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Regina ❴BOOKS❵ ✬ Regina Author Clare Darcy – REGINA KNEW WHAT TO EXPECT FROM A MAN LIKE LORD WREXAMThough barely twenty three lovely elegant Regina had learned how cruel it was to be wed to a handsome faithless rake a captivity ended only by her Regina KNEW WHAT TO EXPECT FROM A MAN LIKE LORD WREXAMThough barely twenty three lovely elegant Regina had learned how cruel it was to be wed to a handsome faithless rake a captivity ended only by her husband's fortuitous demiseNow Regina vowed to protect her innocent young niece from a similar agonizing alliance with the notorious Lord Wrexam whose good looks and fabulous wealth were as irresistible as his reputation was luridWith determination Regina stepped between Lord Wrexam and the girl And with dismay Regina realized that now she herself was the target of this man who made love a game he would break any rule to winBut Regina's hard won wisdom was soon warring with the folly of her heart and only iron resolve would safeguard her from the maddeningly dangerous charms of the most infuriatingly romantic nobleman in all the realm.

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Regina
  • Clare Darcy
  • English
  • 01 March 2016
  • 9780708814093

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  1. QNPoohBear QNPoohBear says:

    At three and twenty Regina Audwyn has been widowed for two years now and living abroad She has been called back to England by her uncle Lord Arun to take charge of her young cousin Bella's come out Bella a headstrong girl raised according to Rousseau absolutely insists she is going to marry the older charming Lord Wrexham Regina who experienced a disastrous marriage with an older charming man will allow no such thing She knows Wrexham must be fooling Bella for his own amusement Before Regina can object too strongly Lord Arun takes off for Mexico leaving his smallest children and teenage son with Regina and Bella in London No sooner do they arrive in London when Lord Wrexham appears everywhere much to Regina's annoyance Another unwelcome visitor is her late husband's uncle the Comte de Chelles who is in search of a diamond necklace he claims is a family heirloom The Comte insists Regina must have the necklace and he wants it back but Regina has never heard of this mysterious necklace and thinks the Comte may be mad Whatever shall she do? Is the Comte telling the truth? Not even his nephew Mr Lescot seems to be aware of this diamond necklace As Lord Wrexham continues to make himself known in the Stacpooles' London home Regina finds his presence and disagreeable yet he is excellent at dealing with unwanted visitors and knowing what to do in a crisis Should Regina continue to bar him from marrying Bella after all? Regina is a very good copycat of Georgette Heyer's plots and characters with a dash of Jane Austen thrown in for good measure The story is different enough not to violate copyright but it IS Heyer inspired and habitual readers of Georgette Heyer and traditional Regency novels will not find anything really new here There IS a plot twist at the end but it's also taken from Heyer I read this book so long ago and it failed to make an impression on me aside from Mexico Once I read that Lord Arun was going to Mexico I remembered HIM and his plot but nothing else Reading this again for the first time I found it enjoyable The story got off to a slow start but picked up once the affair of the necklace was introduced While Clare Darcy doesn't uite have Heyer's skill with words or comedy she successfully manages to copy the tone and plot structure of The Reluctant Widow and the idea of the family centered plot of Frederica and one dash of one other novel I won't name The romantic entanglements are caught up in the mystery but the heroine's romance doesn't come out until the end The conclusion is a bit satisfactory than Heyer's typical lack of overt romance I found this story amusing but not laugh out loud funny Other readers may not like the constant fits of temper the female characters seem to be in I really liked Regina because she's strong and strong willed She handles a difficult situation better than Lizzie Bennet handled the same situation but yet I didn't like how Regina constantly relied on Wrexham for help I didn't like Wrexham because his sense of humor leads him to set Regina's back up and make her lose her temper I do wish some of the story was from Wrexham's point of view because it's hard to tell whether he's serious about his intentions of marrying Bella and WHY he's so annoying on purpose He constantly needles Regina with his satirical sense of humor which I don't really find funny He know she hates it and he keeps doing it He is a strong alpha male but he doesn't ever use his alphaness on Bella or Regina He takes control of a situation and commands attention by being charming The other Stacpooles are eccentric at best The author is perhaps satirizing Jean Jacues Rousseau theories on childhood and childrearing Lord and Lady Arun were constantly fighting and breaking up and getting back together Lord Arun and his Stackpoole ancestors seem to delight in causing a scandal His children are absolute horrors They don't have any manners and behave poorly every time they're on page I found them irritating and unnecessary except to complicate the plot further and add a supposed to be screwball scene to the story That part doesn't manage to reach screwball level because it's told disjointedly after the fact Bella is no exception to the bad behavior policy Her behavior to her beloved Alistair is awful and she's horrid to her cousin in other words a typical teenage drama ueen Colin was the only family member I liked He may be young and have pretensions to dandyism but I think he will turn out to be a fine young man when he's over his first heady infatuation with London The other major characters include Regina's late husband's uncle the Comte de Chelles Colin refers to the Comte as a dirty dish and this assessment is probably correct The Comte clearly wants money and introduction to society so he can supposedly take his rightful place However he violated that sense of entitlement by taking advantage of Bonaparte's amnesty for nobles and throwing his lot in with Bonaparte He's lucky to be alive I don't even feel one bit sorry for him His nephew Mr Lescot has nice manners though a bit of a temper His temper leads him to constantly argue with Bella I just can't forgive him for owning a cotton plantation near New Orleans Minor characters like Nannie and Hughes the butler add some servant humor to the story As is often the case the servants are starchier than their employers Nannie tries to rule the nursery with an iron fist but the children are no match for her Hughes seems to have a secret sense of humor though by the way he allows certain characters to come in at the same time when he knows just one is than unwanted let alone than one If you're looking for a close match to Georgette Heyer Clare Darcy is your best bet In the US her books can often be found where used books are sold especially library book sales

  2. Caity Caity says:

    I SO enjoyed this Georgette Heyer style regency mystery The mystery part actually surprised me cause I had no idea Clare Darcy even wrote mysteries haha I laughed so hard at parts of this book and the plot was very well though out Regina had a super cute ending and overall this was a very uniue and fun story definitely a treasure I look forward to reading Darcy's other work

  3. Deborah Deborah says:

    Wonderful Upbeat clean Regency with excellent world creation Darcy's many characters are a pleasure to follow The climax of the action is hilarious complex and satisfyingbetter than most I've read for a long time

  4. Darlene Darlene says:

    A delightful classic Regency with all the elements that make this genre enjoyable It had been sitting on my TBR shelf for far too long and when I finally picked it up it was exactly what I wanted Clare Darcy is a true heiress to Georgette Heyer and should be read by all Regency fans

  5. Tobinsfavorite Tobinsfavorite says:

    Reformed Rake alert Reformed Rake alertI had to wait until page 35 for the first and only Puce Gown The I think about it the first few books I read were full of bronze green attire so the sudden shift to all puce should not have been such a shock This book does contain a hideous puce turban thoughAt first I thought that by moving to a widowed heroine Miss Darcy was mixing it up a bit stretching out changing her formula but other than the formerly married status of the primary female and the antagonism between the secondary female and the secondary male there's nothing new That wouldn't be much of a problem except that the same old same old just isn't particularly captivating in this outing there are some entertaining characters but they're mostly entertaining by dint of being exasperating and there's only so much of that a person can takeOn the positive side Regina is no headstrong idiot girl who leaps into scrapes and situations and the book does contain this passage taken from a scene during household preparations for a ball And then the door opened again upon the hallwhich now seemed to be inhabited by a large grove of potted palms moving steadily up the stairs to the ballroom like Birnam Wood coming to Dunsinane and Hughes entered to announce 'Lord Wrexam'

  6. Bethany Swafford Bethany Swafford says:

    Widowed Regina knows what it is like to be married to a handsome rake and she has been taxed to keep her young cousin away from Lord Wrexam With her young cousins left under her guardianship Regina must guide her cousin through the complexities of the Season and endure the demands of her dead husband's uncleThis is a fun romance I can definitely see where the author was inspired by the works of Georgette Heyer Regina is an intriguing character a widow who has seen of the cruel side of men than she'd ever known existed She still has an innocence about her though and she deals with her cousins with patience than I would have hadWe don't learn that much about Wrexam He is the classic tall dark and handsome hero who steps in to match wits against ReginaFor a clean old fashioned Regency Romance this would be an excellent choice

  7. Sue Sue says:

    The competent Regina agrees to chaperone her cousin's 'Coming Out' ball and look after her younger cousins A series of events make for an exciting plot but although the style is a bit like that of Georgette Heyer and the detail and background realistic I found the conversation somewhat stilted and the characters sadly flat A contrived ending not at all in the style of Heyer's masterful conclusions Pleasant reading nevertheless

  8. Megan Gee Megan Gee says:

    This book is so sweet Not only is the main story line really awesome she has all these little branches coming off from the main story line that just made me laugh and gave the book even depth The main character is pretty stubborn and I love it because I see so much of myself in her A lot of the choices she makes due to her being obstinate are so funny because I totally would have done the same thing myself

  9. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I hadn't read this book since the early 80s and still love it Clare Darcy Penname Mary Deasy was second only to Georgette Heyer in this genre A fair amount of humor sometimes implausible situations but still an enjoyable and uick readSince the author appears to have died without heirs it is unlikely her books will be republished Fortunately you still can find most of her books through used sources including and Ebay

  10. Cindy Cindy says:

    The book started off slow but ended with an interesting story I really liked Mr Wexum main male character He was a very interesting person However I did not like the authors writing style and the book is old English with several British old English phrases So it's hard to get into immediately has complex English but was worth the cute romance in the end

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