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Den faldne engel ❰KINDLE❯ ❆ Den faldne engel Author Kenneth Bøgh Andersen – Serien om Den Store Djævlekrig sluttede i 2010 da 4 bind Ondskabens engel udkom Det var hovedpersonen Filip Engells og mit endegyldige farvel til Helvede og det var ikke meningen at nogen af os skull Serien om Den Store Djævlekrig sluttede i da bind Ondskabens engel udkom Det var hovedpersonen Filip Engells og mit endegyldige farvel til Helvede og det var ikke meningen at nogen af os skulle vende tilbage Krigen var udkæmpet og historien var slutMen kort Den faldne ePUB í tid efter sidste bind var udkommet dukkede der en ide op Til noget der måske kunne være en ny mulighed for Filip – og mig – til at vende tilbage til Helvede Et nyt eventyr En ny slutningJeg afviste det til at begynde med Nogle ting skal man lade hvile i fred og hvis det ikke blev godt Et dårligt bind ville ikke bare være et dårligt bind det ville ødelægge hele serienMen ideen ville ikke gå væk Tværtimod begyndte den at give liv til flere ideer Mange flere Samtidig havde jeg hele tiden følt at der var en del bibelhistorier som jeg ikke havde berørt i de første fire bind men som jeg gerne ville tage under kærlig behandling Og hvis det nu var muligt at smelte disse historier og mine ideer sammen så SåNu er den på vej Den Store Djævlekrig udkommer Jeg håber det bliver godt Jeg ved det bliver ondt Og jeg glæder mig meget til endnu engang at byde alle læsere af Den Store Djævlekrig velkommen tilbage til Helvede Kenneth Bøgh Andersen.

10 thoughts on “Den faldne engel

  1. Kaili (Entertainingly Nerdy) Kaili (Entertainingly Nerdy) says:

    I have to say that I feel like this is the best one out of the series It has an ending I wasn't expecting and keeps you hooked through the entire book I can't wait for book six to come out

  2. Anita Reads Anita Reads says:

    45 stars That ending changed my rating from a 4 to a 45

  3. Don Jimmy Reviews Don Jimmy Reviews says:

    I’m finding it uite difficult to review this one I have loved this series since book one as can be seen from my previous reviews 1 2 3 4 I enjoyed book 4 so much that I jumped straight into this one I normally don’t do that reading at least one book in between and perhaps this is why I didn’t enjoy this one as much as the othersAt the end of book 4 we are told that the next time Philip dies it will be the last time but it was pretty obvious that this wouldn’t be the case later Two years have passed on Earth and while Philip is in fully human form his past actions have caught up with him He is no longer the good boy he was and is lashing out He has nobody who he can talk to about what has been happening as the only person who would understand Sam chose to stay behindA series of events however lead to Philip being brought back to Hell not by Lucifer this time but by The Almighty himself The only trouble is nobody knows why So Philip needs to occupy himself until he gets the chance to find out from God himself While two years have passed on Earth it has been uite a bit longer for those in Hell so there have been a lot of changes for Philip to catch up onThe story essentially relies on one plot point this time around – why did God bring Philip back and while in the end we find the answer to this out it felt to me that it took a little while to get going Given that this is the shortest book in the series or at least it felt like it it felt like it was just getting started when it was over As such it felt a little bit like filler on the way to the next book It still has a powerful ending as do all the books in the series but it just didn’t hit the heights of the other books in the series for meDon’t get me wrong it is still a very very good read and is certainly essential reading if you have come this far in the series I’m just hoping this is only a bump in the road and that book 6 will bring it full circle I eagerly await the next installment

  4. Emma Katherine Emma Katherine says:

    Read my full review here If the fifth and sixth books of this series are just as distinguished we're going to have a new best series superlative on our hands Me reviewing The Angel of EvilLadies and gentlemen we are looking very good So far each book of The Great Devil War series has deserved a full 55 star rating for Andersen's magical and immersive writing style the long term character development and a distinct informed realm Not only does this series focus on a setting not many YA author dare to discuss Andersen also inserted religious evidence historical figures and his own creative twists to make Hell special Book five of this series marks the fifth time readers will be blown away by the devils demons gragorns Nazis and other dangerous creatures Hell is home to Although I am forever impressed with the continuous theme and character development I appreciate that each book has its own uniue plot What makes The Fallen Angel special is its distinctness from the other books It houses an angsty evil ridden young man who we've grown to love with a life changing decision to make Every page was torture as we watched Philip face obstacles and overcome them in ways he wouldn't have in The Devil's Apprentice I was gasping and shouting for him to stop and return to the innocent young man we met in book one I feel a climactic ending coming and I simply cannot wait to see how Philip's journey ends My Favourite Thing Just like time and time before I adore the religious motifs Andersen tackles the controversial topic of Christianity with extreme civility The nature of heaven and hell is brought to the table and readers gain insight through the point of view of demons rather than hunters like other YA books Lucifer is not made out to be a good guy per se but we do uestion the contrasting ideas of moral ugliness and alternate ideas of success Although this is just some YA book it really makes you think My Least Favourite Thing If you couldn't guess I don't have a Least Favourite Thing Normally I dislike series that have than four books but because each book of The Great Devil War series has its own uniue yet supportive plot I've been able to adore each of them I cannot wait to read The Fallen Devil the finale of the series

  5. KitKat The KitKat The says:

    fantastic instalment in this excellent series Dark witty and adventurous this book maintains the same epic emotions of the previous books while still giving some shocking twists⭐⭐⭐⭐375 StarsA massive thank you to the author Kenneth B Andersen for the review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I am thrilled to have been given the chance to continue this seriesOk so before I dive in this review may contain spoilers for books 1 2 3 and 4 in the series If you want to check out the previous review then head over to my blogSynopsis Philip is back on Earth unable to return to hell that is until God himself needs help The War is over but the effects still linger – and the fight is far from over Something odd is occurring in the underworld and Philip again finds himself in the middle of a deadly and dark plotThis was another great read After reading the 4th book I wasn’t sure the direction this book could take Book 4 ends very well it is dark and devastating but also a good resolution so I was very curious to see which direction this book would go in And I was pleasantly surprised by this instalmentKenneth B Andersen continues to surprise with each book in this series somehow maintaining its undeniable charm and complete uniueness while also creating a shocking new twist filled adventure that continues to add to the bigger story This book maintains the previously set darker tone and is of an emotional journey sprinkled with adventure I think this instalment works wonderfully in examining the emotional and mental conseuences of the Devil War started by Aziel as well as setting up for something possibly bigger and devastatingKenneth B Andersen’s writing is again witty well crafted and easy to read Despite the darker tone we still get the original humour throughout the story developing into sharper sarcasm as well as maintaining the humour of characters from the previous books Ravine in the kitchen for example However this is now laced with a sharper tone filled with fear and anger rising to the surface Andersen creates an unusual dilemma in this book Philip is clearly scarred by the War and by his final encounter with Aziel in the previous book and Andersen writes the conseuences on Philip’s character very well but Philip is also struggling with his decision to return home You can really feel the conflict Philip is struggling with and the effects this has had on him are severe and realistic it is not often characters are depicted with complex emotional struggles after having been in a war and this book did it very wellPhilip is meaner and much selfish than before but it is important to note he is not ‘evil’ he still has a good heart which softens with those he cares for This has added to Philip’s complexity and character development his character is changing growing and learning with each book and this one is no different – we see how the war has effected him and others and how he deals with this Philip’s character continues to be intriguing as does his perspective of the story We continue to feel empathy and sympathy for Philip even when he acts irrationally but we can also criticize his actions that are meaner while still understanding why he is behaving as he is His relationships have changed while keeping the same familiarity Lucifer still has a soft spot for him as does Satina – but it has been a while and there is now some distance between themPhilip and Satina struggle with the time they had apart especially how this has changed them creating a new dynamic in their relationship I feel like they should have had a bit of a struggle here especially with Dagon on the scene but the difficulties they face are effective and add another layer to their relationshipI also loved that we get mythology built into this story including some mythological figures we are familiar with the portrayals of these characters are incredibly interesting as they have the same base as those we know but they are twisted into something uniue and different from the origin stories I really enjoyed how this book is again a puzzle with little seemingly unconnected events occurring and intertwining in order to weave a bigger and deadly plot It was incredibly intriguing to see where this story was going the elements come together very well while incorporating concepts and experiences from the previous books The ending was brilliant and I am very excited to see how this series endsHowever I did rate this book lower than the rest of the series for a couple of reasons Firstly this book felt a little bit like a bridge for the finale rather than an adventure in its own right it had a lot less action than the previous instalments and felt a little repetitive using common tricks from the previous books again in this one It was an enjoyable read but didn’t feel as dynamic as the rest of the seriesOverall this was another enjoyable instalment that fits nicely into the established narrative and set’s up for an intriguing and action packed adventure I cannot wait for the next book I would definitely recommend this to lovers of this series and would recommend this series to fantasy lovers of all agesA Big thankyou to the author #KennethBAndersen for giving me an advance digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  6. Zaneta @ I& Zaneta @ I& says:

    Thank you to the author for providing me with an e arc of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThe Fallen Angel is the fifth installment in The Great Devil War series and also the second last one Like with all of the previous books in the series I flew through it and enjoyed it a lot yet I did found it slightly lacking in plotPhilip finds himself back in Hell though he was told during his last visit he won't be able to go back and forth any This time he's needed by Jehovah though why no one knows It takes until over halfway through the book for the plot to become known to us After the events of the war Philip is uite broken up He doesn't know who he is and what he's supposed to do being back on Earth and he has no one he can talk to about it all So when he's summoned back to Hell while a lot of confusion still remains he's sure that this time he wants to stay This may or may not have something to do with SatinaAlthough reading about angsty teens is not my favourite past time maybe because I've been that angsty teen I did appreciate how this book focused on Philip's internal struggles with his identity Over the course of the series we've seen him turn from a angel of a human into a devil then back human and it's understandable especially after all he's been through that he would be confused and lost and angry Like I said for a good part of the story not much happened I kept waiting for a big event much like in the other installments yet it didn't come until the very end of the book Though the events in the last couple of chapters made up for the lack of action throughout the book it almost felt a filler book to have some distance between the war and the finale I still enjoyed it though admittedly less than the othersI can't wait to pick up the last book it's sadly not out in English yet and find out how it all ends

  7. Gunvor Meller Gunvor Meller says:

    The fifth book in the series I love that we get to see how Phillip is doing with his life at least after everything he went through in book four I am not surprised that he isn't doing that wellAgain he is thrown back to Hell However no one is really sure why he has been called down there also we all thought that it wasn't possible for him to come back without dyingPhillip gets to see all his old friends again He starts on a journey to Paradise sees his father I especially love the scene where he meets Moses and Abraham I love how they view their own stories Again Kenneth has written a book that has you laughing with tears Where you are almost crying but mostly the last couple of chapters I was so on edge I was even yelling which my husband found seriously funny Kenneth leaves us on a cliff hanger so PLEASE I NEED the next book nowThis book is just as good as the others If you haven't read this series yet please do You will get to know a Hell that you actually kind of wish you could be a part of

  8. Tessa (Talks Books) Tessa (Talks Books) says:

    In Book 5 the war is over and eight years have passed that's 15 years in mortal earth time The story finds Philip in a bad place emotionally Though through a strange chain of events he is summoned back to the afterworld this time by Jehovah himself Jesus has gone missing and Jehovah needs Philip to help solve the mystery of the disappearance and bring Jesus back to the Garden of EdenI found this installment to be much emotional Philip is not the same boy I have grown to love and admire through the series He is a teenager now and added to that he is having some serious mental health issues As he struggles with Depression or uite possibly PTSD I struggled with him hating to see him go through this difficult time It brings a much different tone to the story One that is darker and heavier reflecting the seriousness of his mental state He is trapped in Hell in his mind and is lashing out at everybody and everything while he grapples with his choice to returnI love that things have moved so far along in the afterworld It is not the same place Philip left and even Satina has long since moved on as she should have All his demon friends have jobs now and Sam even though he often thinks of Philip has found his place in this world The Garden of Eden has also changed inexplicably and they find that it is a much dangerous place than it once was There is an old truism that says You can't go home again because the home you knew and loved no longer exists – it has grown and changed just as you have This is an overriding theme in this story because interestingly Philip considers the Afterlife homeIn typical situations one would think that Philip's changes make him deserving of being with Lucifer – being his apprentice Still not one of the characters except himself sees it this way Try as he might to fight the good inside him it is inherent and his actions are reactionary toward his situation than they are reflective of what is in his soul I could even argue that it is a direct conseuence of Jehovah's and Lucifer's involvement in his life thus taking away his free will And free will is of the utmost importance when determining the state of one's soulI loved that we get to see so many recognizable figures such as Jesus Lilith and Abraham and in such a new context that brings them to life than I have ever imagined them before Their humanity stands out in Andersen's tale making them much relatable and sympatheticThe Fallen Angel is a much darker and poignant episode in this series that reflects Philip's growth and struggles as he comes to terms with all the changes in his life and longs to return to love lost This series will entertain you and it will take you on an emotional journey to define your place in this world while Philip tries to find his ownI received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review

  9. Laura Laura says:

    omg omg omg OMG This is so amazing i love this book and series to pieces AND I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE

  10. Kamilla Kamilla says:

    Great book as allways

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