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1001 Stupid Questions Atheists Ask Christians [BOOKS] ✫ 1001 Stupid Questions Atheists Ask Christians ✭ Stephen McGrath – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk More of a debate primer than a literary work of scholarship this book gets into the mind of the atheist by revealing the absurdity of their faulty logic and tactics in their attack on Christianity For More of a debate primer Questions Atheists Kindle Ñ than a literary work of scholarship this book gets into the mind of the atheist by revealing the absurdity of their faulty logic and tactics in their attack on Christianity Formatted in an easily digestible list of uestions paraphrased from real life atheist dialog across the web this work is not only amusing but also informative With this book Christians now 1001 Stupid PDF/EPUB ² have the ammunition to defend Faith with a secret preview of the arguments that comprise the outlandish philosophy of atheism.

5 thoughts on “1001 Stupid Questions Atheists Ask Christians

  1. Kelly Lynn Kelly Lynn says:

    This book will really get you thinking This book is filled with uestions regarding the Christian faith While I read through the uestions I didn't have answers for many of them and I think that most people wouldn't know how to answers these uestions today This is a great book for church goers to get all their uestions answered about their faith Once these uestions are disgusted with the proper people you will be able to inform others on it when these uestions come up in every day conversation to inform people online or even start your own debate based on the uestions This was a very interesting book and really gets you thinking

  2. Pierce Bernhardt Pierce Bernhardt says:

    I am going to make it simple and clear This is absolutely terrible No Atheist in their right mind would ask any of these stupid uestions They are all easily answered or just plain stupid Written by a biased Christian who thinks he's got the upper hand A better title would be 1001 uestion Stupid Christians Think Most Atheists are Dumb Enough to Ask

  3. Donal Snap Donal Snap says:

    nice book ever written wowwwww

  4. Veronica Veronica says:

    '1001 Stupid uestions Atheists Ask Christians' With an emphasis on stupidTo be honest I didn't completely read this book but I've read enough Most of the uestions are stupid and something an atheist would never ask while there are a few in here that an atheist WOULD ask But guess what? THERE ARE NO ANSWERS TO THE UESTIONS IN THIS BOOK That's right the author couldn't be bothered to write answers or perhaps couldn't considering how accurate and unarguable some uestions are So if you are a christian who has to educate those 'evil' and 'misguided' atheists look elsewhere although I doubt any book will help with creating some unarguable lies I will now leave you with these inspiring and eye opening uestions'Does the Christian God have saliva?' and 'How did the animals exercise on the ark?' and 'Does the Christian God wear underwear?' and of course the most beautiful'Why did the Christian God make happy dogs have wagging tails?'

  5. Robert Robert says:

    Okay I sacrificed some of my time to go through this book First of all name of the book is plain wrong It should say 1001 stupid uestions Christians think Atheists are dumb enough to ask anybody Just find some excerpt on the web and read through it Its utterly nonsensical Secondly no answers written It would be nice to hear them from the author the book would be entertaining and stupidity underlining So I guess it´s not a complete waste of time the one with a good sense of humour could find it pretty funny And if the book is taken as a hoot you might get a really really good laugh time But nobody with a bit of intelligence can find this educational or intellectually stimulating in any possible wayConsidering the author also wrote a book called 1001 uestions God Won't Answer For Christians I´m calling this book a complete mockery for Christian logic and author tricked me to think about this book as about serious thing

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