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  1. Tory Wagner Tory Wagner says:

    The Marathon Murder by Chester D Campbell is part of a series featuring Greg McKenzie who with his wife Jill runs an investigative service In this book Greg and Jill are searching for some missing business records that may shed light on the disappearance of a man in 1914 While the premise of the story is interesting it failed to keep my attention

  2. Kevintipple Kevintipple says:

    Chester Campbell is one of those authors you never hear much about who constantly produces uality books Instead of posting everywhere on everything he just goes about his business and his latest novel is another good one When Warren Jarvis comes with a case there isn’t anything Greg and Jill McKenzie won’t do for him He brings with him a friend who goes by various names due to the nature of her work with the Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations She has a family link to a ninety year old murder case involving the Marathon Motor Works located near downtown Nashville Though the plant isn’t operating any a bunch of old records have been found hidden in a wall and they seem to indicate that a former employee suspected of embezzlement was actually innocent At least that is what they believe and the family involved would like to see the records themselves but the man who had them is now missing She wants to hire them to find the missing man and the records Greg and Jill agree and begin to work the case by starting at the most obvious point They start with the construction company and easily find out where the man lives and what he drives That angle and working the familial connection sends them off into a case that eludes nearly every attempt they make While the fourth in a series this novel could easily be read as an enjoyable stand alone cozy mystery Greg and Jill do make the occasional reference to earlier events but for the most part are constantly working the current case Character development is nil as these are characters that series readers have long since become accustomed to and don’t expect major changes Instead the focus is on the mystery and it is not one easily solved with numerous twists and turns along the way The result is another excellent cozy style mystery from Chester Campbell and another enjoyable read The Marathon Murders A Greg McKenzie Mystery Night Shadows Press February 2008 Hardback ISBN# 978 0 9790167 0 0 Trade Paper ISBN# 078 0 9799167 1 7 ARC Kevin R Tipple © 2008 2013

  3. Steve Edelman Steve Edelman says:

    A REAL PAGE TURNERChet Campbell’s “The Marathon Murder” is a well written murder mystery that spans then 90 years The chase begins when an old Air Force buddy gets the McKenzies to help search for papers that were missing for almost a century The papers belonged to his girlfriend’s great grandfather a man accused of embezzling thousands of dollars from the company he worked forWhat follows is another action packed whodunit that leads the McKenzies through murders beatings drugs and run ins with the policeThis is a great ‘Pandemic Read’

  4. Michelle Michelle says:

    Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so Shelley MA

  5. Nancy Nancy says:

    This is a mildly entertaining read with an interesting plot

  6. Laurie Laurie says:

    Liked this reada little mystery a little murder a little love Some references to previous books in the series but you understood the storyline with having read the other books

  7. Scot Scot says:

    This was fourth in the Greg McKenzie mystery series second one that I read Targets the euivalent of the old Matlock audience retired folks or those who know how to use their AARP card to get useful discounts and benefits Slow paced at the beginning but part of the purpose is to show the happy active lifestyle retirees can live in this case going back to work as a husband and wife private investigation teamInteresting in how it shows the nuts and bolts procedure of professional investigators not just the glamor or danger still to keep us reading there will be servings of both But along the way as this is also set in the South Nashville area to be precise we get as I expected from the earlier book in the series reminders to eat healthy and a visit to adult Sunday School class It's pretty easy to figure out who the bad guys are in this one but I did find the connection to an early car company's history to be intriguing The way any connection to or use of marijuana suggests major crime great shame on a family and serious evil however seems oddly out of synch with contemporary 21st century American perspectives

  8. Holly Holly says:

    Pretty good mystery More well written than many that I've recently read in that there really wasn't anything cringe worthy at all A retired Air Force lieutenant colonel now a PI along with his wife is hired to find some papers related to a 50 year old death The man with the papers however ends up dead Then others end up dead What I liked most about this book is that the protagonist PI worked in conjunction with law enforcement rather than interfering and undermining as is the case in most of these light mindless mysteries I just couldn't rate any higher though because somehow the case itself didn't draw me in It just wasn't really such a compelling mysteryI just realized that the book description on the Goodreads page is wrong It is not describing this book at all

  9. Jaden Terrell Jaden Terrell says:

    Reading Chester Campbell's The Marathon Murders is like going to dinner with good friends you haven't seen in awhile In this book Greg McKenzie and his wife Jill have honed their private detecting skills and acuired the kind of teamwork that comes only with experienceThe mystery involves a long hidden murder tied to the old Marathon Motorworks factory in Nashville Although the book is a work of fiction Campbell does a good job of tying modern events to the actual history of the factory As always Campbell's writing is polished and the plot nicely conceived Greg is a senior sleuth worth following

  10. Stacei Stacei says:

    another good oneI love the Greg McKenzie Mysteries I am sad there is only one book left in the series Once again Jill and Greg are off to solve a case As a retired couple turned PI's You never know where the case will take them With help from local law enforcement and their stumbling onto info the local law enforcement needs it is a bundle of twists and turns There were a couple of loose ends in this one but I still loved it Can't say enough good about this series Very clean if that is an issue for you

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The Marathon Murders (Greg McKenzie Mysteries, Book 4) ❮Reading❯ ➿ The Marathon Murders (Greg McKenzie Mysteries, Book 4) Author Chester D. Campbell – Did Sydney Liggett assistant treasurer of Marathon Motor Works in Nashville skip town in 1914 with embezzled funds or was he framed and murdered That's the uestion PI's Greg and Jill McKenzie are hire Did Sydney Liggett assistant treasurer of Marathon Motor Works in Nashville skip town in with embezzled funds or was he framed and murdered That's the uestion PI's Greg and Jill McKenzie are hired to answer when year old documents found during restoration of the company’s buildings disappear They discover the contractor who had them has been murdered As they follow the twisting path bodies are found and they fear their client Liggett’s great great granddaughter may be next.