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Songs of Love and War ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☃ Songs of Love and War ✐ Author Santa Montefiore – Their lives were mapped out ahead of them But love and war will change everything West Cork Ireland 1900 The year marks the start of a new century and the birth of three very different women Kitty Dev Their lives were Love and Kindle Õ mapped out ahead of them But love and war will change everything West Cork Ireland The year marks the start of a new century and the birth of three very different women Kitty Deverill the flame haired Anglo Irish daughter of the castle Bridie Doyle the daughter of the Irish cook and Celia Deverill Kitty's flamboyant English cousin Together they grow up in the dreamy grounds of the family's grand estate Castle Deverill Yet their peaceful way of life is threatened when Ireland's struggle for independence reaches their Songs of eBook ✓ isolated part of the country A bastion of British supremacy the castle itself is in danger of destruction as the war closes in around it and Kitty in love with the rebel Jack O'Leary and enflamed by her own sense of patriotism is torn between loyalty to her Anglo Irish family and her deep love of Ireland and Jack Wrenched apart by betrayal their world turned to ash the girls' friendship seems all but lost as they are swept to different parts of the globe Yet they have one thing in common a of Love and PDF/EPUB ¾ fierce and unwavering longing for Castle Deverill and all the memories contained within it.

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  1. Lori Lori says:

    Loved loved loved This novel embodies everything I love most about historical fiction The beauty of Ireland is the perfect setting for this family saga I truly did not want it to end I am so looking forward to the next novel excited to continue this journey with the Deverill clan 5 stars

  2. Lindsay - Traveling Sisters Book Reviews Lindsay - Traveling Sisters Book Reviews says:

    35 stars A charming historical fiction tale set in the early 1900’s in Ireland and England The story follows three young women whose connection weaves thick and thin throughout several years and many life changing situations One of the best aspects of this novel is that it largely revolves around an old family castle on the countryside in Ireland There is love loss and death There are ghosts love triangles and hidden secrets All of these ingredients add up to one enticing tale that kept me curious to the end While I enjoyed this generational saga it did feel uite lengthy My attention did waver in and out as far as feeling truly connected to the characters and storyline It almost felt as though there was one too many storylines involved that made the novel spread a little too far Thank you to NetGalley Simon Schuster and Santa Montefiore for providing me with an ARC to read and review

  3. Zoe Zoe says:

    Insightful riveting and incredibly atmosphericSongs of Love and War is an intriguing tale that sweeps you to Co Cork in the early 1900s when Ireland is full of unrest and upheaval not only due to the Great War being waged on the fields of Europe but in their own countryside where the simmering anger and need for self identity patriotism and independence from Anglo rule are about to come to a headThe prose is poetic and vividly described The three main characters Kitty Birdie and Celia are strong and independent and their lives are bound and entangled together by the magnificent Castle Deverill that graces the Irish hillside and in some way each calls home And the plot is an engaging saga filled with self discovery familial drama social stratification spiritual occurrences tragedy heartbreak romance war life loss and friendshipSongs of Love and War is an exuisitely written exceptionally detailed beautiful start to a trilogy that is sure to be a big hit with historical fiction fans and book clubs everywhere and you can be sure that Daughters of Castle Deverill Deverill Chronicles #2 is already on my TBR listThank you to Simon Schuster Canada for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest reviewAll my reviews can be found on my blog at

  4. Tina Tina says:

    This is the third book I have read by Santa Montefiore and I can flat out state it won't be the last I very much enjoyed The Beekeeper's Daughter as well as Secrets of the LighthouseNow this book The Girl in the Castle captured me immediately If you like stories set in Ireland reading a bit of the historical fiction interspersed about the Irish War for Independence and a bit of ghost appearances to boot you will love this bookI'm not big on paranormal stories but the ghost part wasn't a primary feature They did figure in but as a supporting role and a very light supporting role at that Early on I was invested in the progressing life story lines of the Deverill family Jack O'Leary and the DoylesThe story starts with Kitty Deverill and Bridie Doyle as 9 year old girls Kitty lives a privileged life in the castle and Bridie is the daughter of one of the cooks This doesn't stop them from forming a deep friendship and feeling like they are sisters Two different worlds these girls inhabit but Kitty is as Irish as any Doyle or O'Leary Kitty's mother Maude is English and so the family is called Anglo Irish this sets them apart during the Irish uprising There is enough action a bit of romance and lovely descriptions of West Cork Ireland to get lost inBe warned this is the exact same book as The Songs of Love in War so don't purchase both The Girl in the Castle is the title released in the USA and Songs of Love and War is the British title It's the same bookThe second book is called The Daughters of Castle Deverill I am certainly getting that one on Kindle There is a bit of food mentioned in the book and I admit to grabbing a recipe from the cookbook London to pair with this novel The recipe may be found at wwwnovelmealswordpresscom I spent some time reading and eating That's a nice thing to do

  5. Pattie Pattie says:

    I hated to put this book down and conseuently flew through it Thank goodness it is part of a trilogy Xx

  6. Adrienne Adrienne says:

    Truly a wonderful read No wonder it was a Reader's Pick at my local library Set in Ireland during the years Ireland was fighting for separation from Britain Rich girl loves poor boy Her bestfriend goes from below stairs drudgery in Ireland; to rich rich lady in America Plausible and unputdownable

  7. Emily Levit Emily Levit says:

    Montefiore's writing is a sweeping saga grand in its scope and thorough in its viewpoints from different characters that each play their own role However when it came down to it I had to dislike Montefiore's ideas of faithfulness and love or lack thereof None of the three main girls knew how to love anyone but themselves Yes they had tragic lives Yes they endured loss and heartache But that is no excuse to be selfish and unfaithful and it does not make it okay to make horrible mistakes with no thought to the conseuences Montefiore's praising of Kitty's unfaithfulness to her husband made me uncomfortable Just because you love someone does not make it okay to sleep with them when you're married to someone else Ever Bridie's selfish pursuit of vengeance makes her think of no one but herself and she has no idea how to love any of the men who try to win her heart Instead she just uses them It comes down to this there is nothing in these girls' actions or motivations to admire I'm not sure I will be continuing this trilogy I prefer to read about characters I can admire and emulate

  8. Diane Lynn Diane Lynn says:

    I loved this book my first by Santa Montefiore I will have to look into her other books but luckily this one is the start of a series This one had everything I love about historical fiction it's a real meaty family saga The many characters and storylines plus the wonderful setting of Ireland were all well thought out I loved reading about what the people went through in the lead up to independence The Black and Tans make an appearance and it just felt authentic The castle is wonderful Lots of characters besides the main ones that added so much Grandmother Adeline and her cannabis tea as well as her sisters the Shrub sisters were a hoot I wasn't sure about the ghosts that are stuck in the castle but it was such a small bit that I decided to go with it I can't wait for the next book I highly recommend this one to anyone who likes historical fiction

  9. ~Sofia~ ~Sofia~ says:

    Incredible Fascinating and stunning is the way to describe Montefiore's writing I was absolutely blown away by this book The History The Romance The Drama Incredible This book is based around the Irish War for Independence and the Deverill Family How the history mingles with the characters is spellbinding drawing you right in to the Irish countryside The setting is absolutely fabulous the descriptive narrative is something to awe over We start with the main character Kitty Deverill as a young child and throughout the novel you watch her become a woman I love strong female characters and their are a few in this one I cannot recommend it enough I have already passed this onto 3 people at work who are patiently waiting for the other to finish so they can have their turn too Of course this is a trilogy so I am eager to begin the next one and to see what could possibly happen to this adoring family Read it it's magnificent

  10. Marialyce Marialyce says:

    I truly enjoyed this first of a series of three book about what I guess could be loosely called The Downton Abbey of Ireland Ms Montefiore has filled her novel with characters that are both endearing and tragedies that are real Set mostly in Ireland it portrays a gorgeous setting but one that is fraught with political dealings between the Irish seeking to be independent and the British looking to hold onto what they believe to be theirs The beginning of this novel was a bit drawn out and I considered letting it go as an unfinished novel However oftentimes a book such as this needs to have its time to develop characters settings and appeal Filled with all things Irish like ghosts family curses castles mystical objects and of course witches it delights those of us who claim to have a trace of Irish ancestry in their blood There is lots of love and love triangles which as always adds that romantic piece we so often find we are in need of I am anxious to continue the series Good diverse characters lend to a fine read and this book does not disappoint in that aspect

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