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The Pharaohs Builders (Pharaohs Land Series #1) [Reading] ➷ The Pharaohs Builders (Pharaohs Land Series #1) Author Heather P. Smith – The Pharaoh's Builders a novel In the Earth’s unbridled joy of prolific living communion and oneness; a possibility sparks into existence Ten thousand years ago in Egypt before what we know of recor The Pharaoh's Builders a novel In the Earth’s unbridled joy of prolific living communion and oneness; a possibility sparks into existence Ten thousand years ago in Egypt before what we know of recorded history there was a different kind of Pharaoh Though his rule was absolute he and those he surrounded himself with not The Pharaohs PDF/EPUB ² only defied conventionality they defied reality His builder Angyet has earned the position of architect of the largest structure ever conceived in a monumental pyramid Her skill goes beyond this task as she is also an architect of reality itself She is able to create and alter anything by reuest of the molecules and having connection as oneness with all things Meet Bilal born a slave yet somehow unbroken and undeterred he reaches for the beauty of the oneness even in the darkness that is his everyday life Oneness itself is conspiring to gather an unlikely group of those with the capacity for communion who are audacious and brave enough to uestion their reality and strive for the creation of a future the world has never known The Pharaoh’s Builders weaves together an engaging story revealing the magic and beauty hidden in all things and the unlikely choices for kindness in a world most often ugly with the cruelty of those willing to kill for a position of power A novel from bestselling author Heather Perrywinkle Smith Available for purchase at www on OCTOBER wwwthepharaohsbuilderscom.

5 thoughts on “The Pharaohs Builders (Pharaohs Land Series #1)

  1. Briar& Briar& says:

    The Pharoah's Builder was an interesting read to say the leastI thought this book had a lot of potential Pharaohs magic Egyptian lore all of those can make a super interesting story Think The Mummy vibes Unfortunately this book just didn't hit all the notes I wanted it too And I don't think the second book ever came out? I've been looking for it but I just haven't been able to locate itMy first big issue with this book was that 5 year old Milla daughter to the Pharaoh talks intelligently than every adult I've ever met She has class that no child I've ever met has and I work with a LOT of kids That tore me right out of the story Sure maybe it was a different time and kids acted like mini adults but it was just so hard to sink into this story when I pictured the many five year olds I've metThe book itself ended on a cliffhanger while I'd rather it have ended as a closed story that could have been continued There were so many loose ends that had just been introduced only to be ditched Bilal's love affair with Lilli didn't go further the Pharaoh's wife's plans didn't go into fruition and the magic introduced into the story was only briefly touched upon It reminds me of movies that are ready to start a franchise but forget that they are telling a story within the movie itselfI seriously loved Heather Perrywinkle Smith's writing and I wanted to see this story do well I love Egyptian lore and the book sounded SO FREAKING COOL I see so much potential with this story and with Heather's amazing writing I can only imagine how great it'll get Hopefully she writes the next book or I'm able to find it and it continues this really interesting story My low score is because of two reasons Milla speaking in a mature manner than the adults of the story and the loose ends This book would be a four out of five if it was a little realistic but I just couldn't get past those pointsTwo out of five starsI received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads

  2. Emily Emily says:

    I received this copy for free in exchange for an honest reviewOverall I liked this book Some parts were incredibly slow but I'm glad I kept going because the ending was very good and sets up the second book well This book kept me uite intrigued and I did find it fascinating I would read it again and recommend it 4 out of 5 stars Good book

  3. Tim Tim says:

    If ever there was a reason for editorial over sight this is itI enjoyed the story and I was definitely drawn into it after a bit of a shaky start The author has hit a rich lode stone of creative story telling and has begun to build a foundation for what could be a successful seriesWhat disappointed me and in my opinion let the book down was the poor uality of the spelling and grammar and the sometimes 'Disney' feel of the dialogue and characters I kept expecting the cute magical princess to burst into song about how much she loved her friendsProof reading would definitely have earned an extra starI received my copy free via Goodreads Giveaways

  4. E.Y.E.-D E.Y.E.-D says:

    I received this book for free in a giveaway from goodreads I will start by saying I did not finish this book I tried really hard but could not bring myself to get past page 200 I think the concept of this story had some potential but I just could not get into it The writing was extremely basic The characters left a lot to be desired and the dialogue between them was bland and unbelievable There was entirely too much talk about loving everyone and a lot of crying that to me seemed out of place I think there was some build up to a good message of being nice and fair to people and if everyone did that the world would be a better place But for me it all comes back to the writing which I did not enjoy It took me weeks to get half way through what normally for me would have been 2 3 days at most of reading

  5. Michelle Olms Michelle Olms says:

    Great book

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