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  1. Mandy Mandy says:

    Oh my GAWD This book was such a spine tingling page turner It was hard to put this down and go about other things when I had to Seriously I believe this is one of Coben's best novels He has been and will stay one of my favorite authors If you haven't read anything by him you need to shut your head in a door not too hard because you need to read his books and then grab a handful of his novels You won't be sorry

  2. Carla Palmeiro Carla Palmeiro says:

    I need to rant and to vent so here it goes Beware this review IS FULL of SPOILERSSo this is just my second Harlan Coben book; just finished 'THE STRANGER' which I loved propelling me to read his latest offering immediately after Even though I am semi virgin to his books and style I do understand the author is known to follow a certain formula and insert a few basic plot themes repeatedly in all his books I get itUntil that ‘oh so shocking final twist’ – Maya being Joe’s killer and actually knowing the entire time he killed her sister the book was OK for me maybe a bit to fast and all over the place but overall enjoyable; but that senseless twist and that AWFUL and unnecessary epilogue 25 years later made me gasp in horror and disbelief and completely ruined the book for meThis ending made absolutely conclusively no freaking sense whatsoeverWhy the need for that epilogue?Things that in my humble opinion made unuestionably no sense1 Maya WAS Joe’s killer maybe that explained something that bothered me the entire time; the fact that she seemed to give little to no importance to the fact that she SAW her dead husband on that tape but that cannot explain why that never ending uest to actually find who killed her sister and husband if she knew the WHO the entire time2 She goes to the family home confronts them with no weapon she almost sacrificed herself She really wanted to die or what?3 Her strange and disconnected relationship with her small daughter She seems to love her but never really thinks of her with her irrational actions She killed her daughter’s father in cold blood kind of ‘sacrifices’ herself to take down the family leaves her daughter with a theoretical drunk leaves 2 goodbye letters to 2 guys but not one for her own daughter Yeah that makes sense4 Why kill her husband in the first place?? That seemed so out of character She couldn’t prove HE killed her sister? WHY?? She was such a good detective had all the means at her disposal etc5 Technology Internet and so on cannot be the easy explanation or solution for everything Nanny cams with live feed GPS trackers galore? Please give me a breakAnd I feel I could go on and on about this Terrible conclusion to this story the author definitely went the easy way out feeling the need to SCHOCK everyone Well he certainly accomplished that

  3. Emily May Emily May says:

    Interesting I kinda liked this I think but perhaps it wasn't the best choice for my first Harlan Coben?Coben has long been on a mental list of mine along with Koontz Child Grisham James Patterson and Connelly of well loved mysterythriller authors I have never read After he made an appearance as a character in King's latest novel The Outsider I decided it was finally timeAnd um I can see why people like him In Fool Me Once he pulls out a perfect oh of course reveal The kind that makes you look back over the novel and see that it makes absolute sense Any author can pull something ludicrous out of their ass to surprise their readers but it takes a great author to weave a plot tight enough to keep its secrets hidden while still being believableThe story follows Maya in the aftermath of her husband's murder She's a former special ops pilot and suffering from PTSD as she tries to raise her two year old daughter as a single mother She gets a nanny cam to keep an eye on her daughter's activities while she's at work but then one day she sees something very strange her dead husband Joe playing with their daughter on the film This triggers a series of events that will lead Maya to old secrets cover ups and lies left hidden for yearsThe problem is I found the getting there a little dry and overlong Maya's third person perspective was not engaging often devoid of emotion in circumstances that should have been highly tense and emotional Plus the first 75% of the book felt dragged out and longer than it needed to be Maya spent multiple scenes reiterating the possibilities of what could have happened considering if Joe could be alive or if someone messed with the cam I think King can get away with this much waffle but here at least Coben can'tEmotion aside it was a clever mystery with lots of twists and turns but I am first and foremost an emotional reader When I think of thriller authors I enjoy like French or Lehane or even King I always feel so much emotionally engaged while reading their booksIs there another Coben book I should try?Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

  4. Deanna Deanna says:

    I don't normally update my reviews but it's been brought to my attention that my review has a spoiler in it's very first sentence I do normally put a warning about possible minor spoilers but as I didn't think I was saying than the book blurb did I didn't bother on this review But apparently I've given away the plot in my very first sentence? So I will put the warning in nowPossibly some minor spoilersI have read a few books by Harlan Coben and really enjoyed them Fool Me Once is my first audio book of his I've only listened to three audio books total and I'm finding that it is taking some getting used to As the book opens to main character Maya and her 2 year old daughter Lily attending Maya's husband funeral Tragically Joe was shot and killed three days earlier Sadly that isn't the only tragedy that has befallen Maya It wasn't that long ago that her sister was also murdered in an apparent home invasion leaving behind her husband and children Maya's father used to say things like all love stories end in tragedy or you either fall out of love or if you're one of the lucky ones you live long enough to watch your soul mate die Maya hated when he talked like that Lately Maya is wondering if what others have been saying about her is truethat death seems to follow her everywhere Joe and Maya met at a charity gala and felt an instant connection A year later they married and Lily came not long after Now only two years later she is burying her husband after he was gunned down in cold blood right in front of her Maya is a former military special ops pilot She's no longer active in the military after her last mission ended in disaster She now works as a flight instructor to support herself and her daughter Her friend gives her a nanny cam and says it will give Maya some piece of mind while she is away at work and her daughter is home with the nanny Maya reviews some of the footage from the cam and can't believe her eyes when she sees her two year old daughter playing with what looks like her deceased husband Is what Maya's seeing real? I thought this was a decent read listen I just felt that I was easily distracted from the story and not pulled into it as I normally am I'm usually able to suspend belief rather easily especially since it's fiction but I found myself having to do it uite often with this one I also found that while it was interesting it got kind of chaotic and hard to follow I wanted to like Maya but a lot of the time I found it hard to connect with her character For some reason her relationship with her daughter seemed strange to me It's hard to explain why I felt this way as I don't want to spoil anything Maybe it would have been better if I had read the book instead of listening to it but I think there were still things that would have bothered me either way So while this wasn't my favorite Harlan Coben book I'm still interested in his work and will than likely read his next book too

  5. Maureen Maureen says:

    45 STARSFool Me Once? Harlan Coben has fooled me numerous times during this particular storyMaya Stern retired helicopter pilot returns home after a tragic ending to her service in Ira Things get even worse when her husband Joe is shot dead with Maya witnessing his murder Events then take a really weird turn when she sees Joe on her nanny cam Is Joe really dead? He must be Maya saw it happen attended his funeral So just what is going on?Join Maya on this twisty multi layered storyline Once again Harlan Coben has included so many twists that I'll need to lay down to get over it And have I mentioned the ending yet? Well let's just say you won't believe it I didn't and I've read itThank you to Netgalley and Random House UK Cornerstone for my ARC for which I have given an honest and unbiased review

  6. Diane Diane says:

    The release of a new Harlan Coben book is something I mark on my calendar Seriously New Coben book is a reason to celebrateI've been enjoying Coben's novels for several years now so you can understand how excited I was when I received an advance copy to review I think I jumped up and down and shrieked Fool Me Once is another good thriller one that kept twisting and turning until the final pages The story follows Maya a battle weary veteran whose home life is turned upside down when her husband is murdered Now a single parent Maya gets suspicious when she sees something strange on a nanny cam The image looked like her dead husband — how could that be?One of Coben's story trademarks is that you never know who to trust and here it's heightened even because Maya doesn't trust anyone Not the nanny Not the police Not her husband's wealthy family Not her sister's husband She doesn't even fully confide in her fellow combat veterans or in her therapistOne of the plot lines I liked in this book was how Coben featured the stress and trauma that veterans have suffered Maya is haunted by the decisions she made during her service and we see her struggle to find peace in her home life In the Acknowledgments Coben paid tribute to the veterans he has spoken with and he recognized those who suffer from psychological injuries from war Most of the Coben books I've read have featured male characters who had a background in law enforcement or they were regular folks swept up in a mystery and I thought it was a nice change to have the main character in Fool Me Once be a female combat veteranCoben books are always difficult to review because the thrill is in reading them for yourself and watching the story unfold I liked following Maya on this mystery and appreciated most of the surprises I wasn't crazy about the ending but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the ride Recommended for fans of suspensePS My favorite Coben book is Tell No One Favorite uotesMaya had learned it in the military but of course it applied to real life Your fellow soldiers had to know that you had their back That was rule one lesson one and above all else If the enemy goes after you he goes after me too People cannot police themselves when it comes to power and money It's simple human nature We twist the truth to suit our self interest We humans are wonderful at self justification

  7. Matthew Matthew says:

    For me this was just okay Not as strong as the other Coben novels I have read There are a few twists and turns but I was not as shocked as I expected to be Also it felt like a lot of filler like he stretched a 150 page book out to 400 pages It was a mediocre experience but it won't keep me from reading Coben in the future

  8. Supratim Supratim says:

    Well Mr Coben you certainly write good mystery novels I need to explore of your worksTrust plays a very important role in our life I mean we have to trust a number of people in our daily life that's how our society functions Whom do we trust most our family and close friends What if certain events turn your world upside down you don't know whom to trust your paranoia makes you suspect your friend and you start doubting your own sanity as wellThe protagonist of the story Maya Stern is an ex military pilot who was forced out of the army because of an operational blunder and worse than that her sister and husband have been murdered her husband's murder took place in front of her own eyes Maya spends sleepless nights due to PTSD and has to take care of her two year old daughter alone Her struggles at trying to be a good mother her refusal to seek medical help for her condition her not so flattering opinions on the super wealthy all make her a real human we all have our struggles our stubbornness and opinions She watches something on her nanny cam and gets drawn into the conspiracy She sets out to solve the murder of her sister and husband seeks help from an army buddy and even forms an unlikely alliance with a whistle blower who had hurt her in the pastTo use the cliched expression the past refuses to stay buried and still claims victims I won't say anything for fear of revealing the plot The mystery would keep you turning the pages the author has created an atmosphere where you don't know whom to trust The perfect setting for a mystery novel and I simply loved the character of Maya a lone individual seeking the truth against heavy odds I have a thing for novels where the underdog an ordinary manwoman thrust into some extraordinary dangerous situation depends on hisher witsskills and friends to emerge victorious The final revelation is excellent I wish the ending was a bit different thoughThis novel is a thriller which seeks to entertain and it serves its purpose really well If you want a lighthearted uick read to while away the time then I would recommend it to you

  9. Frances Frances says:

    35 Attending a funeral is hard to do especially if you are a widow with a two year old daughter to raise on your own Somehow Maya Stern is able to hold it all together most likely from her training as a special ops pilot Having witnessed her husband’s murder she has to stay focused and remain strong After the funeral Eileen a close friend gives her a gift; a nanny cam Although Maya trusts her nanny completely she decides to set it up where her daughter would be playing during the day Maya doesn’t view the nanny cam often but one evening when she takes a look her world suddenly turns upside down Harlan Coben has written some fine books and he can grab the reader’s attention fairly uickly However Fool Me Once has a number of holes and the overall plot just didn’t seem plausible

  10. Carole (Carole& Carole (Carole& says:

    This review can also be found at Carole's Random LifeI loved this book I am a huge fan of Harlan Coben's work and have been so for years I have enjoyed some of his books than others but I have yet to come across one that I didn't like I have come to expect a few things from a Harlan Coben book over the years I love the twists and turns found in his stories and I really enjoy seeing Mr Coben's sense of humor work its way into the books This book exceeded all of my expectations and even through in some things that I hadn't expected This book is one of Coben's finer novels in my opinionThis book opens with a bang Maya is at her husband's funeral He was murdered and his killer has yet to be caught Maya's young daughter isn't even old enough to understand what is going on I was immediately drawn to Maya I couldn't even imagine what it would be like to be in her position The police are still uestioning her about what she saw when her husband was killed They are relentless and don't seem to want to give her any chance to grieve her loss Maya has lost a lot Her sister has also recently died It really seems like Maya has experienced tragedy than anything else recentlyAfter her husband's funeral Maya's friend suggests that she get a nanny cam to keep an eye on her daughter's caretaker She puts the device in her home but when she checks the video she can't believe her eyes She finds her husband who is supposed to be dead on the video with her daughter Maya finds herself with uestions than answers and she starts taking steps to find out what is really going on This book took me to places that I never expected and that is what made it so wonderful Everything that Maya learned just brought up uestions There were times that I thought I knew where the story was going only to be uickly proven wrong and be pulled into another direction The way the story was told worked well and the plotting was very detailed We spend the entire time with Maya and see all of the steps that she is taking in her own uest to learn the truth I love a story that can keep me guessing and I was completely shocked by the things that I learned by the end of the storyI would highly recommend this book to others I really think that any reader who enjoyed a cleverly plotted book filled with twists and turns will enjoy this one I plan to continue to read Harlan Coben's work and can't wait to see what he comes up with next I received an advance reader edition of this book from Penguin Publishing Group Dutton via Edelweiss for the purpose of providing an honest reviewInitial ThoughtsI loved this one I never knew which way things were going to go and I was guessing until the very end Highly entertainingBefore ReadingWoo HooMy reuest was approved I can't wait to read this one

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Fool Me Once ❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ Fool Me Once Author Harlan Coben – 10 hours 5 minutes#1 New York Times bestseller Harlan Coben delivers his next impossible to put down thrillerIn the course of eight consecutive #1 New York Times bestsellers millions of readers have d hours minutes New York Times bestseller Harlan Coben delivers his next impossible to put down thrillerIn the course of eight consecutive New York Times bestsellers millions of readers have discovered Harlan Coben’s page turning thrillers filled with his trademark edge of your seat suspense and gut wrenching emotion In Fool Me Once Coben once again outdoes himselfFormer special ops pilot Maya home from the war sees an unthinkable image captured Fool Me MOBI :Ê by her nanny cam while she is at work her two year old daughter playing with Maya’s husband Joe—who had been brutally murdered two weeks earlier The provocative uestion at the heart of the mystery Can you believe everything you see with your own eyes even when you desperately want to To find the answer Maya must finally come to terms with deep secrets and deceit in her own past before she can face the unbelievable truth about her husband—and herself.