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Keeping Joshua (Joshua Series, #2) ✼ Keeping Joshua (Joshua Series, #2) Epub ✿ Author Grein Murray – Joshua and Michael have been together for six months and now face a bump in their relationship  With a budding modeling career for Joshua and a new business for Michael the distance between them cont Joshua and Michael have been together for six months and now face a bump in their relationship  With a budding modeling career for Joshua and a new business for Michael the distance between them continues to grow Joshua drifts away from his best friend Max Feeling alone and abandoned Joshua turns to a new friend who causes problems Will Michael and Joshua's love be able to withstand the onslaught of challenges.

4 thoughts on “Keeping Joshua (Joshua Series, #2)

  1. Lisa Cullinan Lisa Cullinan says:

    Love This SeriesWhat is it with this series? From the moment I started the first book Loving Joshua I fell in love with Joshua and Max When they both found their partners Michael and Sam I was completely smitten with them as well Add their close friends Kyle and Christopher and guess what? Yep crazy about them too That's exactly why this series appeals to me so much All the characters are warm loving impish funny endearing loyal hot and so down to earth that I feel like I could meet any one of them on the street and start a conversation with them Keeping Joshua continues the with a troubled relationship brewing between Joshua and Michael Michael has expanded his business from not only film but to an online magazine and eventually a printed circulation With all this going on Joshua is also very much in demand as a model Enter Layne their gorgeous neighbor from a few homes away who also models with Joshua and it's a perfect recipe for disaster Unfortunately we sometimes take for granted the people who are most dear to our heart and the only way we realize it is when we've pushed them away and they're gone Love how Max is there to support and fix his crumbling friend He is uite possibly the most adorable character that I've ever read in any book Michael and Joshua get their happy ending As a matter of fact it's a REALLY happy ending How could they not? This isn't a deep dark story This is a light feel good series and such a breath of fresh air to read Grein Murray did a great job continuing their story with the perfect balance of love lust angst and friendship with her great cast of characters to add tons of fun along the way I definitely recommend this series

  2. Diane Diane says:

    Growing up is hard You have to be open to conversations that are difficult Monetary success isn't a guarantee for personal happiness These may be platitudes but they can also be true Joshua and Michael make great strides by the end of this book Sam and Max are perfect as far as we can tell and Layne needs someone to love Kyle and Christopher are so much fun Tristan you just want to shake I'd love to know about his background If this was your family you'd be vacillating between wanting to shake them and laughI'm looking forward to reading the third and final book in the series Hopefully some loose ends with the rest of the guys will tied up

  3. booklover booklover says:

    I absolutely loved this It's not uite as angsty as book 1 Loving Joshua but it does have a bit of angst in when a new friend of Joshua's comes onto the scene bringing Michael's insecurities from his past relationship to the forefront for him Neither think they are good enough for the other causing 1 to push the other away and in doing so making him think he's feel out of love with him Of course Sam and Max are their for them both but are they even able to get them back together ?? Brilliantly written nice and light and some uite hot sexy scenes too Well done Grein x

  4. Greta Green Greta Green says:

    The was a great second book to follow I can't wait for book 3 The love is strong If you enjoy gay romance then you won't be disappointed This has a HEA This books show how Michael and Joshua's love becomes stronger through some setbacks I recommend this book I heard there is a spin off book coming soon I can't wait for that one too

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