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  1. Elise Crawford Elise Crawford says:

    Just North of Luck by Susan Whitfield grabs you by the scruff of the neck and takes you on a harrowing ride from the very beginning Whitfield’s excellent writing skills transport you into a hellish movie from which you cannot close your eyes even through the most gruesome and scary scenes Whitfield’s skill at “expectation and reversal” will leave you saying “OMG” at the unexpected ending Excellent read Bravo Susan This second book of the Logan Hunter Mysteries is most definitely a must read –Elise Crawford A Promise Kept

  2. Sharon Sharon says:

    I liked that the story takes place in western NC The town of Trust is described as being near Ashville but in the mountains off the Blue Ridge Parkway just north of a town called Luck not much than a dot on the map The area rarely experiences murder so when one happens then another SBI agent Logan Hunter who just happened to be in the region on another case is reuested by the local sheriff to assist in solving the mystery A nice beginning to an intriguing tale which unfortunately develops into of a story of romance between Hunter and a deputy named Chase than a serial killer I'm not a fan of romance so may have gotten lost at times waiting for the mystery to return It wasn't a true mystery as the killer is named in the first chapter My getting lost may have been due to the fact that the story seemed disjointed At one point the author starts describing how Logan and an old friend spent a day together then it switched to Logan and her love interest Deputy Chase I had to flip the page back and forth to see what I missed I'm not sure of the reason for italicized comments at the end of some chapters which apparently were snippets from the killer's childhood memories The mystery finally showed up at the end when it was determined that one of the murders was done by someone else At least it was a short book

  3. Martha Cheves Martha Cheves says:

    There are two authors that I've followed by reading all of their seuel novels One is Patricia Cornwell's Dr Scarpetta and the other is James Patterson's Alex Cross I now have another favorite to follow and that is Susan Whitfield's SBI Agent Logan Hunter In fact she may now be my #1 choice in seuels due to Whitfield's style of writing Whitfield adds a twist to murder mysteries making the story believable That added twist is humor which makes the stories realisticIn Just North of Luck Logan Hunter is assigned to the mountains of North Carolina in search of Moon Shiners That assignment is soon put on the back burner when school employees start turning up murdered or have mysterious accidental deaths Logan is teamed up with Detective Chase Railey to find the killer You'll follow Logan as she tramples through kudzu goes to her first Testicle Festival rents a room from a woman who runs around at night in the nude and connects with a wolf You will also follow her as she gets her man or should I say menI've read Genesis Beach where Logan was first introduced and loved it Just North of Luck which is the 2nd book in the series was even better I can't wait to read the 3rd book Hell Swamp

  4. Darcia Helle Darcia Helle says:

    I love fast paced suspense but this one was so fast that for me it lacked substance A lot was happening in this short novel but most of it was glossed over so uickly that I couldn't latch onto the action Also the characters were not developed enough for me to get a good feel for them as people There was no real mystery in the story as we knew who the bad guy was pretty much from the start Because of that I felt the story needed depth to keep me involvedThat being said the author definitely has talent and huge potential The plot could have been riveting if a little detail was given

  5. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    This was a great book I have had this sitting on my shelf for a while and I am so glad I decided to pick it up and read itThere are many things going on in this book Many murders are happening in a North Carolina town and they are all school employees Agent Logan Hunter is sent to North Carolina for a different reason but ends up working on the murder cases She rents a room from an art teacher named Taryn Kosterman There is also a drug operation that is found and it is surprising who is running itThis is a fast paced mystery that I read in one day

  6. John Foxjohn John Foxjohn says:

    Just North of Luck is a murder mystery set in a beautiful Appalachian setting The characters are real the action and pace fast and smooth the murders bloody and offset the vivid scenery and add in just the right amount of humorSusan Whitfield has created a book well worth reading

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Just North of Luck ❮Epub❯ ➥ Just North of Luck ➤ Author Susan Whitfield – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk The ABCs have never been so twisted Logan Hunter discovers the link to a psycho on a grisly murder spree when she visits his home and finds an alphabetical chart of victims and methodsSet in the Blue The ABCs have never been so twisted Logan Hunter discovers the link to a psycho on a grisly murder spree when she visits his home and finds an alphabetical chart of victims and methodsSet in the Blue Ridge Just North MOBI :Ê Mountains of North CarolinaThis book was first published by Infinity and later re released by LL Dreamspell with a new revised cover Also available in ebook.