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Cigarette Kisses ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☀ Cigarette Kisses ✈ Author Nase Yamato – Heartbreak abounds in this teen themed manga from a popular writer and illustrator Yusuke and Soji have been close since junior high and are flirting with the notion of becoming a couple But when Soji Heartbreak abounds in this teen themed manga from a popular writer and illustrator Yusuke and Soji have been close since junior high and are flirting with the notion of becoming a couple But when Soji suddenly announces his intentions to marry Yusuke is devastated The friends part ways until three years later when they meet by coincidence on a cigarette break Still refusing to acknowledge his feelings for one Yusuke Soji faces the clash of his still simmering love for Yusuke and his duty to his wife — even as Masahito Soji's rival begins to make a play for Yusuke's heart.

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Cigarette Kisses
  • Nase Yamato
  • English
  • 03 October 2015
  • 9781597410397

About the Author: Nase Yamato

大和名瀬Circles Shounen Bunka Boys' CultureNase Yamato debuted as a mainstream shojo manga ka Her first published work ever was Ren'ai Boom She soon decided to write BL insteadCannot live without cigarettes coffee and her headband Has two dogs two parakeets one finch and two turtlesLikes Coffee sweets rich foods horror moviesHates Shallots it's a type of onionHobbies Sky Diving.

9 thoughts on “Cigarette Kisses

  1. Jo Jo says:

    35 starsI uit smoking a while ago In this manga the characters are making a lot of cigarette breaks at work that was not easy to read I really wanted a smoke I guess I'm not really over cigarettes by now can they not make chocolate breaks? ;

  2. Sophie Sophie says:

    Well I'm happily working my way through the BL section of our store so far without guidance but that will change as of Tuesday because it turns out an intern actually reads a lot of these and she'll give me some that are worth reading Anyway I picked this one because it's the same author who wrote Ein Lehrer zum Verlieben so I figured I might as well give it a try It was nowhere near as fun as the other one way too much drama and it showed me once again that I'm just not a big fan of love triangles Which is always good to know I suppose a love triangle can work if one part of it is an absolute idiot because then I won't feel bad for him or her But then it's not a real love triangle either because it's fairly obvious who the main character has to end up with with the party who isn't an idiot Yes this is totally worth thinking about

  3. Kari Trenten Kari Trenten says:

    I’ll admit I have an aversion to the plot motif Cigarettes seduced and killed someone dear to me in a slow lingering way I hope never to see again They are however used effectively in this story as a means of bonding of drawing three men together acting as a motif for separation when one of them uits or doesn’t come to the smoking room Another theme is how damaging living a lie can be marrying someone for appearances and the company’s sake when in love with someone else Kasahara Yusuke has been in love with Kugayama Saji his whole life yet the carefully constructed appearance Saji has manufactured gives Yusuke the impression he has no chance Okitsu Masahito is well aware of Yusuke’s feelings which turn into passion of his own Readers are left with a love triangle where two of the lovers pair up in a happy ending but there is hope of an eventual threesome in the last section which ties in with the odd man out’s realization about the happy couple and their evolving relationship All in all it’s an optimistic romance exuisitely drawn leaving the reader feeling eually optimistic about all the characters

  4. Heather Heather says:

    There were some things I liked about this manga a happy ending and some things I disliked rape The art is pretty decent but overall the plot wasn't one of my favorites Two men who have been friends since childhood have had long time crushes on each other but never confessed One of them gets married to try and put his real feelings aside but that just makes them both miserable Meanwhile another man has also secretly been interested in the single one since childhood He's my least favorite character He keeps trying to goad his crush into confessing to their married friend and threatens that if he doesn't he'll rape himwhich he does His whole point in being in the manga was to force the other two men to confess their feelings for each other but it doesn't make any sense It would have been a better story if a random rapist hadn't been in it

  5. Veronica Veronica says:

    Cute art The story ends on a slightly open ended note our Tragic Star Crossed Lovers are united but it's implied the Very Supportive Secondary Love Interest may eventually be joining them but I kind of like it Whole lot of self sacrificing I just want my love to be happy and I will sabotage my own happiness to ensure it going on but it all gets resolved eventually

  6. TT TT says:

    One of my few Deux books

  7. OrchidWai OrchidWai says:

    I read it like 3 or 4 years ago and it was very very fun The characters were interesting enough for me to forgot about the rest of the world happening around me Yaoi lovers should have read this at least once Or thrice For me 10 times or

  8. Chocobox Chocobox says:

    First of all having the smoking corner or smoking at all play such a big role in the story is a turn off for me Besides that the story is Yamato attempting to do a adult story and seeing how it's the cute and funny parts of her manga I like best I didn't enjoy this one nearly as much as her other works Plus it was a triangle sono fun all around pretty much I do like the ending and there are a couple good moments so not totally worthless butyeah

  9. Debbie Benson Debbie Benson says:

    Soji loves Yusuke but doesn't tell him and instead marries a woman which doesn't work out Masahito loves Yusuke as well All three grew up together Soji and Masahito finally confess their feelings to Yusuke Yusuke confesses his feelings to Soji In the end Yusuke realizes he wants both of them as well

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