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  1. Dorel Dorel says:

    This the 2nd book I read by Alicia Street I loved ❤ this book's story line I thought it was cute I loved ❤ Justin's character I loved ❤ Ronnie's character I thought Daphne TCB was cute I loved ❤ the ending Awesome job Ms Street

  2. Phylis Carpenter Phylis Carpenter says:

    Veronica Ronni is a physical therapist assistant and her client Mega Star action Hero charters her a flight for her to do his therapy Justin is the pilot Ronni's daughter Daphne went to spend the weekend with her Dad and Ellen She took her dog Cuddlebug with them Her dad had an accident and Cuddlebug went out the windowCuddlebug ended up at Justin's house with his grandmother It was like Cuddlebug gave her a new reason to live It was a really good story and I just loved it I think you will too

  3. Bernie Bernie says:

    His Christmas Promise is a sweet short holiday romance written by author Alicia Street

  4. Barb Barb says:

    A stray dog brings an ex Army helicopter pilot and a single mom together With the help of Grandmaits a story that you won't forget 5 stars

  5. Becky Becky says:

    The lost dog stuff was a little too convenient and coincidental but I liked everything else about this novella

  6. Julie Barrett Julie Barrett says:

    His Christmas Promise by Alicia StreetStory of a woman who's been in an accidnet and her dog has run away With help from others and flyers they are able to get a call that he's been foundJustin has found the dog and taken a liking to and wanted to buy him He's back from the military helicopter commutes which she had taken a few with him Ronnie Veroninca arrives ant ehy are able to remninsce with one anotherLove hearing about the therapy dog and the good they are able to do for manyLove the bartering so presciousReceived this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion

  7. Ellen White Ellen White says:

    Veronica was a physical therapist assistantwith an eight week contract with a patient She was flown by helicopter to his place for the sessions Getting a girl crush on the pilot always remembering what they talked about She wanted to see the Christmas lights at night he offered and would be in the house For Justin he would like to change the bad image she has of men Then a stray dog comes into play and having no idea how to handle the situation If he gives it back to the owner for her little girl or break the heart of his grandmother’s cite story of Christmas magic

  8. Laura Laura says:

    Serendipity and a lovable therapy dog make for Christmas blessingsThis book has all you want in your holiday read a cute kid a kind older woman wondering about her future a strong single mother helping her child deal with a difficult situation and a man trying to please them all Can they come to an arrangement that will satisfy all their needs?This is a wonderful story about learning to be open and to trust

  9. Darla Taylor Darla Taylor says:

    Justin an ex helicopter pilot finds a dog who restores his grandmother's will to live but it turns out that the dog belongs to Ronni a woman he met through his job and cannot forget The dog is a therapy dog Ronni takes to hospitals and is her 8 year old daughter's favorite pet She and her daughter cannot live in their home due to a tree crashing through the roof so Justin talks her into living in a house on his property and sharing the dog

  10. Sue Sue says:

    If u love the Christmas Spirit love a little girl and pets u will love this book A helicopter pilot has no desire to settle down and a woman and mother who had a bad marriage Can TobyCuddlebug bring magic to these lonely soles Fantastic book

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His Christmas Promise ✯ [BOOKS] ⚣ His Christmas Promise By Alicia Street ✼ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk A stray dog with a penchant for giving warm and fuzzy love finds refuge with Justin an ex Army helicopter pilot and helps restore his grandmother’s will to live It seems like a Christmas miracle unt A stray dog with a penchant for giving warm and fuzzy love finds refuge with Justin an ex Army helicopter pilot and helps His Christmas eBook ↠ restore his grandmother’s will to live It seems like a Christmas miracle until the freewheeling bachelor war vet discovers the mutt belongs to stubbornly independent single mom Ronni a woman he’d met and cannot forget Aside from being a therapy dog that Ronni takes into hospitals and nursing homes the pooch is also the favorite pet of her eight year old daughter—and she wants him back Justin fears his grandmother’s health will plummet now But Christmas has a way of turning things around and Ronni and Justin are in for a Christmas season filled with challenges changes—and love.