Ashes of the Unspeakable The Borrowed World #2 Kindle

  • Kindle Edition
  • 261 pages
  • Ashes of the Unspeakable The Borrowed World #2
  • Franklin Horton
  • English
  • 10 March 2014

10 thoughts on “Ashes of the Unspeakable The Borrowed World #2

  1. Andrew Smith Andrew Smith says:

    So I’d realised book one was a con job how else can you describe a book who’s last sentence leaves it's hero in mortal danger but couldn't really do other than to hurriedly purchased book two It seamlessly picked up the story as the metaphorical axe was about to fall and charged on with barely a pause for breathIn truth having been somewhat sceptical about the way life had rudely accelerated to jungle law within minutes of the lights going out I was now fully into the flow of it and living each moment with the small cast of survivors I'd been following Jim still hasn't smiled – well there's not a lot to smile about – and his pal Dave is if anything an even dour and somber character There is a little light relief from the female cast but let’s not worry too much about that – this is the apocalypse and it's all about survival of the fittestThe adventure races on as we continue to alternate between Jim and his small gang’s efforts to get home and the plight of Jim’s family as they attempt to secure their property against a grim group of lowlifes who have there eyes on the supplies they've stored And then we re discover two of Jim’s female colleagues who had decided to accept transport to a government camp rather than risk a ‘Mad Max’ road trip They’re already regretting this choice and are now planning to attempt a dash of their ownIt is very well done and the further I get into this mini series the realistic the scenario seems to become though prevailing thoughts are1 Would America really sink so low so uickly? Surely other countries would come to their aid to some extent wouldn't they?2 What would happen if these circumstances were to be transported to the UK? Much of the text is centred on the guns and ammo everyone carries and just about all of the unpleasant encounters feature guns being used in anger How different would this play out in a country without a huge supply of such weapons?My concerns aside this is great escapist stuff and having gobbled up book two I'm already a third of the way through book three Tells you something I guess

  2. * A Reader Obsessed * * A Reader Obsessed * says:

    4 StarsWhat happens when the government is rendered impotent? What happens when there’s no electricity and food and gas run out? What happens when the military and law enforcement desert their posts to save themselves and their family?As society devolves and reverts back over a 100 years into the past the true mettle of man shows horrifically through where desperation shapes actionsJust as scary and sobering as the first this continues to follow Jim and various other characters as they struggle to survive by any means possible You’ve got released prisoners the mentally ill without their meds people meting out their own brand of justice all fighting to live another day Again this is definitely a conversation starter if not to urge one to contemplate their own fragility in a world dominated by technology and the vulnerability wrought should it no longer be available

  3. Laura Altom Laura Altom says:

    So so GOOD but in a horrifying way This author makes it all too easy to understand how fast the world as we know it could end I'm really hoping he has books planned for the series Funny I'm a huge fan of The Walking Dead but while reading found myself thinking I'd be less scared of zombies than monsters like Charlie

  4. Amy Amy says:

    I actually really enjoy the story I like seeing how people react in different situations and how they are able to surviveFor narrative purposes I think that the author made the collapse so fast it's not really realistic for me I also feel like the author has a bit of an agenda The main character Jim did some scapegoating poor people and stereotyping welfare recipients and people who live in trailers Although one of the other characters defended that choice of housing she did agree that welfare people were just lazy I feel like the next book will have racial tension based on the fact that one of the other characters has told them that he lives near a government housing project This kind of talk was pretty rare in this story but it irritated me every time and I think it detracted from the story but that's just my opinionThere is some graphic violence but if you've read the first one you're ready for thatI guess reading this series now during the shitshow that 2020 has become was maybe not such a great idea If anything half as catastrophic as these events happens we are NOT ready Hell if the entire electrical grid was targeted maybe society would actually collapse in two weeks who knows I guess anything can happen

  5. James Maxon James Maxon says:

    The series goes from following two main groups of people in book 1 to four groups in book 2 Despite that I never found the story jarring nor the transitions too abrupt My mind never drifted with boredom and I always looked forward to the next scene The author took this in a new direction without eliminating the former— like complementing it I enjoyed this book as much if not than the first and look forward to reading the 3rd sometime soon

  6. Diane Diane says:

    Very well done There are lots of survivalist prepper bug out emp solar flare type stories but this one is worth your while Not a how to although helpful but a real story filled with characters you love and hate

  7. N.W. Wisniewski N.W. Wisniewski says:

    Book Two of The Borrowed World series You continue follow Jim and his coworkers on their long journey home Made long because of a coordinated terrorist strike that has destroyed fuel refineries nuclear plants and the power grid At this point the world has descended into chaos Looters robbers murderers and thugs are running wild with no one to stop them At home Jim's wife has realized just how crazy the world has become Her and Jim's oldest child has had to kill someone already He's not even a teen yetTo make things even worse for the good folks the government has release all LOW risk inmates One such man is Charlie In for petty crimes Charlie is actually a murderous psychopath Then to top it off it was his brother that Jim's son killed Now this man is wreaking havoc on Jim's family Will he make it home in time to save them? Will Jim's mother get the medical help she needs before the pneumonia takes her? Will Jim even survive the trip home?I absolutely love this series and this book I have always been a hard core fiction monster zombie book person This book brings to light the real monsters in the world Horton has developed amazing characters that you can relate to Coupled with a suspenseful story line you just don't want to put it down

  8. 2shay 2shay says:

    Review by 2shay🌟🌟🌟🌟The book blurb is a pretty good review and says most of what I would say in my review What it doesn’t say is the feeling of despair the effort needed from Jim Gary and Randi to push forward one day The sore bloody feet wrapped in duct tape just to take that next step The wary caution when approaching new towns and strangers It’s intenseThe blurb doesn’t convey the fear as Jim’s wife Ellen their kids and Jim’s parents try to hide from the crazy convict who attacks their neighbors leaving Jim’s family to find the horrifying results Ellen’s heartbreak as her 12 year old son takes steps to protect the family that no 12 year old should have to face or the hopelessness when Jim’s mother becomes desperately ill with no access to medical facilitiesFranklin Horton has done a wonderful job of filling this story with the love of family the need to protect and the endless burning desire to reunite He’s made me wonder if I could be so resolute so determined so brutal when necessary I don’t know Could you?Pick up a copy now and decide if you think humans own this world or have only borrowed it until someone takes it awayEnjoy

  9. Trisha Perry Trisha Perry says:

    Jim and his friends are still trying to get home the women that chose the FEMA camp are now understanding what Jim was talking about and wish they had gone with him Jim's family are also realizing Jim's views were not so far off and are toughening up but do they actually see the real danger before their eyes will Jim make it home in time to help them?This book is so suspenseful and action packed you can't help but become entranced I had the audio and with the awesome narrator Kevin Pierce saying the ongoing mantra of I've got to get home throughout the book so what is not to love Mr Pierce does a great job voicing all of the characters but with Jim all I picture is a teddy bear of a man that will do anything for his friends but will also do anything to get home to his family so you better not stand in his way This was such a wonderful listen I can't wait to hear what happens next to Jim his family and the gang

  10. Geoffrey Geoffrey says:

    Copied and pasted from original Review I just started Borrowed World book one in this 5 book series a week ago and just now finished Ashes of the Unspeakable tonight I feel as if I've been traveling right along with Jim's group from the very beginning because it's that well written Plenty of action and suspense to keep interested in the story and deadly realistic situations they must face along the way as they must travel endless miles thru a world gone to hell just to make it back home to their loved ones and in one piece Normally I would write a better review but I'm too wound up and excited to dive into book #3 LolYesit's that good Do yourself a favor if you like dystopian apocalyptic survival type stories and buy this book now I personally prefer immersion reading and purchased the audio books to go with these as well It makes it so much enjoyable😉

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Ashes of the Unspeakable The Borrowed World #2[Reading] ➿ Ashes of the Unspeakable The Borrowed World #2 By Franklin Horton – Jim and his group are still struggling to reach home While just a few days have passed since the initial attack the group finds that their country is uickly descending into a vicious chaotic landscape Jim the Unspeakable The Borrowed Kindle - and his group are the Unspeakable eBook ✓ still struggling to reach home While just a few days have passed since the initial attack the group finds that their country is uickly descending Ashes of PDF \ into a vicious chaotic landscape where nothing comes easy While they fight to close the distance between them and their loved ones they cannot avoid the steadily growing number of people of the Unspeakable PDF Å who have realized that they can get away with whatever they want in a world where of the Unspeakable The Borrowed MOBI :Ê there are no longer any legal conseuences for their actions At home Jim's family is of the Unspeakable The Borrowed MOBI :Ê basically forced into lockdown after a local jail discharges its starving inmates leading to the arrival of new extremely violent presence in their valley The stranger sets his sights on driving other families from their homes and taking what they own As Jim races home his wife Ellen struggles to keep her family safe while each night a neighbor’s home is burned to the ground.

About the Author: Franklin Horton

Franklin the Unspeakable The Borrowed Kindle - Horton lives and writes the Unspeakable eBook ✓ in the mountains of southwestern Virginia He attended Virginia Intermont College and Virginia Commonwealth University In his spare time he pursues outdoor adventures with his Ashes of PDF \ wife and two children His interests include camping kayaking backpacking mountain biking and shooting.