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Doctor Dolittle's Caravan ❰PDF❯ ✐ Doctor Dolittle's Caravan Author Hugh Lofting – Amazing PDF Epub, Doctor Dolittle's Caravan author Hugh Lofting This is the best favorite book with over 219 readers online here. Amazing PDF Epub, Doctor Dolittle's Caravan author Hugh Lofting This is the best favorite book with over readers online here.

10 thoughts on “Doctor Dolittle's Caravan

  1. Peter Peter says:

    Another in the classic Doctor Dolittle series It's as charming as all the rest but early on there's a story of a cat who stalks and kills a parrot That story frightened my son a bit not so much that he doesn't want to continue but enought that he insisted on sleeping in our bed last nightAlthough that may just have been an excuse D

  2. Kailey (BooksforMKs) Kailey (BooksforMKs) says:

    Doctor Dolittle meets a beautiful singing canary named Pippinella and they produce a Canary Opera on the London stage The Doctor becomes famous for his Canary Opera and Animal Pantomime and uses his fame to campaign for better treatment of animalsI love the simple old fashioned writing style and the interesting stories The Doctor meets such funny characters both animals and humans and the plot is engaging and hilarious

  3. Shawn Thrasher Shawn Thrasher says:

    This was my favorite Dolittle book in the series as a kid and re reading it as a grown up did not change my feelings about it one bit As a kid I don't think I knew anything about opera that wasn't in a Bugs Bunny cartoon; now that I know a little bit Lofting's wit and parody is pretty clever His Canary Opera could be a real opera complete with a tiny temperamental prima donna mixed reviews an Andrew Lloyd Webber esue set modern music royal fans Setting a fantasy is recognizable time period is one of my favorite conceits and Lofting plunks Dolittle's Caravan right in the middle of a very believable London of 1838 or 1839 Lofting resented having his books referred to as juvenile literature and iCaravan might be the proof that he was writing sophisticated literature that both parents and children could simultaneously enjoy Like all books in the series the Dolittlian digressions are many But the humor is funny and punny and the plot whenever you make your way back to it is a joy

  4. Stef Rozitis Stef Rozitis says:

    The last really good one of the Doctor Dolittle series and all of them better than any of the movies made that I have seen This series have justifiably found a place in classicsOf course I found some of the casual sexism and classism irritating I can't help that but even in these the book at times contradicts and uestions its own assumptions for example as Pippinella explains female canaries can sing but are conditioned not to but she was always too feminist to stay uiet and as a result becomes a star another example is the way Matthew and Theodosia Mugg become than their class pigeonhole even though at times there is comedy derived from the stereotypical mannerisms of the cat's meat manThere is a lot about animal rights in this book in a very calm and non forceful way but vegan parents ought to consider adding it t their children's collections You don't have to be vegan to enjoy the book though it offers a variety of delights such as puns tall stories honorable good guys that always win through and cuteness eg the pelicans in their outfitsI remember as a child I always loved Gub Gub and was irritated by Dab Dab I kind of see her point now although I think she needs to step up and stop being such a stereotype as well Gub Gub is still a lot of fun I think the current generation of children would still like him The chapters are nice and short and there are pictures but if your child seems reluctant consider reading to them or with them at least to begin with ;

  5. Lora Lora says:

    Review Doctor Doolittle's CaravanDoctor Doolittle's Caravan is a very interesting story; filled with many talking animals and many adventures John Doolittle helping the animals around him is only part of what makes it an extraordinarily interesting bookI am unsure as to how many books are in the set But I do enjoy the stories overall

  6. Christiane Christiane says:

    More fun adventures of the Doctor and his animal friends Originally written in 1924 I read this a month or so ago but I can't remember anything that jumped out at me as objectional Fans of the Freddy the Pig books by Walter R Brooks might enjoy these stories as well

  7. Kate Kate says:

    Another bedtime success Reading two chapters a night the 7 year old was riveted and asked to go read before bed

  8. Christine Gray Christine Gray says:

    Its a great read once it gets going If you see it around i recommend it for something relaxing

  9. Kate H Kate H says:

    The Hugh Lofting Doctor Dolittle stories are classics that stand the test of time I really enjoy them and find them clever and enjoyable I think the writing can be seen as a bit dated but I think it's still extremely readable

  10. Joanne Joanne says:

    what an imagination

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