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Ben-Gurion, prophet of fire [Reading] ➿ Ben-Gurion, prophet of fire Author Dan Kurzman – David Ben Gurion was a man with a mission that burned in his heart from the time he was a young boy He suffered danger and privation to pursue it No risk was too great for him to suffer to achieve his David Ben Gurion was a man with a mission that burned in his heart from the time he was a young boy He suffered danger and privation to pursue it No risk was Ben-Gurion, prophet ePUB í too great for him to suffer to achieve his goal He emigrated from Poland to Israel when local Arabs had carte blanche for murder and destruction He persevered to be instrumental in the founding and protection of the new state of Israel He molded the new government chose its leaders and helped to carve the nation into an international entity His legacy lives in the vibrancy of its people its government and its economy.

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  1. Gary Gary says:

    David Ben Gurion was one of the re born State of Israel's founding fathers and her first prime ministerThis book describes his life from his origins in Plonsk Poland as David Green and his arrival in Israel and early years of poverty His love for Rachel Nelkin later Beit Halachmi and his marriage to PaulaThis definitive biography explores Ben Gurion's complex character and total commitment to the Zionist dream and the State of IsraelIt also traces the history of Israel at the time through Ben Gurion's experienceBen Gurion was instrumental in building the Hisdatrut General Federation of Jewish Labour Israel's trade union movement of which he served as secretary general from 1921 to 1935 and in 1930 the various Labour Zionist Parties together in the United Labour Party of Israel Mapai bringing together several Zionist Labour factionsThis book traces his role in rebuilding the State of Israel his leadership of the fledgling state in the struggle for survival of the War of Independence when Israel was attacked by seven Arab armies heavily aided by the British who later threatened to intervene on the Arab side as the Soviets threatened to destroy Israel after Israel's war with Egypt during the 1956 Suez WarA fascinating story is of how Vietnamese Communist leader Ho Chi Mihn in 1947 actually offered to host a Zionist government in exile in North Vietnam so ironic considering the self same Ho Chi Mihn's swing to supporting Israel's bloodthirsty enemies during the Six Day War and his support and heavy arming of the PLO as well as his role in advising the PLO's propaganda strategy See about this in History Upside Down The Roots of Palestinian Fascism and the Myth of Israeli AgressionThe book traces Ben Gurion's controversial decision to open ties with post war Germany and it's chancellor Konrad Adenauer as well as the resultant political earthuake in Israel as a result the Lavon Affair Ben Gurion's bitter fallout with his former comrades including Moshe Sharett Levi Eshkol and Golda Meir and his years in the political wildernessA great achievement of the Ben Gurion administration was Ben Gurion's stunning announcement on 22 May 1961 in the Knesset that Israel had captured Nazi mass murderer Adolf EichmannBen Gurion wanted to capture and put on trial the Nazi killer not for vengeance but to put the butcher on trial and remind his forgetful people and the world why a Jewish State was necessary and why it had to defend itself against the efforts by the Arab states in collaboration with fugitive Nazis to destroy itA very intriguing and comprehensive biography of one of the founding fathers of a reborn nation and one of the greatest Jewish leaders of all time

  2. James Christensen James Christensen says:

    Incredible man

  3. Susan Susan says:

    I found it difficult to stay with this book I read it for a book group and I didn't chose it myself The writing is engaging enough and I was interested at first but I think it was written for somebody with much interest in the subject than I possess I never knew much about the man not having been old enough to remember him in his heyday and Kurzman doesn't portray him in a particularly flattering light I found myself nodding off several times and in pushing myself to finish the book I think I missed some important content such as the details of the Lavon Affair and so many other things such as current events the temptation of other books and my own writing distracted me Had this book been 100 200 pages shorter I would have resented it less

  4. Riley Riley says:

    I learned a lot about David Ben Gurion and the formation of Israel from this biography Author Dan Kurzman's critiue of Ben Gurion's response to the Holocaust was one that I had never read before and I found it interesting The book also does a good job of showing how the seeds of many of Israel's modern existential dilemmas the divide between the secular and the orthodox the over militarization of society and of course the Palestinian conflict were already bearing fruit in Israel's early years

  5. Daled Daled says:

    Very readable revealing of Ben Gurion and Israel

  6. Arnie Arnie says:

    Well written and balanced book that cover the personal and political life of Ben Gurion

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