Obviously I'm not retaining what I'm reading And that is truly the purpose of this series to provide a comfortable escape without taxing your mind or your memory It's another surprise ending catching you off guard because an essential fact about the victim is hidden throughout the book And there's not much explanation of why he was doing what he was doing This is typical of the series a shock revelation of whodunit with a very loose tying of dangling ends and not enough explanation despite Thea spending endless pages running over the events in her head or bouncing ideas off her various companions and new friends

  5. Pam Pam says:

    Another formulaic Rebecca Tope book starring Thea and Hepzie her dog Once again she is house sitting in the Cotswolds and murder soon follows This time a who's who guide at the beginning of the book wasn't needed and the plotpeople were easy to followTowards the end when the revelation was beginning there was a hefty plot twist I didn't see coming I also guessed the wrong murderer right up to the end

  6. Violet Violet says:

    Thea seems to be beset with doubts The common theme is that she knows she's a busybody but she just can't help herself And of course there is murder and mayhem around her than the normal person This time it is one of a group of uiet environmental protesters They know who in their group is the murderer but protect him pretty well But Thea is pretty brave; in the end she confronts the group Another entertaining story

  7. Sharon Gallup Sharon Gallup says:

    These series of books are what i call comfort murder mysteries that you enjoy reading while curled up in a warm blanket in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine No matter where the heroine goes to house sit for people to be able to travel she can always find herself involved in a murder This one kept me suspended in suspense and the ending was not what i expected

  8. Alice Castle Alice Castle says:

    A very enjoyable romp through the Cotswolds that felt a little like the housesitting holiday the amateur sleuth herself was taking Interesting snapshot of rural life intertwined with some topical issues Nicely done and I enjoyed the description of the dogs as well

  9. Helen Helen says:

    I started well into this series as I found two of the books on sale but I will probably look for A good uite dense cozy English mystery Thankfully no obvious americanisms as seem to occur in many modern cozy mysteries set in England

  10. Drasko Drasko says:

    Entertaining cozy mistery with bit annoying heroine who can't grasp realities of the life Lot of wondering through ethical and philosophical wilderness with some contradictory conclusions If you love dogs you must love this one

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