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Devoted in Death (In Death, #41) [EPUB] ✹ Devoted in Death (In Death, #41) By J.D. Robb – Eve Dallas tracks a couple whose passion is fueled by cold brutality in the newest crime thriller from the #1 New York Times–bestselling author of Obsession in Death and Festive in Death When Lieute Eve Dallas tracks a couple whose passion is fueled by cold brutality in the newest crime thriller from the New York Times–bestselling author of Obsession in Death and Festive in Death When Lieutenant Eve Dallas examines a body in a downtown Manhattan alleyway the victim’s injuries are so extensive that she almost misses the clue Carved into the skin is the shape of a heart—and initials inside reading E and D Devoted in PDF/EPUB or Ella Loo and her boyfriend Darryl had been separated while Darryl was a guest of the state of Oklahoma and now that his sentence has been served they don’t ever intend to part again Ella Loo’s got dreams And Darryl believes there are better ways to achieve your dreams than working for them So they hit the road and when their car breaks down in Arkansas they make plans to take someone else’s Then things get messy and they wind up killing someone—an experience that stokes a fierce wild desire in Ella Loo A desire for Darryl And a desire to kill againAs they cross state lines on their way to New York to find the life they think they deserve they will leave a trail of evil behind them But now they’ve landed in the jurisdiction of Lieutenant Dallas and her team at the New York Police and Security Department And with her husband Roarke at her side she has every intention of hunting them down and giving them what they truly deserve.

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  1. Phrynne Phrynne says:

    I can't think of anyone else who has written 41 books in a series and the current book is still every bit as good as the first one In fact it is better because by now we know and love each and every character and understand their every move This book is classic Robb Eve and Peabody provide the entertainment Roarke and Eve are the ongoing love story and Galahad continues trying to steal the bacon At the same time every one is involved in serious police work which eventuates as usual in capturing the baddies who are in this story particularly bad I enjoyed every single word of it and finished it in less than 24 hours The only bad thing about it was that it finished and now I have to wait for the next oneReread 4320Still good Still five stars Galahad actually scored some bacon Eve and Peabody had some of the best dialogue ever Eve and Roarke demonstrated how to have sex successfully in the deep end of the swimming pool the bad guys killed 29 people All good

  2. Jonetta Jonetta says:

    Originally posted on The Book NymphoA modern day version of Bonnie and Clyde swath a murderous track across the country going undetected until they land in New York City getting the attention of the NYPSD's top murder cop Lieutenant Eve Dallas This one's mostly about the procedural trying to figure out the identity of two serial killers who haven't seemed to have left a trail I really enjoyed the whole process of assembling the clues especially as we're given the killers' points of view early on It helps build the anticipation as we know where Eve needs to go in the investigation It was breathtaking tension when the case finally breaks almost exciting than the ultimate resolution There's a secondary storyline involving someone on Eve's team that was a nice diversion I also liked how the victims were given a lot of color It created such empathy giving the reader an insight into the emotional impact on friends family and the detectives challenged with solving their murders There's also a certain deputy sheriff introduced here that I hope we see of in the future Fans of the series shouldn't be disappointed with this story and I certainly wasn't I had a hard time putting it down And there are enough old friends here and Roarke time to balance out the procedural aspect 45 stars

  3. Ren Puspita Ren Puspita says:

    More Eve and Roarke?Heck YES

  4. Mo Mo says:

    We have some psychopaths on the run here and Eve and her guys have to find them before there is another deathFast paced Kept us on our toes wondering would Eve get the killers in time to save lives Would you kill for me? EveI would yes of course Roarke Whatever came before whatever comes after I know what love is because of you Go on now and mind your step out there I definitely want a cop in my bed tonightI bet that's something you never thought you'd sayHe watched her go and fingering the gray button he carried always in his pocket turned A nice interaction between herself and Feeney LOL Well fuck me sidewaysThe stunned pleasure in his voice gave twin tugs the mind embarrassment and uick satisfactionSon of a bitch

  5. Jilly Jilly says:

    Perfect timing for my review of a book about a redneck couple that goes on a killing spree You all know that I live in a suburb in Texas and we have us some major rednecks in our neighborhood I have told you that every weekend there is a redneck ho down on our street and that our redneck neighbors have an aversion to drinking inside their own homes That's what driveways are for So last night's ho down started early They were drinking outside all afternoon and kept going all night Well me being a night owl happened to walk outside at 2 am this morning to check on the progress of this party only to realize that the ho down has turned into a full fledged rumble That's right drinking all day for some reason turned into fighting all night Let me tell you guys it was insane Epic loud f bombs flying screaming women beer bottles breaking the stuff episodes of Cops are made of And since they were loudly explaining the problem to each other over and over again I gathered that this whole brawl started when one redneck urinated on another redneck's trash can That is apparently a cardinal sin in redneck land So it was onAaannd then the cops did arrive My sons came out onto the porch with me to watch the action It was like reality tv in our front yard Of course we were laughing the whole time hoping that they were actually filming Cops and maybe we could be the innocent bystanders in the episode How cool would that be to be able to say Hey my episode of Cops is on? Okay maybe not that cool We were also hoping for a taser to come out to play because the rednecks didn't actually calm down when the cops showed up This led to cops And for some reason an ambulance I'm guessing alcohol poisoningThis guy must live near me He mustAll that is to say A I had an entertaining evening last nightand B Rednecks can get mean as a rattlesnake in a pillowcase yeah I made that upThe rednecks in this book were mean as rattlesnakes in pillowcases They liked to torture and kill people for their stuff and for sexual excitement Sheesh people ever heard of porn? Easy access no blood to clean up laterOf course our redneck couple killed their way across country and into Eve's jurisdiction in New York So party's over Bubba and Sissy Eve may not be able to understand idioms and metaphors but she sure as hell ain't letting some white trash serial killers get the best of herThe book was entertaining and suspenseful The Bubbas had victims alive and I was really rooting for them to be saved in time I did find one thing disappointing though view spoiler I wanted to see an epilogue with a double date of the victim couple They were keeping each other alive and it sucks that we never got a follow up on that hide spoiler

  6. Maja (The Nocturnal Library) Maja (The Nocturnal Library) says:

    45 starsA series that’s still exciting and fresh after no less than 41 installments is truly something to admire I don’t think there are many authors who can produce such a thing and in fact I know only of one the wonderful the incomparable JD Robb or Nora Roberts if you will In Death series is a wonderful blend of romance thriller and futuristic police procedurals The futuristic setting sets it apart from others of its genre as do the strong relationships between characters both primary and secondary There are many things about Robb’s recipe that work and than one reason why this series has consistently made #1 on the New York Times list In Devoted in Death Eve and her team work to catch a pair of spree killers who’ve been running wild across the country The couple of deranged lovebirds are leaving behind a trail of dead bodies tortured and mutilated beyond comprehension and Eve must use her considerable resources and her husband’s help to catch them I generally don’t enjoy crime stories that offer the killers’ perspective I don’t like knowing things and waiting for the investigators to catch up But even with that Robb does what no one else can do – she makes the hunt itself interesting enough to make up for the fact that we know who is being hunted I must confess that I skimmed through several short insights into the victim’s mind though I can stomach most things – blood and gore don’t bother me at all – but rape isn’t one of them no matter how subtly described Overall though Robb is perfect at bringing forth every side of a crime every emotion that occurs in the process be it the killer’s the victim’s or the investigators She’s also perfect at building lives around her dead bodies at showing us people after she shows us their deaths so that we suffer and cry and mourn them right alongside their families Eve and Roarke have such a beautiful uniue relationship It is a pillar that holds the series but it doesn’t take attention away from the actual crime I know people have been expecting some progression in their relationship but I’m really happy with how things are It’s been 41 books for us but only three years for them Things feel so deeply and utterly rightEve’s team is as strong as ever with one very interesting addition in this installment It takes a lot to create such a strong cast of characters but that’s only to be expected in the 41st installment At this point I think I love Peabody She Body McNabb Mira and everyone else just as much as I love Eve and Roarke as impossible as that sounds We’ll have to wait almost a year for the next installment but there’s plenty to reread until then I have no doubt that I’m going to love as many books as Robb decides to write Copy provided by the publisher

  7. Carol Carol says:

    DEVOTED IN DEATH #41 in J D Robb's In Death series really grabs you from the start and continues on with Lieutenant Eve Dallas of the NYPSD and cohorts in hot pursuit of a young couple who view murder as a way to earn a living as well as a sexually enticing gameIf you're a fan of Eve Hunky ROARK and the gang don't think you'll be disappointed in this fast moving episode If I had one complaint though this is the first time I felt an absence of the futuristic atmosphere as deeply as the others and Eve's silly stupidities I often find so funny we're definitely a bit over the top butstill a fun readAwaiting #42 BROTHERHOOD IN DEATH from the library so I'll be ready for #43 later this year

  8. Katie(babs) Katie(babs) says:

    Reading an In Death novel is like being wrapped up in a warm blanket on a cold night These books are comfort reads even with the gruesome crimes and deaths because you know by the end Eve will have caught the bad guy with the help of her crew and her amazing husband Roarke the most perfect hero in all of romance so says meDevoted in Death is the 41st book in this futuristic series by JD Robb aka Nora Roberts It takes place in the beginning of 2061 which is only 2 years or so from the first book Naked in Death which was published in 1995 If you're a fan of the In Death series Devoted in Death is pretty much the same like every other book prior A horrible homicide or homicides have happened and it's up to Lieutenant Eve Dallas to speak for the dead and find the people responsible for ending innocent livesWhat's a little different here is right from the start we know who the killers are It's a sick couple Ella Loo and Darryl who are on a crime spree across the US landing in NYC I wonder if they're loosely based on the main couple from the movie Natural Born Killers Ella Loo and Darryl are low class trash who are very dedicated to one another After killing someone which is an accident but they hide the body they get off on the killing and are hot and horny so much so that they become blood thirsty and want to kill people because they find it to be great foreplay for themEve is back on the job after a long vacation someplace warm with Roarke Her first day back she's called to investigate a body of man who was tortured with the initials ED carved in his body After investigating further Even finds out that this isn't an isolated case and there are bodies over 20 of various men and women who died the same way And when a woman is snatched off the street Eve and her crew are on a race against the clock to stop the serial killer couple from killing againDevoted in Death is very easy reading with the emphasis on the case so than the personal lives of Eve and Roarke although we do get snippets Eve and Roarke are still in the honeymoon phase so they make love whenever they can which is plenty her to please readers The good old candy thief strikes again and many secondary characters such as Peabody McNabb and others round out the story The way the case evolves is fascinating I was hooked by how Eve was able to figure out who Ella Lo and Darryl are and why they are killing Roarke is of a tag along here for Eve but because he's so amazing I have a bad Roarke crush he's very noticeable throughout the story Eve's snark is toned down but she's lovey dovey with Roarke proving that these two are so in sync with one anotherDevoted in Death is a solid read and pretty good police procedural many mentions of auto chefs has me dying for one of my own Again In Death fans will eat this latest up

  9. Brenda Brenda says:

    Having arrived back in New York the day before from a relaxing vacation with Roarke Lieutenant Eve Dallas was thrust immediately into the business of murder when a well known and loved cellist was found brutally murdered Immediately the investigation became full on with Eve’s team working almost around the clock The bitter cold of New York’s streets did nothing to hamper the NYPSD but when Eve and Peabody discovered they had serial killers on their doorstep the investigation intensifiedThe realization that a young woman’s life hung in the balance; taken by the killers with only a short time until she too was dead – Eve and Roarke along with Peabody McNab and Deputy Banner pooled all resources With the clock ticking faster was it possible for the killers to be apprehended before lives were lost? Devoted in Death is another brilliant instalment by the amazing JD Robb This author continues to develop and maintain her characters to entertain us readers and does it with seeming ease I thoroughly enjoy her work; the bantering between Eve and Peabody is great the side characters always wonderful Even though it is gritty and intense it is done in a tasteful and often humerous manner I have no hesitation in recommending this and all the In Death novels extremely highly

  10. Marta Cox Marta Cox says:

    It's been uite a while since I've read one of the In Death books but when I spotted this on a Netgalley I just couldn't resist It's a great concept to showcase the possible workings of New York police in the future and to centre it around such very strong characters Eve and Roarke are always front and centre but as this series has progressed it's been admirably fleshed out with a supporting cast with all the enthusiasm of the Scooby gang Now add in the fact that each book is a crime drama to solve with police procedure driving it but with the twist of the addition of futuristic technology Happily even though it is set in 2061 it still feels like the world we inhabit today but with faster cars computers etc and of course the addition of droidsThere is very little mystery here as the reader already knows from the start just who the killers are No I'd describe it as a process as Eve follows the admittedly high tech crumbs to unravel a chain of murders that could see a body count of twenty four or even The synopsis says star crossed lovers so Romeo and Juliet spring to mind but personally I'd liken the killers to the infamous Bonnie and Clyde as they wilfully leave death and devastation in their wake What brought a fresh prospective to this book was the addition of a Deputy who refuses to just let his case slide and there's even dark cop humour to lighten the moodAs ever Eve is superb and so driven She's a tough cookie who dislikes the world thinking she has a soft side Intelligent yes but sometimes left a little bewildered by mundane things Roarke is her love interest A self made millionaire who will do anything for the woman he sees as his copSometimes these books are classified as romance but this time it wasn't really the case I did enjoy the dynamics of the ensemble cast but the slow unravelling of all the clues just kept me glued to my kindle One things certain if I or a loved one ever needed help I'd certainly like to have Eve on my sideI was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest reviewFour and a half from me

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