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Im Not Crazy... Im Allergic! ❮Reading❯ ➿ Im Not Crazy... Im Allergic! Author Sherilyn Powers – What would you do if you found out that after 50 years of being told you have a chemical imbalance and mental illness that severe allergies were at the root of your problems When this happens to a ske What would you do if Crazy... Im PDF Ç you found out that after years of being told you have a chemical imbalance and mental illness that severe allergies were at the root of your problems When this happens to a skeptical Julie she goes on a journey of self discovery that not only identifies Im Not PDF or the everyday things she reacts to but also for the first time in her life gives her control of her life and her attitudeThis book explores how every day things could be related to reactions like panic attacks depression uncontrollable crying brain fog body aches and pains and many Reviewed By Roy T Not Crazy... Im Epub Þ James for Readers’ FavoriteSherilyn Powers has succeeded in presenting a short treatise on what causes lingering sometimes extreme discomfort to many amongst us in a clear and concise manner Detailed end notes and a list of resources make it easy for the reader to obtain further help and clarification This is an excellent guide; it enables one to learn and understand how debilitating allergies can be including the fact that symptoms of depression and other “crazy” reactions can be in reality allergy or sensitivity symptoms.

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  1. James McCormick James McCormick says:

    How many of us suffer to some degree from the symptoms mentioned in this meticulously researched and extremely thought provoking study and how many simply reach for Big Pharma medication without considering what the underlying sources might be? The limits of much of main stream medicine in dealing with this area is clearly spelt out “Allergy symptoms seem to be very cut and dried for most doctors Sneezing headaches hives anaphylaxis—those are the only acceptable allergy symptoms and the skin prick tests are the best way to judge whether or not you are allergic to something—according to a lot of mainstream medical professionals I have discussed this topic with”As someone who exercises and considers themselves physically fit but who suffers with worsening asthma osteoarthritis and stomach pains I became interested uite a while ago in the area of food as medicine but also as potential poison and the toxic effects of everyday chemicals cleaning and toiletry products on one’s health For this reason I found part 5 Our Daily Toxins especially fascinating readingOne of my favourite uotes from this study comes near the end stressing the importance of our own personal responsibility and the limits of the establishment “The hardest part for sufferers is to keep on searching for the answers that are right for you but we are beyond the time when the doctor’s word was sacred and unuestionable We now know they are human too and constrained by rules education and time”This is a work that shakes one out of complacency and in an increasingly corporate world one which cares solely about profits and pushing synthesised and copy writed drugs on all ages and also unceasingly a cured patient is a customer lost as Big Pharma likes to say research like this is vitally important Five stars for 'I’m Not Crazy I’m Allergic'

  2. Anca Anca says:

    If you've experienced allergies for a long time you're going to love this book I was medically trained to perceive depression and allergies as two separate problems Until I read this book which brought a new angle as I never perceived the two as related Yet from my own experience as a patient I realize it is difficult to be an optimist when your skin is flaring when you can't stop from sneezing and especially during an asthma attack I certainly lost many nights because of these symptoms but I never connected the dots between mood and allergies until I read Sherilyn Powers' bookUnlike respiratory and topical allergens – or environmental allergies as they are called in this book food allergens are easier to avoid but much difficult to detect without expensive medical tests This is one of the main reasons for which I recommend this book as it stresses the importance to sticking to a rotation diet in order to find the culpritsI received a free copy of this book for my honest review

  3. Melody Jerva Melody Jerva says:

    This is a well written well researched book There are many helpful hints for anyone suffering from depression If you've suffered from depression and have tried everything that the mainstream healthcare system has to offer perhaps you should give this book a read Ms Powers chronicles the path that she and her friend made to discovering their allergies and how those allergies affected their bodies Her point of view is that allergies not only have physical symptoms but can change ones mood and mental status as well I received a free copy of this book for an honest non reciprocal review

  4. Cassandra Larsen Cassandra Larsen says:

    I’m Not Crazy I’m Allergic is a fantastic book about Sherilyn Powers' theory on the connection between allergens and mental emotional and psychological reactions This book is extremely well researched and details scientific studies and data to support this correlation Though it has a firm scientific basis this is by no means a dull dry book of facts and figures Ms Powers really brings these issues home to her readers by recounting her own experiences as well as those of Julie her friend who has suffered from severe depression for over 50 years Ms Powers draws her readers into the story as she chronicles Julie’s real life experiences her trials and tribulations and her journey toward discovery and healingI found this book immensely helpful It really made me aware of the connection between my environment and food intake and my emotional mental and physical state For years I have had severe panic attacks and the only help doctors have been able to offer me is anxiety medications all of which come with their own long list of side effects Thanks to this book I now know that these attacks may in fact be caused by food or environmental allergies and I plan on using the rotation and elimination diets explained in this book to see if allergens are actually causing these attacks I highly recommend this book to anyone who has any sort of chronic health issues It really brings to light the possible effects of food and environmental allergens and it opened my eyes to connections I would not have looked for otherwise

  5. Rajalakshmi Prithviraj Rajalakshmi Prithviraj says:

    I never knew that the phrase mountain out of mole hill is really true in case of allergies After reading Sherilyn Powers book even I realized that I am not crazy I am only allergicSherilyn has penned a self examined theory about how allergies can be overlooked and misconstrued as something else diagnosed so and thereafter treated for the same To ensure credibility to it she has uoted authentic scientific research data as well Hence her theory is not far fetchedAs I kept reading I realized the effect that food and environment can act as allergens that can trigger varied reactions in our bodies which at times cannot be uantified or explained And yes the explanation that it is because of allergies that an individual is diagnosed for diseases which heshe is not suffering may not go down well with established doctors It is therefore a herculean task to explain to doctors to check for allergies and not for diseases as perceived Of course doctors should not be doubted when it comes to their diagnosis of illness but the fact that allergies to have a connection with occurrence of diseases is something that very few doctors understand or pay attention toSherilyn's Julie symbolized all those 'misunderstood' patients whose lives could have changed for the better much earlier if only their allergies had been identified and treated in timePS I am definitely going to look out for my allergies for symptoms I can't explain

  6. Teri Dluznieski Teri Dluznieski says:

    One of the first lessons I learned from my spiritual teachers You cannot heal – in others a path you have not walked In other words plain English The voice if personal experience That is a very powerful and helpful aspect of this book The author knows intimately the devastating impact the foods allergens and environment can have on your life And she also knows from personal experience the nerve wracking experience of dealing with “professionals” who do not buy into the concept I know this because I have also lived it with my own journey of Lyme disease so I know what the author has gone through experienced and learned She has gone through these things herself and has also walked the disbelieving through the same processes trial and error to find the underlying contributing factors to mental emotional AND physical health and symptoms The book is short and easy to follow Additionally she intersperses data with experiences and personal anecdotes that follow her own progressive journey of discovery I think anyone with chronic health issues on any level will benefit from this book She lays out some solid groundwork that anyone can use and follow No two people are alike so there is no single perfect solution but we can learn how to pay attention try things and watch for improvements in our health and happiness That is what this book invites and encourages you to do

  7. A.J. Hoover A.J. Hoover says:

    This is a very well written well researched and highly informative non fiction book It is a must read for allergy sufferers and I would assume it would be a great reference and resource book for the medical practitioners treating them Good job in writing

  8. Katy Katy says:

    An interesting narrative journey that helped not only the author and her friend Julia realize they were NOT crazy but had real serious allergies but those of us looking for answers to our own weird reactions Many helpful suggestions and links in the back for information

  9. Robin Chambers Robin Chambers says:

    This is an ‘astonishing’ book because of the strength of the case it makes for something that very many medical practitioners and researchers even now appear not to be sufficiently aware of that in some people severe allergic reaction presents as depression and psychosis The book is largely about ‘Julie’ who for fifty years was given drugs that didn’t work when what she needed was a correct diagnosis anti histamine and to stop ingesting the foods that were making her ill It is her cry once Sherilyn had been able to prove to her what had been wrong all along that forms the title of this book It is also about Sherilyn herself and how she eventually discovered what was causing her problems and what she was then able to do about solving them‘EVERYONE’ should read this book because even if you don’t yourself suffer from depression exhaustion insomnia migraines eczema and a host of other debilitating conditions it’s than likely that you know someone who does someone for whom the normal range of blood tests has failed to show anything wrong and who may have already been labelled as “attention seeking” or “self pitying” or “a hypochondriac” because they are so often ill Did you know that the suicide rate goes up in Spring?Sherilyn Powers carefully points out on several occasions that she does not have a medical ualification and that people should always consult a medically ualified person if something is wrong However she also methodically and convincingly presents the evidence for her case that the medical profession as a whole has not paid enough attention to allergens as the possible cause of a number of conditions for which they have been wrongly prescribing anti depressants This is a short well written well researched authoritative study of the subject It is a very important book and should be read very widely indeed I want to thank Sherilyn Powers most sincerely for having written it It opened my eyes

  10. Aurelia McNeil Aurelia McNeil says:

    I'm not crazy I'm allergic starts off a little slow but soon develops into an appealing story about Julie who at the age of twelve was diagnosed with clinical depression and declared suicidal After receiving several sobbing phone calls the book's author Sherilyn Powers suggests that Julie undergo extensive testing The result Julie has severe sensitivities to mold dusts and some foods Sherilyn begins to research information and finds out that women are likely to get depressed from allergies than men The rest of the story unfolds as Julie and Sherilyn complete a series of interesting probes to see whether Julie's depression is linked to allergies and if so how? They discover some surprising connections that would surely interest anyone suffering from allergies depression or both This highly recommended and worthy text is well researched clear and understandable Further a list of useful resources for elimination and rotation diets is includedSummarizing uote This book is written with a story component my own observations and medical studies Sherilyn Powers

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