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  1. Realini Realini says:

    Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray What I admire most about Becky Sharp is her Determination She is poor but finds a way out of her predicament Even when she is in debt and back at ground level Becky Does Not Give up NeverThis is an extraordinary woman admirable also because of her shortcomings in spite of the negative traits holding her back she is Unstoppable What she has in her mind her Goals are always pursued with an amazing Tenacity and Will to PowerHow strange and unfairWhen you google for Vanity Fair the first page with the first ten or twelve results refer to the magazine its main page French and Spanish editions and twitter accountOne search result refers to the movie but there is no reference to the novel of Makepeace what a great name Thackeray Even the Wikipedia entry refers to the magazine in the first place and only if you insist you probably get to find about the important Vanity Fair at least from the perspective of literatureTal Ben Shahar says that we need to be merit finders and not fault finders From this perspective we can admire Becky Sharp for her many meritsI wonder why Vanity Fair was named A Novel without a Hero since in my eyes Becky Sharp is the Ultimate Heroine She is smart resilient witty courageous indefatigable charming attractive and successful This is a series of skills and aptitudes balanced by an eually impressive number of very negative traitsShe comes from a poor family and this used to be unfortunately still is a serious handicap which is used with false modesty whenever Miss Sharp feels it would help her planned ascension in society At the beginning of the novel we meet Becky Sharp in the company of Amelia Sedley who will be the positive heroine of the novel in an extreme opposition to Becky While Miss Sharp is immoral false vain hence the heroine of Vanity Fair and determined to succeed Amelia is sincere kind loyal and constantPersonally I have a weak spot for Becky who is much complex and interesting as a character even if or because she is deceitful and unexpectedBecky Sharp tries to entice Joseph Sedley her friend’s brother but somehow that marriage escapes from her clutches So the heroine has to go in the service of Sir Pitt Crawley who is a distant relation of another fictional character HarpagonBecky Sharp is full of positive as well as negative traits She is so likeable that Sir Pitt Crawley his son and his sister are thrilled by her But she plays her hand in a less beneficial manner by marrying in secret to the son Captain Rawdon Crawley attracting the wrath of the father and aunt who disinherits the captainThis excellent novel depicts very well and with sarcasm the vain insistence upon rank and fortune if one is a member of the higher class he or she is appreciated even if talents are missing and the person is obnoxious Snob as I am I tend to feel that a someone born in a “good” family has better chances of using the pool of genes for a better life career and family In fact statistics confirm that and the higher you are on the ladder the better chances you have for a better education job wife and status This is true even today in spite of a greater mobility and chances for advancementBecky sharp makes her way to the top even if there are ups and downs she fails in some endeavors while succeeding in others There are plenty of compromises and embarrassing situations but “Where there is a will there is a way”What I admire most about Becky Sharp is her Determination She is poor but finds a way out of her predicament Even when she is in debt and back at ground level Becky Does Not Give up NeverThis is an extraordinary woman admirable also because of her shortcomings in spite of the negative traits holding her back she is Unstoppable What she has in her mind her Goals are always pursued with an amazing TenacityBe a merit finder not a fault finderThis applies very well to her as she tries to use those around for all their weaknesses there is a way that she has to use the others and get ahead y hook or by crookWe have entered the dark side of this woman who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals and that transforms her into a negative character for most readers I must say that I liked her strength stamina and Will to Power Becky Sharp is one of the most amazing women I have ever read about

  2. Bruce Bruce says:

    A biting and witty satire on English social life and customs during the first part of the nineteenth century its subtitle is “a novel without a hero” and it could also be added without heroines Yet the book’s two central characters the virtuous but dim and naive Amelia Sedley and the amoral clever congenial Becky Sharp both display admirable and distressing ualities as they rise fall and rise again in society One of the great virtues of Vanity Fair is that while it is told in hilarious prose with short burst of genuine pathos it was praised by its contemporaries as a thoroughly realistic account of the society that it portraysDavidson’s dry and somewhat snooty tone as a narrator is a perfect match for Thakeray’s prose His choice of voices for the characters and his skill as an actor are excellent It is hard to imagine a better match of reader and text This edition is twenty nine and a half hours of pure delight for the listener

  3. عمران ابن مصر عمران ابن مصر says:

    Thackeray's opus is a wonder Long yes but so very good in so many waysHe's part Oscar Wilde part Jonathan Swift with a dash of Dickens but all his own voiceSince the story is so long and sprawling I only jotted down a few notes on my impressions He breaks the 4th wall some times with savage glee yanking it down making you look at yourself and the characters in a new light Other times he does it with delicacy sliding back the wall and making you feel like it's just him and you in the same room both of you enjoying the wit and banter of this story you his eual and friend It's long He wrote it in installments and got paid by the pound Okay maybe not by the pound but it was in his best interest to keep the story going And so it goes on for a long time However I was never bored never wanting to skip this chapter and get it over Becky Sharp? Wicked resourceful likable and detestable All too human which is why I liked her and deplored her Brilliant dance of vagueness and ambiguity about how rotten she was fantastic ending of her partial rise and uestions of her motives She is an archetype some times playing the saint other times playing Clytemnestra The title It's from Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan Vanity Fair sits out side the town Vanity on the path to heaven Thackeray uses this motif to expose humanity's frailties and foibles All of humanities weaknesses gently mocked virtues decried as so much humbug and hypocrisy upper class skewered under his pen and he kept going all the way down to the lower class now and then Sometimes it feels like a morality play Just a touchThere is so much to say but I would never be able to do this book justiceI strongly recommend this book Yes it's long but you might just find a wonderful adventure among humanity in Vanity Fair

  4. Cheryl Jensen Cheryl Jensen says:

    Thackery is bitingly witty and cleverly satirical in this commentary on societal niceties Although the term did not exist at the time his portrayal of Becky Sharp is an excellent profile of a sociopath charming elouent manipulative selfish and erudite Amelia is so virtuous her very virtuousness becomes a fault It was not uite as predictable as my first impression predicted and that pleased me My difficulty with this novel was its length 1600 pages on my e reader and with so much content many of Thackery's observations and commentaries became repetitive However I reminded myself this book was written in weekly installments for a magazine and was not originally intended to be read in the same manner as a Netflix marathon where one watches all the episodes in a few sittings I'm happy to have accomplished my goal to read it but would not invest the time doing it again

  5. VaultOfBooks VaultOfBooks says:

    By William Makepeace Thackeray Grade AThe first thing that grasped me as I began the novel ‘Vanity Fair’ was the immense confidence of the author William Makepeace Thackeray He doesn’t just assert his confidence in every word of his masterpiece but proclaims it boldly in the very title by calling his book ‘Vanity Fair A Novel without a Hero’ Yes a novel without a hero But ‘a novel without a hero’ it definitely isn’t Those words are just a satire on the heroes of common imagination The novel in fact has one of the truest heroes that I have ever come across But let’s first understand what ‘Vanity Fair‘ means In John Bunyan’s allegorical story ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’ Vanity Fair refers to a customary stop in the progress of the pilgrims It is a never ending fair that’s held in the town called Vanity and represents all the temptations sins and treacheries of the worldAnd that’s just what Thackeray’s masterpiece published in 1847 48 presents before the readers A world full of vanities where nothing is fair after all But before I lead you on any further let me make it clear This isn’t a book for all readers It’s a long book has than 300000 words has lots of characters and the vocabulary of a literary geniusStill Vanity Fair is loved by millions of readers all over the world and has been turned into several movies TV shows and radio adaptations Here’s whyBrilliant Characterization Vanity Fair is majorly a character driven book There are three or four towering characters handfuls of other major and important characters and a whole retinue of minor characters Each of the characters is real and believable be it a grudging father missing and hating his truant son be it a school mistress seen only once in the book be it a bankrupt stockbroker or his heartbroken wife hating his good and selfless daughter Each character is vivid and alive Nobody is perfect nobody is a total villain eitherNarration Vanity Fair is a masterpiece not just because of its characters but also because of its remarkable narration The author himself is the narrator of the story and he boldly breaks the fourth dimension by making his presence felt again and again He comments on the characters and their doings he comments on the society and its ways and he lays bare the truth behind the various vanities and falsities of the world Here’s an example to show you how ‘ a polite public will no bear to read an authentic description of vice than a truly refined English or American female will permit the word breeches to be pronounced in her chaste hearing And yet madam both are walking the world before our faces every day without much shocking us If you were to blush every time they went by what complexions you would have’Wit and Sarcasm The above example would have given you some idea of the brilliant wit and biting sarcasm that the author has threaded into his story Sometimes his wit will make you ponder sometimes to look within sometimes to turn away from yourself to protect your self from feeling ashamed and often to break out in wide grin if not a boisterous laughPlot Vanity Fair as mentioned before is full of characters They all have their stories to tell But in the main there are two stories going side by side and closely interlinked They are woven around the two female leads Amelia and Rebecca Becky Amelia is an epitome of virtue Becky flirts with vice Amelia is born rich but can stay happy even in bankruptcy Becky is poor and an orphan but is capable and ready to do whatever is necessary to win her a place in the world War bankruptcy scandal infidelity rock them about and they both choose their paths as per the dictates of their characters And the story moves on fast paced and never lagging in interest forcing the reader to turn page after pageBecky Sharp Definitely one of the most memorable characters you will ever come across in the world of fiction She is born poor but isn’t willing to live poor And to rise up in fortune and society she is willing to sink down to any depth She can happily deceive her own best and kindest friend cares not two cents for her only child turns her devoted husband into a slave laughed at by all ‘her friends’ And yet she is far glittering entertaining and enchanting than Amelia the heroineWilliam Dobbin The title declares defiantly that it is a ‘novel without a Hero’ And yet it presents to us William Dobbin a gentleman selfless enough to give up his own love to his friend and yet constant enough in this very love that even a distance of continents and decades does not allow him to waver He’s one of those gentlemen ‘whose aims are generous whose truth is constant and not only constant in its kind but elevated in its degree; whose want of meanness makes them simple; who can look the world honestly in the face with an eual manly sympathy for the great and the small his thoughts were just his brains were fairly good his life was honest and pure and his heart warm and humble’ And oh he’s also a brave soldier who fights valiantly and earns everybody’s love and regards All in all Vanity Fair is a masterpiece and a brilliant literary classic Not an easy read for sure but a very engrossing and satisfying one definitelyOriginally Reviewed at

  6. Nancy Hammons Nancy Hammons says:

    Volume one was kind of long and a smidge depressing I'll read volume two in a couple of months

  7. John John says:

    my edition was in one volume and printed in1898 or 68 difficult to read date interesting scenes around eourope but i think it would have been intesting to the people living there in the 1800s

  8. Bridget Weller Bridget Weller says:

    Dated in a way that many other better? novels of the same period aren't Found it a bit of a struggle to stay engaged for the duration

  9. Louise Louise says:

    Found it a bit too long winded but probably typical of the writing of the time The end left nothing to the imagination

  10. Miriam Miriam says:

    begin readingchapter XLVIpage 500

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Vanity Fair [Reading] ➶ Vanity Fair Author William Makepeace Thackeray – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Thackeray's most well known work Vanity Fair is a satirical epic of love and social adventure The story follows the trials and tribulations of two young women Becky Sharp and Amelia Sedley After leavi Thackeray's most well known work Vanity Fair is a satirical epic of love and social adventure The story follows the trials and tribulations of two young women Becky Sharp and Amelia Sedley After leaving the shelter of Miss Pinkerton's Academy they come to Vanity Fair where the charming and amoral Becky and sweet Amelia along with an interesting and varied cast of victims and villains suffer through elopements and betrayals fortunes made and lost and battles both military and domestic.